Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor
Personal Information
Full Name

Caleb Benjamin Taylor


Chicago, Illinois







Known Realatives

Benjamin Taylor (Son, Dead), Elias Taylor (Son, Alive), Rose (Wife, Dead)

Faction Information





Factory WOrker, Resistance Fighter

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

Character Type


Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

The father of Elias and Benjamin Taylor. When the Visitors first arrived, Caleb was working at Arthur Dupres’ chemical plant. He became very resentful of the Visitors as they made him fear for his job. His resentment was made clear when Willy asked him for help. Willy didn’t have the English language correct, and Caleb soon got angry, calling him a damn stupid alien. Of course not long after, Caleb was partnered with Willy.

Later on, there was an accident at the plant where Caleb was caught in a place that was 300 degrees below zero. Willy saved his life by getting him out of there. This led to a bond between Caleb and Willy. Unfortunately this bond was severely tested after the Visitors killed Caleb’s son Ben. This turned him against the Visitors in general, and Willy became a scapegoat.

Caleb joined the resistance soon afterwards. He participated in the first raid for weapons, by creating a distraction at the chemical plant, drawing the Visitors there.

After a disastrous raid on a food processing plant, Caleb was a part of the discussion group where Donovan promoted striking at an event. After the L.A. Medical Center announcement from John was scheduled, Caleb helped Elias stash weapons to be used later on at the event, where it was obvious that relations between he and Elias were strained due to Elias’ drug pushing. Willy and Harmony walked in on them while they were doing this and the resistance was forced to take them hostage. Caleb obviously felt bad about it and acted friendlier towards Willy.

During the raid on the Medical Center, Caleb helped seal the room off from advancing Visitor troops and helped cover their escape as well.

Caleb next helped the resistance move from their headquarters after a raid by the Visitors happened during their introduction to Ham Tyler and Chris Faber.

Caleb next helped the resistance destroy a water pumping station.

After the red dust was produced and after Martin warned of the possible nuclear holocaust Diana could inflict, Caleb voted against attacking and trying to find a different way. After Elias argued his point well about attacking, Caleb and he made up before the Final Battle.

Caleb joined Elias on Donovan’s team as they took the mothership. Caleb was instrumental in holding down the landing bay, throwing down his M-16 and picking up a giant pipe of Red Dust and spraying it across the enemy.

During the second Invasion, he rejoins the Resistance, ad once again, fights for Human freedom.

IC HIstoryEdit

OOC InformationEdit

Character InformationEdit

Caleb is available for Application


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