Chris Faber
Personal Information
Full Name

Christopher Faber


Biloxi, Mississippi


1970 (MUSH Timeline)


Chris Farber



Known Realatives


Faction Information

Resistance, CIA, WLF




Fighter, Spy, Demolitions

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Final Battle

Character Type


Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Chris Faber is the soft-spoken, burly associate and best friend of Ham Tyler. Chris and Tyler were both CIA operatives and went on specially requested missions for the U.S. government into other countries. While on a mission in Vietnam near the end of the war, a bombing raid on Saigon killed Tyler's family while on the mission despite their superior's promises to evacuate them. Disgusted with how they treated human life and upset with his friend's loss, Farber left the agency with Tyler and became mercenaries-for-hire.

During the First Invasion, Faber and Tyler join the Resistance and become leaders of the World Liberation Front, the most powerful of Resistance groups. After the Los Angeles's group's "stunt" that unmasked the true nature of the Visitors to the world, Faber went with Tyler to the group and helped get the fledgling L.A. Cell off the ground and use proper tactics and better weaponry. Faber served as the explosives and munitions expert for the group for the remainder of the war.

One year after Liberation Day, Faber and Tyler have gone their separate ways; with Tyler forming an official high-tech security agency and Farber remaining a mercenary serving with a mercenary unit in the desert. When the Second Invasion began, Faber and the rest of the desert unit joined the Resistance, but soon after the unit is destroyed by the Visitors, but Faber survives and returns to the L.A. Resistance.

IC HIstoryEdit

OOC InformationEdit

Character InformationEdit

Chris is available for application.


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