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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Of all the commanders and officer's within the Sirian military, none are more mysterious nor feared then the Claw. Formed of five officers, each called a Talon and bearing the rank of commander, who were promoted from the Leader's personal guard at the time of his cout. The Claw are an pseudo-autonomous organization charged with quelling problems within the burgeoning empire using whatever means necessary no matter how unorthodox. Unless specifically ordered, they report directly to the leader themselves.

Each of the Talons, while completely loyal to the Leader, is an outsider among their own kind, for one reason or another, be it some strange mental quirk or instability. They are the commanders who have proven that they can think and operate outside the box. This causes many visitors, even those among each talon's crew, more then a certain amount of fear and trepidation. And perhaps none of the claws is more mysterious or feared then Ezekiel.

Ezekiel is an oddity among the visitors. A mutation.. a freak.. A giant albino with ;little conscience or morals. Very few know of his history, except that he appeared with the great leader as one of his personal bodyguards. Extremely warlike, even among the military caste, it has been suggested that Ezekiel was a feral youngling who was taken in as a slave and clawed his way, literally and figuratively, from the slave pens to military service and up the ranks.

After the civil war when the leader put himself into power, Ezekiel was made one of the Talon's of the Claw. Like his 4 other contemporaries he was given a ship, crew, and special resources to help enforce the leader's rule when all else seemed to fail. Ruthless, Ezekiel suppressed and eradicated more revolts and uprisings then any of the other Talons. Even when he failed, he made sure that it was a victory of sorts. If he couldn't win then no one else would either.

Now that Earth is once again under Visitor rule, and experiencing more problems then any invasion the Visitors have incited in the past, the leader has decided to send a few of his Talon's to aid the Earth Commander. He is under orders to obey the Earth Commander.

Ezekiel chafes under this order, but complies.. as best he can.

IC HIstoryEdit

Lost a personal duel with Heather O'Leary, who may have gained his respect. In exchange for his loss, he agreed to give the Fifth Column two weeks to go into hiding.

OOC InformationEdit

Character InformationEdit

Ezekiel is played by his creator


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