Abraham Bernstein
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Abraham Bernstein


Berlin, Germany







Known Realatives

Stanley Bernstein (Son, Alive), Lynn Bernstein (Daughter-In-Law, Alive), Annie Bernstein (Wife, Dead), Daniel Bernstein (Grandson, Dead)

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German, American (Immigrant)



Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Father of Stanley Bernstein. Father-in-law of Lynn Bernstein. Grandfather of Daniel Bernstein. Abraham was an old Jewish survivor of Hitler’s concentration camps where he lost his wife. When the Visitors invaded the first time, he lived with his son’s family and was close friends with Ruby Engels.

He was suspicious of the Visitors intentions from the get-go. Before anyone else, he saw the parallels between 1938 in Berlin, and this Visitor regime. As more and more pieces fell into place such as the scientist conspriacy, and the Friends of the Visitors popped up, the more he grew distasteful of the Visitors.

When a neighbor’s family, the Maxwells, need a place to hide, Abraham offered up the Bernstein pool house. Stanley, his son first disagreed with him and wasn’t going to allow it until Abraham gave him a heartfelt speech informing his son for the first time that his mother didn’t have a heart attack in the box car like he had been told, but had made it to the camp and died in the showers. Abraham offered that if only someone had given then a place to hide. Stanley was convinced.

Walking around town, he found some teens vandalizing a ‘Visitors are our Friends’ poster, when he intervened and taught them to spray a big red V over the poster, for victory, inspiring the symbol of the resistance everywhere.

Soon after, Abraham was shocked and disgusted when his grandson threatened to turn the Maxwells in unless Robin agreed to marry him. Realizing that Daniel was going to turn them in, Abraham camped out in the pool house and accepted that the aliens were going to arrest him.

Abraham never returned home and died on the mothership.

OOC InformationEdit

He lived through the concentration camps of World War II, having someone sneak his son, Stanley, out in a suitcase. He created the 'V' symbol, for Victory over the Visitors. His wife died in a concentration camp. He died by Visitor hands, when they arrested him, instead of the family he was helping to hide out, of a massive heart attack.

Character InformationEdit

Abraham is unavailable for application.