Brad McIntyre
Personal Information
Full Name

Brad Mark McIntyre


Los Angeles, California







Known Realatives


Faction Information





Cop, Resistance Fighter

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

Character Type



Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

When the Visitors invaded the first time, Brad McIntyre was a Los Angeles Police Officer. He was quickly dismayed after the Visitors declared martial law due to the supposed scientific conspiracy. He was one of the original members of the first cell of resistance created by Julie Parrish. He was argumentative towards Julie during the meeting, but acknowledged her leadership.

He went with Julie and Ben on the first hijacking of equipment for a medical lab the resistance could use to research the aliens. When Ben is almost captured, Brad prods Julie to keep going. When Julie gets out of the truck to go back for Ben, Brad takes over driving the truck and the stolen equipment away.

Brad is around when Donovan is brought in and is amazed by the footage Donovan took on board the mothership. He is quick to decide that they are going to need weapons. Brad took part in the raid on the weapons warehouse and upon return to the mountain camp, defended it, helping take out a few skyfighters.

He was the one that Donovan turned to along with Elias to find the best counterfieter in Los Angeles. He comes up with Dan Pascal and locates him for the job.

He can’t stand that Harmony is in love with Willie so takes it upon himself to educate her about the truth behind the alien invasion.

He helps with the LA Medical Center Raid by securing the room where John was speaking.

Brad discovered Ham Tyler spying on the resistance headquarters but didn’t notice Chris Faber backing him up. He’s brought back into the base where he hears Ham try to take over. He doesn’t trust Tyler and lets that be known.

After they get Julie back, Ham again tries to take over due to Julie having gone through the conversion process. Brad unequivocably stated he trusted Julie over Tyler.

Brad falls in love with fellow resistor, Maggie Blodgett, but has a big problem with her sleeping with Daniel Bernstein to get information for the cause. He gets over it and asks her to marry him right before the raid on the water processing plant. At this raid, he’s partnered up with Maggie and they set the explosives up and begin to retreat. During the retreat Brad is hit in the leg by a laser and offered to stay behind to cover them while they escaped. Maggie didn’t want to leave, but Chris grabbed her. Ham handed him a weapon and the two shared a brief grudging respect and stayed behind sacrificing his life to cover their escape

OOC InformationEdit

Brad's name, along with the actor portraying him, was changed in V: The Final Battle, to Mark, but they are the same character.

Character InformationEdit

Brad is not available for application.

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