This file will show a list of the Feature Characters, their Factions, their Availability, and if the are EFC, RFC, or OFC.

EFC - Essential Feature Characters

RFC - Regular Feature Characters

OFC - Original Feature Characters

Feature Characters
Name FC TYPE Faction Available
Michael Donovan EFC Resistance Yes
Juliet Parrish EFC Resistance No
Ham Tyler EFC Resistance Yes
Elizabeth Maxwell EFC Resistance No
Diana EFC Visitor Loyalist No
Lydia EFC Visitor Loyalist Yes
Nathan Bates EFC Science Frontiers Yes
Chris Faber RFC Resistance Yes
Sancho Gomez RFC Resistance Yes
Robin Maxwell RFC Resistance Yes
Polly Maxwell RFC Resistance Yes
Katie Maxwell RFC Resistance Yes
Caleb Taylor RFC Resistance Yes
Elias Taylor RFC Resistance Yes
Maggie Blodgett RFC Resistance Yes
Lorraine RFC Resistance (Visitor Fifth Column) Yes
Willie RFC Resistance (Visitor Fifth Column) Yes
Jake RFC Visitor Loyalist Yes
James RFC Visitor Loyalist Yes
Mary Krueger RFC Visitor Loyalist Yes
Medea RFC Visitor Loyalist Yes
Heather O'Leary OFC Resistance No
Ryan Rivers OFC Resistance No
Pyotr Zagadka OFC Resistance No
Angelica OFC Resistance (Visitor Fifth Column) No
Alexis Ayala OFC Resistance No
John Bates OFC Science Frontiers Yes
Kyle Bates OFC Science Frontiers Yes
Sean Donovan RFC None Yes
Marjorie Donovan RFC Unknown Yes

We have some very special FC's, that are USUALLY Admin run, or emitted ONLY by the Staff, Wizards, Royalty, Judge, Theme or CharStaff.

William Morrow - President of United States

Howard K. Smith - Broadcaster for Freedom Network

Peter Forsythe - Member of NYC Resistance (Leader), Baseball Player

Lauren Stewart - Member of NYC Resistance (Leader), Sec. of State

Hannah Donnenfield - Lead Scientist at Brook Cove Labs, NYC Resistance

Denise Daltry - NYC Resistance, Broadcaster for Freedom Network

Jennifer - Fifth Column Leader, CO of a Fifth Column Mothership

Last, but definately NOT Least, we have FC's that are... Well, Dead.

Hall of Heroes - All the Dead is listed here (Not all, but the obvious ones are)

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