The Armor System is rather simple on the Mush. It soaks up Damage, but does not protect you fully.

The following are the types of armor you can wear:

'V: The Visitors Return Armor

Short Name Full Name Damage Adjustment Agility Adjustment
BPV Bulletproof Vest 4 -2
KEVV Kevlar Vest 6 -6
KVBA Kevlar Body Armor 8 -9
KVCBA Kevlar Ceramic Body Armor 10 -10
VARM Visitor Uniform 6 -2
VCA Visitor Command Armor 20 -7
VETA Visitor Elite Trooper Armor 15 -8
VSTA Visitor Shock Troop Armor 10 -7
VSKN Visitor Skin (Restricted) 4 -0
HYSKN Hybrid Skin 2 -0

Visitor Skin is restricted to Visitors while Hybrid skin, is at current, restricted to ONLY Elizabeth Maxwell as the only Human-Visitor Crossbreed.

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