The Stealth System is fairly simple. While it still will trigger Exit messages, and Stealthed people will show up on the Room's Desc, it does note if they are hiding. If someone is Stealthed, and you have not detected them, you can not ICly know they are there, until they either stop trying to be stealthy, or until you use the Code to detect them.

These are the Commands the Stealth System uses:

  • +detect
  • +stealth


Usage: +detect

This Command will allow you to check the area you are in, for players using the stealth system. However, just because you can use the command at any time, hopefully you will not use it, without having a valid IC Reason to suspect someone is sneaking around.


Usage:+stealth <ON|OFF>

This Command will allow you to either become Stealthy, or Stop being Stealthy. You must be skilled in Stealth, and the more skilled you are, the harder it will be to detect you.

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