So, you want to know how to get EXP? Well, there are many different ways:

  1. ROLEPLAY: Get into Logs, and you will gain EXP. Or other players can use the Nominations System
  1. RECRUIT: Recruit a New Player, gain 30 EXP Per Character that Completes CHARGEN, and RPS at least once.
  1. DESCRIBE: If you send in DESC's for Undesced Areas of the MUSH you can receive 5 EXP per Desc
  1. NEWS REPORTS: If you send in a Freedom Network Broadcast, or Local News Broadcast that gets used, you will recieve 10 EXP.

Other ways, involve doing things for the Admin that they might need. Need something to do, Ask Kadjem, he'll probably find something for you to do to help the MUSH

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