Here are the commands that just do not quite fit anywhere else:

  • +911
  • +bio/view
  • +desc
  • +esp
  • +finger
  • Finger-Code
  • +glance
  • +go
  • +knock
  • +lock
  • +nom
  • ooc
  • +pick
  • +roll
  • +staff
  • +stats
  • +time
  • +train
  • +unlock
  • +view/+views
  • +where
  • +who
  • +yell


+911 <message>

This command will send a Message to all online Staff (Including those that are Dark). You should only use this command, if you need Staff Assistance immediately. For example, someone is not following any of the rules, you need a Judge/Staff Opinion for something that can not wait for later, MAJOR Code bugs, or twinkish players endangering the MUSH's Code, Violating MUSH Policy, or abusing (Physical/Mental/Sexual) either through Code, Via Page, or in person.


+bio/view <player>

This command will allow you to see a Bio, if the person allows it.

To allow your bio to be seen the following command should be Cut and Pasted:

&SHOW-BIO me=1


The MUSH's Multi-Desc System for Players is fairly simple, all things considered. It contains only a few commands. Only a few will be used very often.

The Following Switches are allowed for +desc:

+desc/base <Base Desc>                  This Command sets the Base Desc for your Character.  Mainly used for Physical Descriptions. Likely not going to be used often.

+desc/Install Used before the Multi-Descer will work the first time, or if you ever change your desc using @desc me=
+desc/List This Command will list all the Clothing Desces you have set up
+desc/set <desc-name>=<Desc> This Command will add a Desc to your listing that you can than wear. The Desc-Name can contain no spaces.
+desc/view <Desc-Name> This COmmand will let you see what the entry for DESC-NAME is.
+desc/wear <Desc-Name> This command adds <Desc-Name> to your description.


+esp <message>

This command, while easily posed, should be considered OOC, unless your character has had approved Mental Powers. Anyone without mental powers using any +esp ICly, will be subject to an Admin Chat.


+finger <player>

This command will give you some basic Information on Players and Characters, for example:

+Finger Information for Kadjem (kad - ka)
Name: Kadjem
Last Connect: CONNECTED
Last Logout: CONNECTED
Total Time: 59d 16h 8m 24s
Gender: Male
Public E-Mail:
IC Title: Co Head-Wiz
Notes: God, Theme, Code, Head Wiz
Quote: Humans: Happy meals with Legs!



The Following Fields can be set on your Character for the +finger code to pull.

finger_inform           YES to be informed when someone +fingers you for info
pub_email Whatever Email Address, if any, you'd like to be visible
title IC Title of your Character, if any
notes IC, or OOC notes about your Character
quote An IC Quote

To set thes, &<Field> me=<whatever>


+glance <Character>

This command will take a quick look at another Character on the MUSH, for example: +glance Heather O'Leary

Glancing at Heather O'Leary you see...
The Woman before you is around 31 years old. She has Emerald Green eyes and
Flame-Red styled Extra-Long. She is 6'2" tall and weighs about 140 pounds.

The Height, weight, and Age all roll Perception, and could be off by a small amount. So it might be different each time you +glance


  • +goic
  • +goooc

These commands will take you OOC, to the OOC area, and than, return you back to the IC Location you were in


+knock <exit>

This command will let you simulate knocking on a door, and will let the people in the room the exit leads to, know someone is knocking. Works mainly in conjunction with Locked doors, but can be used on any exit.


+lock <Exit>

This command can be used to lock any door, that you 'own'. BY owning, I mean that the room you are in, or the room on the other side of the exit is ICly Assigned to your Character.


+nom <Player>

This will nominate the player you Roleplayed with, for EXP. 5 Such +noms will grant them 1 EXP. You should Only +nom each player once per Roleplay session. Also, never +nom your Alternate Characters.


This command will allow you to speak OOCly. It acts just like posing, or using the Channels.

ooc Testing             <OOC>  Kadjem says, "Testing"
ooc :tests <OOC> Kadjem tests
ooc ;'s test fails <OOC> Kadjem's test fails

+ooc can be used instead of ooc


+pick <Exit>

This Command will allow you to attempt to pick the lock (Either Open or closed) on a door.


This command will allow you to roll a Stat or Skill. There are three distinct kinds of rolls. The following kind of rolls may be done:

+roll <STAT or SKILL>
+roll <STAT or SKILL>=<Easy|Moderate|Difficult|Hard>
+roll <STAT or SKILL> vrs <Player>/<STAT or SKILL>



This Command will give you a listing of the MUSH's Administrators and Judges



This command will show you a listing of your Stats, Your Health, and your skills



This command works like think time() however, it shows the MUSH's IC time, which is different than the current time.


+train <player>=<skill>

This Command will allow you to ATTEMPT to teach someone a skill you have. You must pass an Intelligence Check, a Skill check, and your target will also have to pass an Intelligence check. Also, your skill can not be lower than theirs.

Certain Skills are Restricted. If you want to teach someone Psionics, Leadership, or Marksmanship, they MUST have some knowledge of the skill already.


+unlock <exit>

This Command will unlock any locked door, that you are assigned the owner of. To be considered the Owner, the room the Exit is located in, or the room it leads to, must be assigned to you.


+view <Item>

This Command will let you look at the Desc of an item listed on +views


This Command will list all the items you can see, using +view <item>



This command will show you a listing of the locations of all the players connected to the MUSH, unless they are set unfindable. This is NOT to be considered IC information, but you can use it to seek out RP.

To set yourself Unfindable:             @set me=unfindable
To reset this: @set me=!unfindable


+who or who

This command will list all the players (Not set Dark or Hidden Admin) that are currently connected to the MUSH. It also has a few other pieces of information, such as Faction, Alias, and their @doing


+yell <message>

This command will send a message to all rooms connected to the room you are in, including the room you are in. Only in the room you are in, will it say who yelled. Everywhere else, it displays it as a male or female voice.

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