We have tried to keep The Vehicle code as simple as possible, and still provide a solid code base, that Enhances Roleplay, not replaces it. Therefor instead of using some complicated, Code intensive, Memory hog, we have just gone with simple objects, which are enterable, and have consoles on them.

There are two types of Consoles.

  • Vehicle Controls
  • Turret Controls


The Vehicle Controls has a few more commands than the Turrets.

  • +controls
  • +move
  • +vstats
  • +vattack
  • +vdock
  • +vp
  • +vundock
  • +vweaps


USEAGE: +controls <on or off>

This command will let you take control of the Vehicle's Console, or if you are already flying/driving the vehicle, you will relinquish control.


USEAGE: +move <direction>

This command will move the Vehicle through an exit, moving it like characters are able to move (ALthough, Air Vehicles can try going Up, because there are dark exits to the Sky)


USEAGE: +vstats

This command will give you the Basic information of the Vehicle. It looks much like your own +sheet.


USEAGE: +vattack <Target>=<Weapon>

This command is pretty much exactly like +attack, except you are using the weapons on the Vehicle. To see the Weapons, check out +vweaps


USEAGE: +vdock <Ship>

This command will let you dock a smaller ship on a bigger ship. Only usable by Air Vehicles, to dock on Motherships, at the Moment


USEAGE: +vp <Pose>

This command will pose the Vehicle. However, you will not need to use ; or:.
EXAMPLE: +vp tests the +vp Command.
Visitor Skyfighter #111 tests the +vp Command.


USEAGE: +vundock

This command will move your vehicle from the Docking Bay/Landing Area of a larger vehicle, into the Sky/Space area, the Larger vehicle is in.


USEAGE: +vweaps

This command works like +weaponlist, but will show the Weapons of the Vehicle


The turrets are very similar to the Vehicles controls, but has a few less commands.

  • +wattack
  • +wcontrols
  • +wstats
  • +wweaps


USEAGE: +wattack <target>=<weapon>

This Command works like +attack, except the turret weapons are fired. See +wweaps for a list of Weapons on the Turret.


USEAGE: +wcontrols <ON or OFF>

This command will let you take control of, or relinquish control of the vehicle's turrets.


Usage: +wstats

This command will show you the Stats of the Turrets you are using.


Usage: +wweaps

This command lists the Weapons on the Turret.

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