We are not going to try to limit your ideas for Roleplay, and have no issues with you having Alternate Characters, but we do want to limit it a little, in the following manner. You may play one EFC. You may have one FC per major Faction (Meaning one Human, one Visitor). The last rule, is you can have 1 OC per faction unless you get prior Admin permission. Also important to note, that your Characters should not interact with one another unless there is prior Admin approval. ANY Breaking of these rules could lead to a loss of the Character.

EFC (Essential Feature Characters, EXAMPLES: Diana or Michael Donovan)

RFC (Regular Feature Characters, EXAMPLES: Jake or Elias Taylor)

OC (Original Character, EXAMPLES: Drake or Michaela "Mike" Quinn)


Resistance (Human or Visitor Fifth Column that is Earth Bound)

Visitors (Loyalist or Fifth Columnist that spends time on Mothership)

Science Frontiers

If a Character splits time between Multiple factions, it will be a special situation, and will have o be approved by the Admin, and an Alternate Character situation will be granted with special circumstances on an individual basis.