There are a few distinct kind of damage done to people hit. They do no real different difference, code-wise, however they should be Role-played.

Hand to HandEdit

Hand to Hand is from a weapon used to strike, cut, bludgeon, or slash an opponent. The most common types of injuries from this kind of damage is: Bruises, broken bones, cuts, concussions.


Ranged weapons include all projectile weapons, except Visitor Venom, Laser Weapons, Rocket Launchers, Laser Grenades, and Grenades. The most common type of injuries from this kind of damage include: Pierced Skin, broken bones, bullet wounds.


Explode weapons include weapons designed to explode, such as Grenades and Rocket Launchers. The type of injuries from this kind of damage vary greatly, depending on where you are, at the time of the explosion. If you are on the fringes of the explosion, you can expect a concussion, burns, and possibly shrapnel wounds. As you get closer to the explosion, you risk greater burns, more shrapnel, loss of a limb, and of course, death.


All Laser Weapons and Laser Grenades produce deep burns, normally there is little bleeding, unless there is a major artery or vein in the path of the laser. There is also a great chance of infection around the wound, as the burn reduces blood flow to the wound area, thus white blood cells are unable to get to the infections.


Visitor Venom is sprayed from special glands in the Visitor's mouths, and can cause multiple types of damage. Dizziness, heart fibrillation, shortness of breath, and in cases of extreme alergy, the eyes can go blind, if the venom hits there, and in some cases, even death is possible. Death is more likely if ingested.


Psi damage is hard to define, since it honestly depends on what is used by the Psionic. A Mental shout can cause pain, even enough to completely stun someone. Pyrokinesis will cause burns, of some degree. Damage from Telekinesis will most likely be very similar to Hand to Hand Damage.

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