Ryan Rivers

Ryan Rivers

Title: Cooking Show Part 3

Players: Elizabeth Maxwell, Ryan Rivers, Heather O'Leary, Juliet Parrish, Jason Briggs, Michael Donovan, Alexis Ayala, and Ham Tyler

Location: Maxwell Ranch

Synopsis: What started out as a nice little dinner plan, turned into a major social incident for several people... Too bad, because the dinner was good!


Elizabeth Maxwell laughs very slightly at the reaction, and settles back against the wall.

Ryan Rivers just looks at the gun he was just giving, just planning where to get the holster for this. It has to be a chest one... No way he could try and get away with that as a concealed and have people really believe him. Since Liz is here and Heather is not, he just turns to her to ask, "When she get this for me? When we were in New York or after that?"

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little bit. "She and I went out to run some errands last night, and got it then."

"One heck of a present... I don't even want to start thinking of how much a gun like this cost. Over twelve hundred, easy," he notes, looking over the box once more.

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles a little and shrugs. "She figured you might like it, and we were checking handguns over already..."

"I do... I do... Just man... Talk about your gifts," Ryan replies, still focused on the gift in awe.

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles and slips up then. "Careful with it though, it's big and heavy and almost certainly does a lot more damage than the other ones you have."

Ryan Rivers hefts it up after taking it out of the box. "Hey now... I am a lot stronger than most people... Even in the LAPD. I'll be fine with it. Honest," he replies as he looks at the sights of the gun. "Maybe since this thing already has a ton of money, I can invest some into holographic sights? Have you seen them? They are pretty new."

Elizabeth Maxwell hmms a little bit. "Haven't seen one, no..." She smiles a little bit more. "Sounds interesting though. Not sure where you'd get a hold of one..."

Ryan Rivers hrms and frowns faintly as he things about it. "I /heard/ from a fellow officer that they are able to be sold to the private sector. If not, well, a laser will just have to do since this isn't a stealth gun anyway."

Elizabeth Maxwell hmms a little and nods. "well, if it is, I'm sure that you can probably find one somewhere." She smiles a little more. "Scary thing. Better stopping power though, especially when something bigger or less subtle can't be taken."

Ryan Rivers hrms and nods. "Well, an assault rifle is still better for that... But when it locks up or something, this will certainly make a nice back up."

Elizabeth Maxwell hmms a little and shrugs. "Depending. There are a lot of situations that assault rifles can't be taken into. Besides, less waste of ammo if you can stop them in with a couple bullets, instead of a spray."

Ryan Rivers doesn't look toward Elizabeth as he speaks, just looking to the gun still. "I suppose... Still, more chances to hit is usually good. Would rather pay an extra 40 bucks on ammo then miss when I needed to hit and get head wound for it," he comments with a grim smile.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little bit. "Then, uh, don't miss?" She raises her eyebrows and grins to indicate she's kidding.

"Don't miss... Wow, that changes my whole outlook in this war," Ryan says with a smirk, clearly joking as well. "Well, I suppose I should get Heather something in return... Unless it was something the both of you got me, in which case I'll get the pair if you something nice."

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little and shrugs, shaking her head. "Was her doing, really. She got one as well..."

Ryan Rivers ahs. "Got it... I'll have to make sure I give her something in return. Though not a weapon. I think she has gotten enough of those as it is," he says with a chuckle, finally putting the gun down.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little bit and shrugs. "Doubt she expected you react quite like you did when you got it, mind you..." she grins a little. "As for how illegal they are, well, there are a lot more illegal ones around here than that."

Ryan Rivers nods as he looks about. "I know... I know. I just didn't have one of my own. I mean, you can have one... It just takes the right permit depending on the area. Sure don't let them into LA, but well, it's LA. Either way, I will be keeping it here for safe keeping," he offers with a smile. "As for Heather, what did she expect me to do? Clip her in the jaw for it?"

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little and shakes her head. "No.... Just that legalities seemed a minor thing at the time." She grins slightly. "Really? She claimed she'd seen other police officers there who had either t hat model or the black one..."

"Well, some do... Though not in this design. This is a specialty kinda. I mean, look at the work for it. Very nice looking. The black and silver are the usual standard colors for the Eagle," Ryan notes. "And LAPD can't carry off-duty's this big. We can carry SIGs and Glocks, but that is it for the most part... .50 Cals are well... .50 Cals."

Elizabeth Maxwell hmms and nods a little bit. "Yeah, so I figured. .50 cals are scary." she grins a little bit and shrugs. "Outside of LA, I'm sure it'd be easy enough to get the permits. Especially for us."

Ryan Rivers hrms and nods. "Well, military usually gets special things... So I wouldn't be surprised..." Girls and Guns... Guess it would take something like the Resistance to make such a combination commonplace.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little and shrugs. "Maybe. She's just making sure we're equipped well, though."

Ryan Rivers smirks faintly as he looks to the gun and tries to figure out where to put it and the ammo for the time being. "Well, I am well-equipped... and well-equipped." He just gives a smirk before making his way toward the closest flat surface he can find. Why he figures Elizabeth would be impressed with such a statement.... Is beyond him.

Elizabeth Maxwell quite promptly breaks up laughing, shaking her head a little bit. "Uh.... huh."

The sound of an engine outside can be hear, followed quickly by the sound of it being shut off, and than, the sounds of someone getting out of a car, and finally, the sound of a door being closed. Yes Virginia, there is someone outside.

"I would offer to show you... But knowing you girls, I am sure you would call my bluff," Ryan smirks faintly as he puts the gift down on a work bench. He pauses as he hears someone outside, just arching a brow at who it might be.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs even harder at that, nodding. "Quite certainly." She grins, and glances outside towards the running engine. "Hm. Maybe it's Heather."

Clang, the door opens, and in walks the aforementioned Heather, carrying three small boxes. Yup, industrial Track Kits. She waves, "So, what did I miss?"

Ryan Rivers coughs as Heather comes in. "Nothing much... Just talking about stuff... Nothing worth mention other than guns... And gun-related things."

Heather O'Leary arches an eyebrow, "This is my Rifle, this is my Gun, kind of things?" She is a Marine, remember?

Elizabeth Maxwell hurries right over, to get at least one of the boxes from Heather, and smiling a bit. "Oh, not too much. Mostly idle discussion. About the best thing you missed was just before you came in, when he declared how well equipped he was." She laughs again and shakes her head, then grins at Ryan a little bit then, barely holding back a giggle.

Ryan Rivers knew Elizabeth was gunna mention that. He was just hoping for the best in that regard. "Well, that was brought up too.. Mostly idle gun chit-chat."

Heather O'Leary smirks, "I see... Well, since I missed it, obviously, how well equipped ARE you, Ryan?" She winks, and sets the Tracks down on a workbench. She pulls out her own new gun, a black Version of Ryan's, and sets it down, in the holster, to get it out of the middle of her back.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little and tickles Heather. "Don't think he wants to admit it." She grins and checks the tracks now, looking at how to assemble them.

Ryan Rivers is about to respond when Elizabeth speaks for him on the matter. "Well, I could, but I am not once for bragging, that's all," Ryan offers with a faint hint of red.

Heather O'Leary says simply to Elizabeth, "Let's lock the welder up, finish the Cage tomorrow... I feel like starting dinner, that will be done, oh, in 3 hours." Which, since it is only 5:20 PM, should mean food is ready when a lot of people start showing up to eat. She pats Ryan's shoulder, "I see... No Bragging... How about helping me with KP Duty?"

Elizabeth Maxwell mmfs and laughs even harder at Ryan for that comment, shaking her head slightly. She recovers from it quickly enough, though, then glances to Heather, smiling a little and nodding. "That sounds like a good idea, honey. I'll help with it any way I can, of course..." She picks the welder up, to lock it back into the fighter.

Ryan Rivers turns his face into something rather sour. "You sure you want that? I mean, I am not exactly the best in the kitchen. I can give it a try though if you really need me to..." he says with a cough.

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "Can you peel Potatoes, and Carrots, and cut em into slices?" She winks, "I'm just making an old Irish Stew, updated with Italian Spices and a better broth to make it a soup."

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles happily at that. "That sounds wonderful... Want me to cut the meat or anything, while you fix the spicing?"

Ryan Rivers rubs the back of his head, moving to take the gun box to drop it off once he is inside. "I suppose that is simple enough. Not fun... But simple," he says with a small smile.

Heather O'Leary nods slightly, "Sounds good... I got the steak sitting in the sink, under water, getting all thawed... I brought some potatoes and carrots back with me, and there is some home made egg noodles in the freezer we can use..." She turns towards the door, "Make sure to either hide that welder in the Skyfighter, all locked up, or take it in to our room, would ya?" She can't wait to see Alex's face when she sees that the Laser Barrel's were cut out, after Alex put them in. She says to Ryan, "Cooking can be fun, especially if you sing old Irish folk songs while you do it. I'll teach ya Poppa's favorite, if you like."

Elizabeth Maxwell nods a little bit and smiles to Heather, locking the welder into the fighter, and heading right back over. "All locked up..."

Ryan Rivers just gives a small nod. "That might be nice," he offers, still giving a rather warm smile. "Just don't expect me to do anything complicated. Eggs and grilling stuff is all I've mastered," he offers with some chagrin.

Heather O'Leary bahs, "By the time I finish with you, Ryan... You'll be self sufficient in the kitchen. Besides, I need a couple people to pass my knowledge of cooking on to... since it is unlikely I'll ever have kids...." She pauses, and closes her eyes briefly, trying to hide a flash of some negative emotion. She brightens, "And who better than the Starchild, and a fellow Irishmen?" She winks.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little at Heather initially, then pauses, and snuggles Heather a bit, stroking her hair gently.

Ryan Rivers pauses at the comments about Heather having kids, just coughs softly at it. He does get back most of the smile as Heather winks, giving an "I suppose so..." as his simple response. He just ignores the turning him into a cook talk... They will learn why soon enough.

Heather O'Leary just smiles, a little forced, but than, she has faith in her cooking. Faith enough that it can turn a self proclaimed kitchen failure into striving for better kitchen performance. And as long as Ryan doesn't cut his fingers off, he can't ruin this meal. She starts pulling out stuff. 1 BIG pot, 1 BIG Frying pan, not to mention smaller stuff for making the broth. She motions to the Bag of White Potatoes and the bag of Carrots, "Peel those, cut them into slices, no thicker than a quarter inch...." She moves to the Sink, and pulls out the white paper wrapped steaks, "Good Corn Feed, Omaha Steaks...."

Elizabeth Maxwell hugs Heather softly, then heads for the sink herself, checking the steaks over. "Sounds good..."

Heather O'Leary says to Liz, "Inch Cubes, or less. OK?" She puts the pot in the other half of the sink, and fills it part way full of water. To this pot she adds some frozen Noodles, that she made a few nights back. This goes on the Stove, to sit, while she prepares the spices. She has picked the spices in their raw, and most flavorful state. Fresh Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Onions, and other Italian Spices, such as Cilantro. She starts cutting these spices into very small bits, which she will crush before it gets put in the soup.

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles at Heather and nods, taking the steak and getting the cutting knife out quickly. "All right, honey..." She digs up the cutting board then, and starts to work.

Ryan Rivers lost a finger... As expected. Except not really. He looks over, getting out his own cutting knife. "So, I can just cut the stuff too, or do I have something else I need to do?" He looks at the work Liz does, just rubbing behind his head again. That doesn't look so hard. Of course, he could still screw it up. Not likely, but he COULD.

Heather O'Leary chuckles and hands Ryan a Potato Peeler, "Peel the Potatoes... And the Carrots. Cut the tip and stalk of the Carrot off, and than, slice the Carrots and Potatoes to about one quarter of an inch thick." While Ryan starts that, she pulls down the Olive Oil, two kinds actually. One, a Mild Olive Oil, she uses in the Fry Pan, just letting it sit there for now. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is poured in with the noodles, which she starts on a medium heat, to begin the process of boiling. A Few pinches of salt go into the water and noodles as well as some Beef Bullion Cubes, and one can of Beef Stock. She goes back to the Spices, crushing the Garlic first.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs just a little at the potato peeler, watching Heather fix her food and smiling some, as she keeps cutting the meat into cubes, trying to cut them as accurately and quickly as she can without slicing a finger off.

Ryan Rivers just frowns as he gets given the peeler, just starting to peel with some success. There are some little slivers of skin left here and there, but people won't notice that, right? Well, he sure isn't. That done, he just prepares to start cutting off the top and bottoms of the stuff. He eats the tips of the carrots, deciding they are good enough to get his stomach instead of the trash can.

Heather O'Leary watches Ryan out of the corner of her eyes, while she cuts Onions.

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles at Heather again, continuing to cut the meat, glancing over it quickly and checking how far along she is. She keeps on cutting, maybe half-through, glancing around once in a while at the others.

Ryan Rivers continues his work, unaware that he is being watched. Now that he is done pealing, now for cutting. He just cuts the cubes. Some are about half an inch, but they are somewhat even. Kinda. If you tilt your head to the side while looking at them.

Heather O'Leary chuckles softly, and mixes all the sliced, and crushes spices together, before dumping half of the spices into the fry pan, and the other half in the Noodles. She grabs a wooden spoon, and stirs the noodles. She turns the heat on to the fry pan, and mixes the spices into the olive oil, and lets that heat up. She than turns the Noodles, bullion, and spices up to high, so it will boil. She pulls out some dough, which she forms into a loaf, and she stuffs the loaf with left over garlic and butter, folding it over a few times, and reforming the loaf, to get a nice loaf shape, with the garlic and butter hidden in the middle. She places that on a cookie sheet, and sets in the oven, which was preheated. She glances at Liz, "As soon as that meat is all cut up, and the oil is hot, dump that meat in, so it can start to brown."

Elizabeth Maxwell nods. "Right... yell when the oil is hot, I should be done soon..."


Ryan Rivers doesn't have a job for himself... So he goes to the refrigerator and just gets himself a glass of milk. It's exciting because um, he is doing it on his hands while getting shot at by three Visitors AND returning fire. Okay, maybe he isn't returning fire. Or there aren't any Visitors here that aren't supposed to be. And he is just walking. Of course, this was in no way an attempt to make this pose longer to make up for the fact that Ryan is just getting milk. Because that... that would be wrong.

Heather O'Leary stands in front of the range, wooden spoons in each hand. One she uses to stir the Oil, "It's ready for the meat" the Other she uses to stir the Noodle Concoction. As the Noodles start to boil, she turns down the heat a smidgen, so they don't turn rubbery. "Ryan, think you can handle one of these wooden spoons?"

Elizabeth Maxwell finishes up almost all of the meat, glancing at the last little uncut piece, and slipping it into one hand, handing the rest over. "Here you go..."

<O-Resistance-OOC> Resistance Training Champion, Heather O'Leary makes a note to hand Lizzie a Mousey some night, to see what she will do.

ATTRIBUTE CHECK:  NAME: Heather O'Leary         ATTRIBUTE:  Perception  (Hard)

<O-Resistance-OOC> Elizabeth Maxwell will probably jump outta her skin and throw it at you :p

Ryan Rivers puts away the gallon of milk, hrmming to Heather. "Depends what I'm doing with the spoon," he offers honestly. After all, there is a lot of cooking stuff one can do with a spoon. At least so Ryan thinks.

Heather O'Leary chuckles, "Well, you can slowly stir the Noodles, while they boil, or you can use the other spoon, to stir the meat." Her eyes do note the fact that Liz palmed herself some of the meat. She says nothing, for now, about it. "The Meat needs to brown, and simmer for a bit. Than we put the Veggies in, and my last two ingredients, after the meat and veggies are added to the noodle mixture..."

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little at Heather, cutting the last little piece in half, and dropping it in. "There's the last of it, right there..." She smiles cheerfully and wraps her arm around Heather's waist, then. "Sounds good..."

Ryan Rivers just sighs with a nod and moves toward the noddles to start stirring them. This is the OTHER reason he didn't do cooking. Too boring. Stir this, cut this... Ryan, put out that fire. Just like his old times when he did cooking. Save this time he doesn't need to call the fire department for out of control grease fires.

Heather O'Leary rolls her eyes at Liz, and smiles at Ryan's choice. Which ever it is. She'll keep her eyes on the other half. "Liz, in the pantry is a couple packets of Brown Gravy Mix, and some Corn Starch. Get the Gravy mix, and pour it into this Noodle Pot, and add half a cup of the Corn Starch too... That will thicken up the broth so it is not too thin."

Elizabeth Maxwell nods a little bit, hurrying out to get the gravy mix and corn starch. She digs around the pantry a bit, slipping back in quickly when she has them. She quickly pours the packets of gravy in, and checks the corn starch before putting half a cup in, watching carefully, and leaving the bos there. "So how thick should the gravy be?"

Ryan Rivers stirs. He stirs some more. He stirs like a stirring fiend! At least there is no way he can't screw this up. He does look at the noodles and the salt. Hrm. Noodles could always use salt, right? Well, Ryan THANKFULLY fights the urge to put some in and just continues his work.

Heather O'Leary smiles, "It is not exactly Gravy... it's a soup broth with a little thickness to it, to bring it back to the Irish style... Got to be thick enough to stick to your insides, when you are poor, and winter hits in Ireland..." She herself puts some more salt in the Noodles, since Ryan was staring. She moves the shaker out of Ryan's reach, just in case, "No more salt needed." She checks the meat, and nods. She than covers the meat with the Potatoes and Carrots.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little bit and nods, looking it over. "Ah. I wondered. I always like it really thick myself... last time I fixed gravy I got it thick enough that you could practically cut it and drop it onto the potatoes in squares, with a spatula."

Juliet Parrish arrives from Dining Room.

Heather O'Leary rolls her eyes a bit, "That sounds... Pretty gross, Liz.... Besides, if the Broth was that thick, this wouldn't be soup, or stew, it would be either a casserole, or a Hash. Neither of which keep ya really warm..." She is stirring some meat, with potatoes and Carrots, mixed with a lot of seasoning to make it smell like a cross between a Vampire Slaying Movie (Garlic) and an Italian bistro. Ryan is stirring some noodles, with Beef Broth, and an assortment of Spices rather similar to what is in the pot. Since the meat and veggies are done, she says to Ryan, "That's good... Thanks Ryan, All that is left is a simmer for about 30 to 45 minutes." When Ryan moves, she dumps the Meat Mixture into the pot, stirring it up good, turning the range off for the meat, and down to low for the soup, and slipping a cover on the soup. She moves the pan to the sink and starts washing it immediately.

Ryan Rivers frowns at Heather. "Like I was going to put that in there..." Ryan notes quietly, frowning as he stirs noodles. He could have been playing poker with the cops watching the game, but he had to come to the Ranch... To cook noodles. At least he got a shiny gun, which is enough to keep him here. He would normally say two hot girls being about would help... But they are more attracted to each other than him. Just focus on the gun, Ryan. The gun rocks... And at least Heather kissed you so you aren't scaring all the girls away. And there is Michaela too, but well, she's been seemingly a lot busy since he turned down her 'offer' last, that's for sure. At Heather's command, he just takes a seat.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little at Heather and shrugs. "Well, nearly that thick. I liked it, anyway..." She grins a little. "But then, I'm wierd in my food tastes, sometimes." She shrugs and watches the fixing, smiling a little bit.

Heather O'Leary washes the pan, and turns as Julie slips in, "Evening Doc. The smell of cooking food bring ya in?"

"I was wondering what was burning," Juliet answers promptly, eyes sparkling as she steps through the door, greeted by the comment about cooking.

"That would be Officer Rivers' ego, I think, at being tasked to do a 'females' job." Heather's response comes back.

Juliet Parrish smirks softly as she moves over to pull a chair out for herself at the table. "Oh, really? So I suppose you won't like it then, 'Officer Rivers', when I tell you the living room needs to be vacuumed, and there is a pile of towels in the basement to be washed." she states sweetly.

"It's not the fact that it's 'woman's' work... It's the case that I work pretty much two jobs and I am expected to still do work here.. It just isn't right," he murmurs under his breath, figuring it is a no win situation for himself.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little at that. "Oh, so all us 'homebodies' only doing one job should be doing it, then?" She rolls her eyes. "I have to take care of the yard and the horses, a lot of the time when I'm not doing something completely critical."

Heather O'Leary chuckles, and moves over to Ryan, "Honestly now, two Jobs? Let's count, Cop and Resistance Fighter... Shall I count up mine? Marine Pilot, Mechanic, Jackleg Engineer, Chef, Hand to Hand instructor... Oh, and Raid Planner and Leader..." She grins, and her voice is teasing, with the slightest hint of seriousness, "And I *still* have to clean the dishes, and the kitchen, and do Laundry.... Oh right, horses, Kittens, amateur Vet, and Ferrier..." She rolls her eyes, remembering how Tyler assumed she knew how to shoe a horse... she does, but that is besides the point.

Juliet Parrish smiles faintly, nodding at Ryan. "I have two jobs too," she reminds him, not even counting the extra things she does around here, PLUS dealing with Bates. Both the come on's and suspicion. Ew. "We all do our part, Ryan, it's just part of being a Resistance member. Sorry."

Heather O'Leary is standing by Ryan, while her soup cooks. Elizabeth is around somewhere, while Julie sits on a Chair. That shows us all, for Jason's sake.

Elizabeth Maxwell tickles Heather. "Don't forget having to try and make time to be with your girlfriend, on top of all that..." She grins a little and snuggles.

Jason Briggs goes and gets some ice water out of the fridge and pours it into his glass he has with him.

Ryan Rivers just continues to work, grunting as everyone unloads at him. "I still do a lot of work... And I work 14 hour days and get shoot at once a month or so and it isn't even to save the world," he grumps, despite the joking and all.

Jason Briggs sneaks out of the convo and goes back to guard duty.

Heather O'Leary nods, and snaps her finger, "Oh, Julie... Liz and I built a Cage for the Barn, something where we can lock up the Visitor Tools and the Laser Welder... We have to do the door still, and than, we have enough for two other Cages... One more in the Barn, for the Harrier's Munitions and Parts, and the last... We figured some kind of lock up for the Armory would be good...." She pokes Ryan softly, and says softly, "Ryan, we all work hard, even if it doesn't look like it." She pats his shoulder, "If you want to go sit down, I'll finish dinner, it only has ten minutes left anyway."

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, nodding in Heather's direction as she studies Ryan. So much for teasing the cop. He'll learn, she's sure of that. Finally, she turns her attention fully to the marine. "You think we need to lock up the items?" she wonders, slightly surprised by the suggestion, but clearly not arguing it.

Heather O'Leary nods slightly, "Miss Ayala put the Laser Cannon Barrels on, without checking with me, and welded them into place... which defeats the purpose of the bolts that lets them traverse 20 degrees...." She shrugs, "Not to mention, that the welder is a very dangerous tool... It could be deadly..."

Juliet Parrish tries to stifle a laugh, but can't help it. At least a small portion of it gets out before she lifts her hand to 'cough', eying Heather. "Not something you can fix, I take it?" she wonders innocently

Michael Donovan arrives from Dining Room.

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "We removed the Barrels she used... but the are worthless scrap now, and they have small holes in the Barrel that goes all the way through.... So.... " She shrugs, and checks the Beef/Potato/Carrot/Noodle/Broth and SPICES (Yes, all Caps Spices) mixture, and proclaims it done. She turns it off, and lets it sit, while she gets the fresh garlic bread from the stove, "All right, who wants to eat?"

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, shaking her head. "I didn't get shot, and spit on, so we could have more hunks of scrap metal laying around. Sounds to me like Tyler gets to have that chat with her. If for no other reason than to tell her to check before doing something like that." she mutters, a hand lifting to rub tiredly at her eyes. She still isn't sleeping one hundred percent, often waking up in the middle of the night and trying not to bother anyone when she does. Besides, with everything that's gone on, she has plenty on her mind to occupy her.

Ryan Rivers is just a bit of a hard case after a day of hard work... AKA, he's usually a hard case. At least he means well, though and can be really nice. From time to time. Instead of moving toward the table, he just gets glasses and silverware to put it out on the table and all. He is grumpy, but at least he can be helpful.

<ResRadio> Heather O'Leary says, "Dinner is served, for anyone hungry.... *under her breath* Hope ya like Garlic..."

Michael Donovan walks in just as the part about eating is brought into the discussion. "Looks like I showed up just in time for a change," he announces with a smile, usually the sort whose only exposure to the cooking around this place is in the meager amount of leftovers to be found after said meals.

Jason Briggs moves to the Dining Room .

Heather O'Leary cuts the bread, and the smell of Garlic and Butter rise into the air, fighting the soup/stew for supremacy... in fact, neither wins. The whole house is filled with the mixed smells of Garlic, Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro, Onions, Beef, and Oregano.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs over at Mike and nods. "Yep, just in time for food."

Juliet Parrish drops her hand from her eyes, and smirks. She knows that voice, and that comment, anywhere. "Go figure, have the best timing. Help Ryan set the table, would you?" she asks, winking.

Heather O'Leary chuckles at Julie, as she pours, ladles the Soup into a BIG Bowl, and carries it to the table. She sets it down, after putting two spoons in the soup, one slotted, for those that want no broth, and one unslotted, for those that want the whole powerful soup. She returns for the bread, all cut into pieces, and sets it down.

Ryan Rivers just continues his work quietly, setting the table somewhat well. He still remains rather quiet though.

Michael Donovan nods, tossing a quiet wink right back at Julie. He walks over to where the silverware is kept and gets together whatever table setting materials have not been obtained by Ryan yet.

Juliet Parrish motions Ryan over to her with a twist of her head, silently calling him. She hopes he sees her. After the teasing, however, she feels awful given that she's not up and helping...

Heather O'Leary moves to the fridge, grabs a Mountain Dew for Liz, and a Beer for herself, "Anyone want anything to drink?"

Elizabeth Maxwell grins and snuggles Heather happily. "It smells really good, honey...."

Heather O'Leary moves to the Dining Room .

Alexis Ayala is in the dining room, looking around. When she decides there might be people in the kitchen, so she starts heading for the kitchen to find dinner.

The table is loaded down with a bowl full of Soup/Stew. It is a Beef Soup, with Potatoes, Beef, Carrots and Noodles in a broth of Beef Broth, mixed with a jumble of Spices. Garlic (LOTS), Oregano, Cilantro, Onions, Basil, Rosemary.... Also, is a plate filled with fresh, homemade garlic bread. Heather has a beer and a bowl in front of her, and is in the process of handing Elizabeth a can of mountain Dew.

Elizabeth Maxwell takes her dew happily, snuggling Heather and looking over the food, smiling and waiting and waiting, to let others get some before her.

Heather O'Leary says softly, "Dig in folks... it'll be filling and hot, and... if it was cold outside, it would insulate ya for quite awhile..."

Juliet Parrish trails after Ryan, shaking her head slightly and looking not overly happy. Maybe she should speak with Mike and Ham...Ryan does have a point, though he wasn't trying to make one, about the division of tasks. She just didn't see it while she was away so much. Without a word, the 'Leader' moves to take a seat along one side of the table.

Ham Tyler sniffs the air, and is drawn to the smell of food. "Hot damn. O'Leary been cooking again?" Is that a smile on The Fixer's face? He does so enjoy the Irish woman's food.

Michael Donovan half-smirks at Tyler's remark. "Looks that way. Either that, or we've been visited by the 'Home-Cooked Meal Fairy'. Either way, better find a seat before the feeding frenzy starts."

Ryan Rivers just takes his seat with Juliet following, seated in a rather unimportant spot between the middle of the table and one of the ends. He just give a chuckle to Ham and Mike, merely putting his napkin down on his lap like a good polite gentleman.

Alexis Ayala smiles warmly, looking to the table and sniffing, she smiles, "Smells good." she says, looking for an open seat.

Ham Tyler hmms, "Well, unless Emeril or Wolfgang Puck started wearing tights and pansy wings, I guess it is safe to say we are in for a good meal than." He sits down, and grabs a bowl full of food. He looks around, seeing no one else has dug in yet, and shrugs. He is not afraid... he takes a bit, and smiles, "Wow... That is some powerful spice mixture."

Juliet Parrish pulls out her chair, next to Mike, settling into it. "Ham, Mike...I want to talk to you both after dinner if you don't mind." she comments mildly as she studies the bowl in front of her. It's empty, for now.

Ham Tyler arches an eyebrow, but nods to Julie while he shovels food into his mouth. He enjoys a good meal, and to be blunt, would nod if someone told him he was eating Visitor Meat, with the taste.

Michael Donovan blinks once, concern readily apparent on his face. Of course, it's been drilled into his mind that when Julie 'wants to talk', it usually isn't about yesterday's Dodgers game. "Sure, Julie."

Heather O'Leary just watches everyone, a little nervous. Sure, Tyler likes it, but he liked the stuff they ate in El Salvador... She will be a bundle of kittens 'til everyone tries it. However, she adds, softly, "Elizabeth and Ryan helped... It is not all my doing..."

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs a little at Tyler and rolls her eyes, watching bowls and glancing about. "uh-oh, upper staff meetings, never good." She shakes her head a little then, and fills her bowl, making sure to get a good amount of the broth with the other stuff.

Juliet Parrish doesn't immediately reach for a ladle to fill her bowl, instead simply continuing to stare at the empty bowl (which, honestly, isn't -all- that interesting), as her fingers begin to drill a slow beat on the arm of her chair. Yup, she's thinking. Look out.

Ham Tyler frowns slightly at Julie, and he reaches for her bowl, and fills it up, "Until you eat that bowl, Doc, we aren't talking about anything." He pushes it, and a slice of the garlic bread to Julie, giving her the 'I am not arguing... do it' Look that he has perfected.

Alexis Ayala hmms and sits down, looking over all of the food, not really sure what she wants.

Alexis Ayala hmms and goes for the Stew, trying to get someone's attention so she can get some for herself.

Yes, because Juliet listens to that look -oh so well-. She hrms softly, then oh's as she sees the now-full bowl pushed in front of her. "Right, sorry," she agrees, reaching for the bread, and her spoon. She sets the spoon in the bowl, and begins picking slowly at the bread, going back to her staring. Well.

Heather O'Leary bites her lip, suddenly more nervous. Julie isn't really even trying it... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

Michael Donovan frowns faintly at how distracted Julie seems. The serious look that crosses his own face suggests that he's ten seconds away from attempting a spoon-feeding.

Ryan Rivers has the talk with Juliet.... Then she wants to talk with Mike and Ham. It can only mean one thing. They are going to promote him, kill him, or promote him after killing him! Thankfully, Ryan is truly not that much of a spaz to believe his first rather odd impulse, but he does get a tad worried. Either way, he tries the soup, leaning over as close as he can get to Heather. "It's pretty good," he notices before going back to eating quietly.

Right, compliment Heather so she'll protect you!

Heather O'Leary smiles at Ryan, 'Pretty good' is better than gagging... Although, the way her stomach is dancing, she is almost afraid to try to eat, because the gagging might come. She closes her eyes, and takes a long drink of her beer. Yeah, like that will help?

Pushing pieces of bread into the broth, Juliet lifts them to her mouth, chewing idly as she slowly gets absorbed by her thoughts again. Don't take it personally heather. NO, really.

Ham Tyler watches Julie, while eating. Hell if no one else likes it, that just means more leftovers for him!

Michael Donovan slowly lifts a spoonful of soup to his mouth, his gaze seeming more intent on Julie's eating habits than his own. He doesn't make it a point to stare, mind you, but he does glance sidelong every third second or so.

Alexis Ayala bites her lips softly, and gets herself some of the stew while quietly trying to understand the intricacies of this group.

Elizabeth Maxwell certainly likes it, she eats her first bowl of stew, well, not quickly, but trying to enjoy every spoonful of broth, between eating all the solid contents. She smiles happily at Heather, taking a bite of garlic bread, then continuing with the stew, watching to make sure she finishes up before it's all gone, so she can get more.

Heather O'Leary grabs a piece of bread and nibbles. Sure, she may be the cook, but that doesn't mean she is going to eat until she sees how things go.

Juliet Parrish doesn't seem to have any complaints about the food she's eating, but then again, the way she's eating, it's difficult to say if she's actually -tasting- what she's eating. Then again, given the amount of the spices, it would be hard for her -not- to taste it.

Ham Tyler is already reaching for his second bowl, and his third piece of bread. How the man stays so thin with his diet is hard to decipher.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "This is an awfully quiet dinner table." she says, eating her stew, just a bit nervous. "What did everyone do today?" she asks, trying to break the ice.

Michael Donovan starts to answer, but it is a messy affair what with having a mouthful of garlic bread, and all. He reddens just slightly at his sudden lack of decorum.

Elizabeth Maxwell smiles, finishing her bowl up, and getting a second bowl as well, and a little more bread. She laughs a little at Mike starting to blush, and shakes her head slightly, quietly eating the soup and simply staying out of it.

Heather O'Leary glances at Alexis, "Well, I doubt you want to know.. but I spent the first part of the day ripping the fuel line out of the Harrier, because it is in a bad mood, than I had to take those Laser Cannon Barrels out of the Skyfighter again, because I forgot to mention to you to put it in with Bolts... And than, Liz and I built most of a Cage that will keep the New Stuff out of peoples hands, until we know what it does, and the welder is too dangerous to leave sitting around...."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, she blanches slightly as Heather mentions the Skyfighter, she sighs, "At least I got all of the necessary repairs done, so when they're put on RIGHT, they'll work...or they should..."

Ham Tyler shrugs, Talking while Eating, "I had an interesting Meeting with the WLF today...." He just leaves it at that, unless someone asks.

Elizabeth Maxwell glances over at Ham and rolls her eyes. "So what impossible thing are they going to be wanting now?"

Juliet Parrish continues to, yup you guessed it, stare at her bowl, though now she reaches for the spoon, idly stirring the liquid, and exploring the chunks within it.

Ryan Rivers eats his food with the speed almost to match Ham, unlike the Grenade Guru, he decides he needs to get up. "Well, thanks for the food, but I really need to get going. If I don't get to sleep early, driving back to LA and being ready for work will be a pain since I need to be on the road by 3:30 AM... Wish I could stay more."

Heather O'Leary nods slightly, "The rest of the work is fine... Later you can help me get the new Barrels in place, and I'll show the almost hidden bolt holes to you."

Alexis Ayala nods and waves to Ryan, she looks about, "Where's Pyotr?"

Ham Tyler frowns at Julie, "Eat Doc." he says out of the side of his mouth, than looks at Julie, "Oh, they liked our Consulate Raid. They want to see if we'll send people to teach the process to others...."

Juliet Parrish blinks slightly, glancing up with a soft 'Hmm?' before she offers an 'Oh' as she looks back to her bowl, shaking her head. "Not that hungry, but it was good." she offers to Heather with a smile. "Great spicing."

Heather O'Leary nods, wondering if Julie's comment was a real compliment, or the kinda distant 'I didn't taste it, but I am being polite' kind of compliment.

Heather O'Leary smiles at Ryan, "Have a safe day at work, OK Big Guy?"

Alexis Ayala nods at Heather's comment and waves to Ryan, but still wonders where Pyotr is, though she gets back to eating.

Michael Donovan frowns just slightly at Julie's eating habits, or rather her lack-of-eating habits, and whispers something quietly in her ear.

Elizabeth Maxwell laughs just a little at Ham, shaking her head. "Er... they need to be explained to exactly why ours worked, then, considering." She eats down her second bowl, and finishes her bread.

Juliet Parrish smirks, shooting a look over in Mike's direction. "I'm not hungry, alright? I'm sure I can save a bowl for myself for tomorrow," she mutters right back at him as she pushes her chair back, and stands, picking her bowl up as she does.

Ham Tyler shrugs, "I told them that it was not duplicable. They didn't like it... but they did ask us to consider doing something else...." He pauses, "Hey, Doc... Calm down...."

Heather O'Leary stands up and says briefly, "I'm sorry dinner turned out so bad... I'll... I'll be in my room." She flees the table quickly, embarrassed.

Elizabeth Maxwell hurries in behind, frowning. "Honey, what's wrong? Dinner was wonderful...""

Heather O'Leary shakes her head, "Obviously, something was said to Ryan that he didn't like... He talked to Julie, and now, she is picking at her food, and wanting to talk to Tyler and Donovan..." She shakes her head, "On top of trying to be polite to someone who obviously dislikes me, having problems with how I lead... I just can't deal with it right now... You go Eat... I'll go for a jog, come back, take a shower, and everything that is in my control will be fine."

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and hugs tightly. "No... I want to stay with you honey.... Nothing that happened was your fault..." She kisses softly and starts massaging gently. "Alex will get over herself eventually..." She shakes her head. "Whatever her problem is, is her own problem. Not yours. Everything you did was fine."

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "Than you tell me what is wrong with Ryan?"

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs a little bit. "Either it was simple male ego at having to help cook, or Julie said something to him before they came in to eat at all. Neither of which was really your fault. He was around, he should have been able to help with fixing the food anyway."

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "The only reason he did, was because I asked..."

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and hugs tightly. "So he doesn't like cooking..." She shrugs a little. "His own problem, he could have objected more earlier on than he did, if he didn't want to do it."

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "Well, my thought on the whole thing is that he was being an ass, complaining about working two jobs, in front of US. Julie deals with Bates all day, than comes back here and puts out our fires... Hers is more than just two... You and I don't sit on our Asses... Fuck it. If that is what he thinks, I'm not in the mood to tell him otherwise anymore... I give up. I'll just do my work, make you and me dinner, and from there, see what happens..."

Elizabeth Maxwell hugs tightly and starts massaging your back gently. "Oh honey..." She sighs and kisses your cheek softly. "I'm sorry..." She starts gently sliding up your shirt as she kisses, moving her hands beneath it to massage more thoroughly, leaving kisses down your cheek and neck.

Heather O'Leary shakes her head, "Liz... Please... Not right now... Just Hold me? I know you want to show me how much you care, but right now, I am too tense for even sex to help... just... just keep me company?"

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and wraps her arms around your waist, hugging very tightly and nuzzling softly. "I'm here, honey... I'll always be here..."

Heather O'Leary just sags against Elizabeth, "Liz... has my... have I been acting strange lately?"

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and snuggles softly, kissing your cheek. "You've acted... less confident in yourself, certainly. I thought it was just being a little gun-shy after what happened... You need to realize that you're still you, everything is all right. Regardless of what happened, it won't come back. I promise."

Heather O'Leary says softly, "I can't know that... I can't remember what Diana did to me... I can't remember what happened while I was under her control. Nothing fits... I am afraid that something is missing in my head...."

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and shakes her head. "Not remembering what she did is part of the point. I watched them run the process, dear. It worked. I can try running it again if you want... I'm not sure how much it'll do, but..."

Heather O'Leary says softly, "But since I can not remember, I can't know what in my head is really me, and what is what Diana put there, or what someone who tried to get rid of what Diana put in, put in... does that make sense?"

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and shakes her head. "Outside of one week of gaps, it is really you. All of it is really you. I promise you everything she put in was taken out. I'll take you to the people who did it again, if you like... they haven't reported trouble like you're having, at least they didn't admit if they had. And we need you... I need you!"

Heather O'Leary says softly, "I just feel.. so indecisive..."

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and hugs tightly. "You have to get over it. You /can/ make the decision, you're still you, you'll still be right. You just have to believe in yourself..." She sighs. "If you don't believe in yourself, it starts to show... And we need you back... more than ever!"

Heather O'Leary says softly, "I will try..."

Elizabeth Maxwell hugs tightly. "I'll help you. I /want/ to help you... It needs to be for real. Not just an act where you try to pretend like nothing is wrong, But to see beyond what happened. To see that you're still you, somewhere within. And still can be you..."

Heather O'Leary nods slightly, but remains quiet. She is afraid she can't do it, but she is afraid to say it.

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs and hugs tightly. "The first step through it is realizing that you have no need to be afraid..."