Thomas Krieger

Title:Fuel Capture

Players: Heather O'Leary, Thomas Krieger, Juliet Parrish, Ham Tyler, Michael Donovan, and Pyotr Zagadka

Location: Maxwell Ranch, Arizona Desert, Arizona Fuel Storage Facility

Synopsis: When Heather and Thomas are working in the Barn, they discuss the Gasoline Shortage... Which leads to a Recon of a Facility, which leads to 1,000,000 gallons of gas??


Heather O'Leary walks into the New Barn, and moves to her Harrier. She runs her hands over some of the Laser Burn marks on the metal skin, and sighs. After just a few seconds, she opens a maintenance hatch, and begins working on something inside.

Krieger wasn't really checking on airforce they had mustered, he was taking inventory, these planes and helos don't run on wishes after all. He's even got a battered clipboard as he checks things off. "At least the Blackhawk won't be bingo fuel for the next few weeks.." He says, speaking out loud. It's clear he didn't even notice Heather sneaking in!

Heather O'Leary glances around, at the voice, and shrugs, "Depends. We only have a little AvGas left..."

Krieger blinks his eyes a few times and turns to follow the voice speaking to him. "Sure, but we can still use it to get around if we have a good chance to do some damage. Even better if we used it to steal some more fuel.." He says and then lifts a tarp, time to check on ammo. "I still want my Hind." He mouths to Heather, in what -might- be a pouting tone.

Heather O'Leary chuckles, "So, with our one barrel of AvGas, you want to run a Blackhawk, a Harrier, AND a Russian Helicopter, old enough to burn more fuel than even my Harrier's thrusters during VTOL?" She pulls out a component of the Harrier's inner workings and frowns, heavily, at it, "Of course, with this Targeting Sensor fried, it is not like the Harrier will be going into Combat, anytime soon."

Krieger makes a wishy washy motion with his hand. "The Mi-24 Hind is more robust, less demanding, we could use a mix of fuels..wouldn't be pretty maintence wise..." He says, trailing off as he taps an ammo box with his foot. "Fact is, the Mi-24 would be damned more useful! Blackhawk can't survive light small arms..much less -laser- cannons!" He says in an excited tone..Oh Lord, Krieger is about to go off on a tangent.

Heather O'Leary chuckles, "While this is all true... Nothing we humans make can really, in terms of weaponry, and survive-ability, match a Skyfighter." She leans against the Harrier, the Targeting Sensor held in her hands, while she tilts her head slightly, at Thomas, smiling a little fondly at the excitement he shows.

Krieger knows all about them skyships, he flew em for the Resistance, after he learned how! "Sure, but we have an advantage over them. We don't need to rely on bringing in supplies, parts, and materials from another world. We can rebuild each thing they swat down..and there's some thing about our 'old fashioned' weapons that appeal..."

Heather O'Leary nods, slightly, patting her Harrier. "I know." She looks thoughtful, "I will see if I can find out a location to get one... but it may take some time."

Krieger shrugs a bit, he's not going to press some mad dash to find one. "What we need to do is find some fuel, there has to be some where to get it, or we're going to be down to find a crop duster. I don't think we'd do very well in snoopy and the Baron, when The Baron is flying space ships with laser cannons."

Heather O'Leary nods, "Right now, we barely have enough gas for the Cars to make two round trips to L.A...." She sighs, "And if we take the Harrier or Blackhawk *anywhere* beyond a short hop to LA, we'll be out of AvGas for them."

Krieger didn't check on regular gasoline yet apparently, because he had no idea on that. "Maybe my priorities are wrong, we should consider finding regular petrol first.. or we're going to end up like cowboys." he says and rubs his chin slowly. "Well Heather, we need to start going Red Dawn out here. Horses, and what not. Just don't tell Pyotr we're pretending the reptiles are Reds."

Heather O'Leary smirks, "Well, I won't tell him, if you don't...." She sighs softly, "I may have an idea on where we can get some gasoline... There is a storage facility in Arizona, that last I heard, the Visitors had not discovered." She shrugs, ever so slightly.

Krieger cocks his head a bit at the mention of that idea. "Only if you let me wear cowboy hat and boots, and carry a Colt peacemaker and I get to tell some one 'Draw'!" He says with a wink and meanders closer to Heather.

Heather O'Leary arches an eyebrow, "Have you ever even been on a horse?"

Heather O'Leary and Thomas Krieger, a recent addition to the Resistance, over all, are standing in the barn, talking. Heather is leaning against her Harrier, with a Targeting Sensor from inside it, in her hands.

Krieger inclines his head a bit at Heather's words. "Sure have. You think I managed to escape the reptiles with a helo? That crashed pretty quick when it ran out of fuel, and got shot. Used a horse plenty, wish I still had mine, but I had to leave him back up in Wisconsin." He says, reminiscing a bit.

"Horses are fantastic creatures - but don't really have enough speed to get away from the Purses when they are pissed." A familiar female voice offers from the direction of the barn door. When one looks, one would see Julie leaning against the door frame with one shoulder, silhouetted against the light outside.

The voice strikes into Heather's brain, and she turns. She has not seen Julie for almost two months... Not since she and Elizabeth dropped her off in New York to have the Conversion Process reversed. She smiles, and says, "Welcome back, Juliet." She does, however, continue to look at her, trying to decide how to greet her further. A Hug might make the leader of this Resistance Cell unhappy, or it might not, she never has been able to judge Julie's temperament well enough to guess.

Krieger looks towards the new voice, her logic is impeccable. "This is true, but they don't need refined fossil fuels..good for hunting with. Quieter too." But you know, he's not sure whats going on between Heather and Juliet, so nervous smile, like he isn't sure if this is a good time to get lost.

"Going formal on me, Heather?" Juliet asks with that half-smile of hers. Hands in her pockets, she remains where she is for a moment before pushing off the wood frame and starting forward. "It's me...I swear. The Conversion has been reversed." she assures her old friend before looking to Krieger. "Juliet Parrish...but call me Julie." she offers, extending a hand.

Heather O'Leary shakes her head, "Hell, I don't think I've called her Julie, in some time." A Little softer, she says, "And I wasn't worried about the Conversion... I was worried about... the after affects... And if it is safe to give you a hug."

Krieger isn't worried about handshakes, he'll give her hand a firm pump when she offers it. "Sure thing Julie, just call me Tom or Krieger, or what ever you like." He says and cocks his head a bit when Heather mentions hugs. "Wait, she doesn't have some weird joke buzzer prank she likes to pull, yeah?"

Juliet Parrish rolls her eyes and shakes her head quickly after extracting her hand from Krieger's. "No, no buzzer." she assures him before turning to the other woman and opens her arms slightly in a hug. "I'm not going to explode or freak out or faint either."

Heather O'Leary smiles, and nods. She hugs Julie, "Good to have you back, boss." Oh yes, time to break out all the old nicknames. Doc, Boss, Mistress-Before-God... errr, no, that last one has never been said aloud. She releases Julie, after a few moments, and than turns slightly towards Thomas, and says, to Julie, "We've been discussing the fuel shortages..." And that, of course, should let Julie know how truly bad it has been, while she is in New York.

Krieger eyes Heather a bit oddly, boss. He didn't think he -had- a boss. "Aww shit, you mean I need to start saluting again and pretending I'm a -real- soldier? I was retired before all of this! Retired!" He says, his tone is joking and then he stretches slowly, cracking his back.

Juliet Parrish :smirks lightly at Krieger's comment and looks over her shoulder. "You salute me, and you're going to get me killed." she informs him. Julie hasn't been kept up on anything during her 'recovery'. Her eyes widen slightly before her brows draw together. "Just how short are we?" she asks softly. Her hands make their way back into her pockets as she shifts around so she can see both Heather and Thomas at the same time.

"You salute Miss Parrish, here, and she might just break that arm." comes a rough voice from the Barn's Infirmary door. Well, look who decided to show up, it is Ham Tyler, master of demolitions, ammunitions, and bad relations.

Heather O'Leary makes no comment on the salutes, as both Julie and Ham make a comment, but she does answer the question, "One 55 gallon barrel of AvGas... and about 100 gallons of Gasoline."

Juliet Parrish winces at that report before Ham's comment registers and she twists around sharply. "You'd break the arm, I'd fix it." she retorts with a laugh.

Krieger rolls his eyes at the mention of breaking his arm but he bobs his head when Heather states their fuel level. "Munitions look a lot better, but at this rate, we'll need to get a crop duster and take away Pyotr's vodka to fuel it, and that'll be a shitty mess to clean up after every flight, and I'm not going Snoopy vs The Red Baron against spaceships."

Ham Tyler smirks, both at Julie, and Thomas' comments, "We leave the Snoopy crap to Gooder." He looks at Julie, arches a lone eyebrow, and says simply, "Sounds like we need to find some place to get fuel, worse than I thought." He looks thoughtful, and shrugs, "I'm not sure where we will, but when we do, we need to make sure we get as much as we can hold, even if we put it offsite."

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "I know a possible spot. There is an underground Fuel storage facility in Arizona, but it only has Regular Gasoline. No AvGas." She shrugs again, "For flying, we can always use the Skyfighters, and Squadships. They are safer, for the most part, anyways."

Heather, Julie, Thomas, and Ham, are all standing around the barn, discussing the state of AvGas and Gasoline supplies. One panel on Heather's Harrier is open, and she is still holding a Targeting Sensor in her hand.

Krieger wishes Heather mentioned it was -only- regular gasoline when she first mentioned it to him! "Well, we could pull a machine gun off some thing and rig it up on an Ultralite if we -really- need some thing to harass check points. Those run off standard gas, but yet again, laser rifles."

With a wry shake of her head, Juliet resists the urge to throw something at Ham. "Missed you too," she challenges before frowning. "Where is Donovan...?" she wonders, looking from Ham to Heather and back. Krieger's comment gets a snicker and another shake of her head. "Great, another clown...and yeah. Sounds like a hit for gas needs to happen sooner than later.."

The look on Ham's face is one of almost disbelief, "While I am not a fan of the Snakes, we do have perfectly good Skyfighters to blow the hell out of their checkpoints, if we need to. Why rig up something that will get someone killed after a single laser blast from a Visitor Sidearm?"

Heather O'Leary just shrugs, and sets the Targeting Sensor down under the Harrier, "I'm sure we can recon that storage facility." She leans against the Harrier, and just waits for comment.

Krieger narrows his eyes a bit at Juliet when she calls him a clown. "There is an advantage in it's size and how quiet they are for Recce. I mean...we -do- have Night vision that works..right? I can fly one with that and check things out at night if we go any where." He suggests and looks towards Heather. "We should get that idea rolling sooner then later, before we're using hand carts to move things around like we just fucked up and invaded Russia in winter."

Elizabeth Maxwell slips into the barn entrance, stopping short as she sees the conference going on, and quietly listening to the discussion going on.

Juliet's tone didn't seem to indicate that 'clown' was a bad thing. "Then what are we waiting for. Now is always a good time for recon." she decides, extracting her hands form her pockets as she speaks.

A loud chuckle slips from Ham's otherwise expressionless face, "Sure. With you and O'Leary along, it won't be a recon for long. It'll turn into 'The Shootout at the Gasoline Storage Facility'." He frowns slightly at Thomas, than shrugs, "I suppose for recon, it might be OK, in a general manner... but I prefer boots on the ground. The snakes don't always hide themselves where they can be seen from the air." He shrugs, slightly, and turns to Heather, "You want to take a couple people, and go scout the site? Julie, Thomas here... and one more?" One more... Gee, look, it's Elizabeth hiding in the back. Ham is sure she'll volunteer, and than, he can stay behind, rest his feet on the coffee table, and watch reruns of 80's Anti-Russian films.

Heather O'Leary frowns slightly, than shrugs, "Sure, let me go change into my Mission clothing, and I will be happy to take a small party out to Arizona."

Krieger crosses his arms over his chest when they mention going out so soon. "I better get my Saiga, I can imagine it'll be helpful when we decide to do some thing stupid."

"Shut it, Ham." Juliet chirps cheerfully in Ham's general direction at his smart ass remark about the likelihood of the mission remaining a recon one for long. Then Krieger pipes up, and she throws up her hands (though there's still a half smile on her face - damn but she's missed these folks!), "Why does everyone think I'll have us do something stupid!"

Ham Tyler arches an eyebrow, "I didn't say that. I just know how things turn out." He smiles, and moves towards the house, to claim the remote control, "I'm sure things will be fine." Ooooh, that old and prophetic curse!

Elizabeth Maxwell snorts very softly as Ham declares that everything will be 'fine', giving him a glance, then shaking her head as she looks to the others. Needing a third for that? I'll get into my better mission stuff as well."

Heather O'Leary shakes her head, "Be ready in 10 minutes..." She moves to the house, to change into her mission clothes, and grab her battle-kit. She returns shortly, having made short work of changing, although the longest part was probably braiding her hair, and getting it under a black ski-cap. She is carrying a Laser Sidearm on one hip, a Desert Eagle on the other, and strapped to her back is a Katana and a Laser Rifle. The only other visible Weapon is her Marine Ka-Bar knife, hanging from the back of her belt.

Krieger doesn't have as much to snag, just his gear, he always keeps that body armor on because ..well, ambush, they may happen! "He jinxed us, didn't he?" He'll ask Heather when they seem ready to roll out!

"And now if it's not, I can firmly blame you." Juliet tosses towards Ham's retreating back before she turns back towards Heather, speaking at the same time as the other woman. "Wheels up in 10. Get whatever gear you're bringing and be back here." Back at the ranch for half an hour, and giving orders already. She pauses as she realizes they both said the same thing, and then laughs softly before she, too, heads out to get what equipment she'd left in her room before she'd been Converted.

Elizabeth Maxwell nods and heads to quickly grab some gear and get herself all nice and ready for one of those missions where 'everything will be fine'. Namely the BAR, an enemy laser rifle in case her ammo clips run out, a sidearm, and a couple of grenades just in case. She heads back with the rifles strapped on properly, extra clips in place, and the hand weapon ready to draw at moment's notice. She glances around the barn once she gets back.

Heather O'Leary glances over the line of Skyfighters, and flips a coin, "Pile into 199." She makes a slight motion to the Skyfighter parked directly next to her Harrier. She climbs in herself, begins to pre-flight the Skyfighter.

Heather O'Leary takes control of the Vehicle

Heather O'Leary slides behind the controls of the Skyfighter, bringing up the main Drive, and the rest of the systems. She sighs softly, "If I get shot tonight, Ham is so in trouble." she speaks to herself, mostly, as her hands move over the console, before one moves to the control stick, and the other to the altitude and throttle control. She glances back to see if everyone has found a spot to sit.

"You won't be the only one having words with him." Julie assures Heather with a smirk as she reaches out to reassuringly pat the other woman's shoulder before settling into her own seat. She clasps her hands in her lap, the easiest way to keep from twisting them - after two months of inactivity in New York during her recovery, she can't help but be a little nervous.

Elizabeth Maxwell glances around the ship as she gets in, and quietly heads back for the tail gun, settling into it and checking the system over to make sure she's ready should shooting a pursuer be needed. "Considering its him saying that it'll be fine, I'm assuming the worst." She shrugs and smiles.

Krieger is going over his weapons, because he isn't allowed to fly apparently! So he just slaps a drum mag into his cut down PPSH41 and racks it to chamber a round. "If we get shot, I'm not cooking venison stew for a -week-." He threatens and winks at Julie and then goes to check his Saiga, a drum mag slapped into it, chambering a round for it too, a nice 3' mag loaded slug. See? He has no faith in not getting in trouble.

Heather O'Leary slowly taxi's the Skyfighter out of the barn, and glances skyward. She nods to herself, before letting the altitude of the skyfighter begin the slow rise, that all craft of Sirian origin tend to have, unless it is an emergency. She glances back at Julie, her face not really showing concern, but there is a nervousness there. Not likely at Julie's competence, but at her being ready for a fight, if one should occur.

Pulling her lips back in a tight smile, Julie offers Heather a slight nod. It's meant to be reassuring, as Juliet always tries to be, but whether or not she succeeds this time is the question. She doesn't pull out and prepare any of her weapons - they likely were never -unready-. She simply sits, quietly, and waits. From Outside, (Heather O'Leary) - Visitor Skyfighter #199 turns west, heading away from the ranch, and towards the desert state of Arizona.

After a short flight, Heather slows the craft from the cruising speed of Mach 3, to a more sedate, half the speed of sound. She says softly, but clearly audibly, "We are about 5 minutes out. As long as the Coordinates I have are accurate." And look, off in the distance, an obvious facility of some kind. Not because of the lights surrounding it, which there are very few of, but an acre of land, enclosed by a 10 feet tall chain link fence, topped with Razor wire. She looks at Julie, and asks, "I assume you'd prefer if we not set down in the middle of the Facility? A mile or so out, you think?"

Rising from her seat, Julie moves to rest one hand on the back of Heather's seat and peer out the window. "More or less." she agrees with a single nod. She hates seeing facilities like that - this is her world, not theirs, and they can damned well leave it alone!

Krieger has one last thing to fix, from his range pack..NV Goggles, you know, in case they need those. He doesn't put them on, but he does have them readily available. "Maybe more then a mile. A mile is pretty close if they have a patrol.."

Elizabeth Maxwell keeps her position in her seat, watching for anything coming up the back to try and surprise. She nods a little at the discussion. "more is probably a good idea. If this is 'recon' mission, finding out the patrols and their schedules is a goal. If otherwise, well, eliminating them prevents at least some of the close by reinforcements."

Heather O'Leary shrugs slightly, "The further out I land, the further we have to walk. I'm good either way..." She shrugs again, and finally says, "If we land close by, they might just figure a team of inspectors is coming in." Sure, fall back on a plan they have used before, but in fairness, it was a LONG time ago. Well, 16 months or so. She shrugs, and begins looking for a place to land, and motions to one that is two miles from the facility, and up on the side of a mountain, which has a direct view of the facility. "We could land there, and watch things for a little bit, before getting close, and taking the Mark One Eyeball view of the facility."

Juliet Parrish considers the options, and nods slightly. "They'll find it odd if the ship lands and takes off a couple of times. Cut the difference and land at the base of the mountain." she decides as she straightens up and looks over her shoulder at the other two. "Agreeable?"

Krieger shrugs his shoulders a bit and brings up a valid point. "Did any one bring binoculars?" He says, because you know, Ham jinxed them all.

Heather O'Leary nods, and begins landing procedures with the Skyfighter. She sets the craft down, well back from the road, but still within sight of the facility, if they squint hard. She leaves the Skyfighter on Stand-By, but ready to go quickly, if they need to escape fast. She than stands up, and double checks her weapons, and puts some black face paint on, offering it to anyone else that might want it.

Juliet Parrish accepts the facepaint, smearing it quickly over her exposed skin before handing it off to the next person. She moves to the door, waiting and ready.

Krieger has to put on's not a bad idea, especially if this turns into a night op. "Some one -did- bring Binoculars right?"

Elizabeth Maxwell nods at the discussions, then almost sighs at facepint, before applying it rapidly so others can use it.

Heather O'Leary looks around for the bag she always brings, and spots it laying on the deck, next to the hatch, "Check in that bag. Should be some in there, although, I am not sure you can attach Night Vision to them...."

"This isn't our first rodeo," Juliet assures Krieger with a brief grin that flashes white in her painted face. She waits for him to check the bag, and then reaches to kill the lights inside the ship before opening the door and step out.

Krieger will check, if there's binocs, he'll grab them. "If the Lizards are out there, they might have lights on in buildings..or some thing. I'll figure it out, I was a marine." He grumbles, sounding a tad hurt no one trusts him.

Heather O'Leary flips the switch on the control panel to dim the lights, not completely shut them off. She will want to be able to see, if she has to get them out quickly. As soon as the lights are on the level of 'Barely able to see your hand in front of your face', she opens the hatch, and lets Julie lead the way. She doesn't even have to guess, anymore, where Julie will go, once she is out, or Elizabeth either, she has worked too many of these types of missions with the both of them. She knows where they will be, just as they know where she will be.

Juliet Parrish heads dow the ramp ahead of the other three, taking point as she usually does. Juliet is not one to let others take risks that she herself won't take. And so she moves out of the ship, and into the dark that is the outside. A quick glance over her shoulder verifies they are with her before she starts to creep forward, towards the facility.

Heather O'Leary moves immediately to Julie's left, her body turning slowly, to make a complete 360 degree mental map of their surroundings. She is looking for anything that appears to be non-natural to the location, like a hidden guard shack, or even just a man-shaped shadow.

Krieger isn't sure about Juliet being on point, since -he- brought NVGs..wait, is it dark out? It's dark out right? He's going to use his NVGs if he is. Once those are running, he brings his PPSH41 up, no stock, but ..well, its not meant for accuracy, it's meant if they get in trouble up close. "Lets find some place to watch for a while, there might be no one around."

Old habits die hard. Julie pulls out her laser pistol and starts forward slowly. She moves from cover to cover when she is able to, staying low when she isn't. She keeps her steps as quiet as she can manage, placing her feet carefully as she keeps her attention focused on the area around them for anything unusual.

Yes, it is dark out. It is, after all, just after 11:00 pm, Local time. Heather has no weapons out, just yet, but one hand is never far from one of her pistols. As Julie moves, she waits, when Julie pauses, she moves.

+ROLL:  Heather O'Leary rolls a Perception-MODERATE check and SUCCEEDS.
+ROLL:  Juliet Parrish rolls a Perception-MODERATE check and SUCCEEDS.
+ROLL:  Thomas Krieger rolls a Perception-MODERATE check and SUCCEEDS.

From the Distance, Julie, Thomas, and Heather might notice the sounds of a small group talking. The distance and cool, night, desert air, might make it hard to discern exactly how many voices they hear. It does, however, sound like it is coming from closer to the Fuel Storage Facility. It is impossible, at this distance, to tell if the voices are Human, or Visitor.

Juliet Parrish lifts her hand in a fist, signalling a stop. She drops to her knee, and motions forward in the direction she'd heard the sound. She listens for a long moment before she onc again begins to creep forward, still without a word, and as silently as she can manage.

Krieger drops to a knee when Juliet signals, he heard the same, but he can see ever so much better then humans with out NVGs, so he'll try to get a better view, shifting a bit away.

Heather O'Leary frowns, and stops as Julie raises her fist. She listens closely, "I hear a reverb in their voices.... it has to be Visitors." Her voice is barely above a whisper. She pulls her Laser Rifle around to the front, and cradles it in her arms. She must be in a better position to have gotten the sound of the reverb. She shifts forward slightly, coming to be even with Julie, and about 10 feet to her left. Time to close up ranks, and hope they can find a way around the Sirians, or a way to kill them silently. She knew she should have brought her whole kit, Dammmit Ham! If she had her MP-5, she could have tried to take them down silently.

Juliet Parrish tilts her head to the side, and nods to Heather's observation. She lifts her hand and extends three fingers - three of them. She motions to Heather to head left around the little group, and for Krieger to head right. She, herself, starts in the direction of the right

Krieger would voice the same thing as Heather, but you know, no time to bitch about silencers and the like, time to shift. He stays low but moves as quickly as he can to flank into a position where he won't worry about lighting up Juliet or Heather.

+ROLL:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 rolls a Perception-DIFFICULT check and FAILS.
+ROLL:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 rolls a Perception-DIFFICULT check and FAILS.
+ROLL:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 rolls a Perception-DIFFICULT check and SUCCEEDS.

Heather O'Leary moves in the direction indicated, moving as quietly as she can towards the sound of the voices, but also, slightly towards the left. She sighs softly, and while moving, wonders if they will even get close enough to the facility, tonight, to be able to take a look around. If it is only these 3, they might have a chance, since they are on the only road into the facility...

Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 and his fellow squadmates are lounging around, near a white Jeep, maintaining watch on the road leading to the Facility. The Shock Trooper in command suddenly perks up, "Quiet!" he says, shortly, "Someone is out there." His rifle comes to point in the direction of Heather, somewhat, as he tries to use his better hearing, and slightly better night vision to find a location of what is coming towards them.

Juliet Parrish settles to a knee as she hears th command from the Visitor. Holding very still, she simply listens for a long moment - only if she's sure they aren't looking in her direction will she creep far enough forward to get a good shot off.

Krieger is pretty sure they aren't looking for him..and he suddenly regrets not bringing grenades, but, it's not relevant now, once he's close enough to let off a burst, he fully intends to do so. Right at the squad commander with his Russian Burp Gun!

Seems Heather was not as quiet as she thought she was, and upon hearing the Shock Trooper, she freezes. However, she is not under the best of cover, only a few feet from the road, and barely into the cactus line. Maybe she will get lucky, and they wll think she is a coyote.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 frowns, and moves forward a few steps. Yes, there is a human shaped form out there, not 100 yards away. "You there! Come out!" He levels his rifle in Heather's direction, while his fellow Shock Troopers TURN THEIR BACKS on the other two Resistance members, and bring their weapons towards the same general area that their leader is aiming towards.

"C'mon, Heather." Juliet whispers under her breath as she lifts her pistol to aim at the back of the commander...and squeezes off a shot.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and Hits for 56 Damage.
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 with PPSH41 - (Submachine Gun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 60 Damage.

As soon as the first Laser Blast streaks out from Julie's position, Heather brings her Laser Rifle up, and fires on the boss as well, as his weapon is the one pointed most directly at her. There goes the recon....

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 76 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 is hit from three sides, but is still, somehow, able to maintain his feet, and he fires his weapon at Heather, while calling out to his two friends, "Ambush. We are surrounded!"

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 99 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 watches as his boss is shot multiple times! He turns and fires on one of the others.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 immediately turns, when Julie's shot is fired, and returns fires!

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

"Bastard! And remind me to kill Ham," Juliet instructs Krieger with a mutter before she takes another shot at the target she already had in her sites. "Die...I need a new purse!"

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Krieger is kneeling down as the PPSH41 begins to roar, there's a lot of casings suddenly flying out as he keeps firing. "Right, we shoot Ham." He shouts.

COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 with PPSH41 - (Submachine Gun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 59 Damage. 
COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 is now Comatose!

A soft cry escapes as Heather is shot in the chest. Somehow, she figured she would be the Laser-Magnet tonight. It has been a while since she was shot. She falls to the ground, and than rolls over, to shoot at the Visitor that shot at her. While she makes no quip, she does smirk, hearing Julie's. Well, she WOULD have shot the one that shot her, but it seems that he just got lit up, so she calmly switches targets, to the one shooting at Thomas.

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 80 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1231 is again blasted from behind, and this time, he goes down. And he doesn't move.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 flinches as his boss goes down. He shrugs, instant promotion! "Kill them all!" He continues to fire, while advancing on THomas.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 85 Damage.


"I think we'll do that!" Julie tells the shock Trooper as she stands - stealth wasn't working, might as well get a better vantage point. And who knows, maybe her sudden reappearance will shock him!

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 wonders why he can never get these instant promotions, but, if the bosses are the first to die, he'll accept it. He doesn't, however, advance on Julie. No, instead, he remains where he is, and continues to fire.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!
COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and Hits for 58 Damage.
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 with PPSH41 - (Submachine Gun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 51 Damage.

Since the other Shock Troopers are ignoring her, Heather is able to come out from behind cover, just a little, and get a cleaner shot. She can hear Julie, and now, see her, so Julie must still be uninjured. She will continue to fire on 1232, as he is the one firing on Thomas, and Heather is not yet sure how the man will handle himself in this situation. She does, however, switch from the Laser Rifle, to her Desert Eagle. Mainly, because she is behind the Troopers, and she wants to make sure that Julie and Thomas know she is not one of the enemy, discharging those bright blue lasers that can come from friend, or foe.

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 with Desert Eagle - (Handgun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 31 Damage.

Krieger just took a good hit, it burned through his armor, there's a hiss of pain, and then his fire shifts..across the entire little squad, but mostly into one visitor. "We better not fuck around, we just blew Recce, we gotta make our move -now-." He shouts between bursts of gunfire.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 seems to now be the ganged-up-upon target. He drops to one knee, after seeing his last shot hit his target, but that just means instead of center mass, he takes a bullet to his upper back. Human weapons! Ha! He fires at Thomas again.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 97 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 just fires on Julie, ignoring everything else. Can't he just hit her once, is all he is thinking about!

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Apparently, luck is with Julie today, unlike normal as yet another flash of blue goes flying past her. She narrows her eyes at the lizard firing at her and, without a quip this time, fires right back.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and MISSES!
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 with PPSH41 - (Submachine Gun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 45 Damage.

Krieger just took another firm shot to the center mass and this time it just slags the front plate of his body armor and he hits the dirt, bracing the PPSH41 and letting a burst tear off again. "And this is why I prefer air assaults.." He says, a whimper of pain.

Heather O'Leary frowns, as she can tell with the flare of fire from Thomas' direction that he has to have taken at least one shot. She moves quickly forward towards the Visitor shooting at Thomas, and takes a two handed stance with her Desert Eagle. As soon as she is sure she has the Shock Trooper in her sights, she squeezes the trigger, mutter, "Time to give Julie some boots to go with her purse...."

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 with Desert Eagle - (Handgun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 34 Damage.
COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 is now Comatose!

Visitor Shock Trooper #1232 is blasted, right through the back of his head, and he falls forward, twitching immediately.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 is all alone now. He has a choice, continue to aim at the hard to hit Julie, or turn and fire at the rapidly approaching Heather. He turns, and fires at Heather, at least she is a more visible target!

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 86 Damage.

Dammit! Julie hates seeing her folks hurt as much now as before she went away. And as poor Heather gets torn into once again, Julie grits her teeth and tightens her finger on the trigger.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and Hits for 54 Damage.
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Saiga12k - (Shotgun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 65 Damage.

Click..Click. Ahh fuck, That's the problem with a PPSH41, they run out, and reloading seems foolish. He'll just slip that Saiga out and hammers a slug into the Lizard's chest. "I'm stabbing Ham in the throat." He informs Julie. "If you don't need to amputate my arm.."

Heather O'Leary drops to the ground, as again, she is hit by a laser blast, "Elizabeth... is going... to be so... mad...." She can not bring her left hand up, the one holding her Desert Eagle, so instead, she falls back to her backup, and in her right hand, she has her sidearm. She fires it at the nearby Lizard, muttering, "If you do not fall over, I may pull out my sword, and cut your damned head off...."

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Visitor Laser Sidearm - (Sidearm) [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 is hit by Julie's Laser, and the shotgun blast in quick succession, but hey, while he is barely able to stand, he is still able to. He holds his Rifle tightly in both hands, and staggers towards Heather. He levels his rifle at her, and fires. He knows he will die, but he will at least try to take one with him.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 82 Damage.

And Julie will be damned if she lets him. Advancing past the cacti towards her friend, Julie practically snarls at th Visitor as she takes what she hopes will be a last shot.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Sidearm [MEDIUM] and Hits for 54 Damage.
COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 is now Comatose!

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 is shot in the back, and his last shot did not even kill Heather! How can that happen?? He falls, in a heap, right across Heather's chest. Bleeding, twitching, and generally, trapping Heather under him!

Krieger is pretty fucked up, given the cauterized wounds, but he isn't down yet, he'll get up and move to help Heather, trying to roll the body off her. "Let’s just hope they don't have a gunship about to come." Ever the optimist!

If it wasn't enough that the last shock trooper shot her in the leg, bringing her wounds up to a staggering three (Chest, Stomach, and upper right thigh), now he has to fall over top of her. She has only been this close to a Visitor once, and it was not a fun experience... she shudders as the Lizard on top of her breathes it's last breath in her face, and the long tongue rolls out, and rests on her forehead.

Biting back a NSFW comment, Juliet lowers her weapon and rushes towards Heather. "You okay there?" she calls softly in Kriegers direction as she drops to a knee next to Heather once the visitor is rolled off her. "HOld on...look at me Heather." she instructs, sharply, worry in her eyes as she digs into her pocket for the basic wound kit she keeps there.

Medical:  Juliet Parrish attempts to do some doctoring on Heather O'Leary but is unsucessful.

Heather O'Leary's eyes lock on Julie's, as soon as the tongue is off her face. Talk about reliving one of her nightmares! She shudders a bit, but than says softly, "Julie... You know you have to complete the mission. Otherwise, we got hammered for nothing. Just sneak up and see if there are anymore guards... There are no buildings in the facility, not that I could see...."

Krieger is going to maintain watch after he slaps a fresh mag in his PPSH41..the drum clicking into place. In fact, he even makes sure the visitors are -really- dead. Throats slit and weapons stacked. It may be partial motivation from the gaping angry wounds he has on his torso. If they didn't come from energy weapons, there's little doubt he'd be needing a blood transfusion soon. He's mostly running off Adrenaline and being a cantankerous marine. "Take their jeep Julie. If there's fuel, and they find their buddies in the sand, I don't think we'll get a second chance."

"Yeah, I will, just let me look after you first." Julie insists, though she looks towards Krieger. "And you, too...and I will. You think you can get her back to the ship if I patch you two up?"

Medical:  Juliet Parrish attempts to do some doctoring on Heather O'Leary but is unsucessful.

Heather O'Leary reaches for her radio, and says softly, "I'll call in the Calvary. If Thomas can, take him with you. I'll keep you clear."

Medical:  Juliet Parrish attempts to do some doctoring on Heather O'Leary and is sucessful.
Medical:  Juliet Parrish attempts to do some doctoring on Heather O'Leary and is sucessful.

Krieger inclines his head a bit at Julie when she asks. "Yes, I think we can get back alright. I'm not quite dead, I ain't dying out here. It's to dry, I'd never enjoy it." He's still watching through his NVGs, because you know, they -did- just open fire on a bunch of these things. "If you can get some one out here, make sure to hide the bodies." Krieger's not digging a hole in his state!

<Radio-Res> Heather O'Leary transmits, "Ham. Better send back up. In a tanker, perhaps. Thomas and I got hit by the Lizards, and Julie is unharmed. But she will need support, if she is going to complete the mission. I don't *think* there is any more scalies out here, but.... better safe than sorry, and if the reinforcements bring a tanker, we can load up the gas tonight."

Turning to Krieger, Juliet gives him a quick once over before she moves back to Heather. Seems backup has been called, even if it will likely take a bit to get here. "Okay, Heather, just hang in there. The new guys's going to get you home, alright?"

Medical:  Juliet Parrish attempts to do some doctoring on Thomas Krieger and is sucessful.

Heather O'Leary says softly, after speaking into her radio, "You should take him with you, until Tyler can get the Calvary here." But she doesn't argue too much.

<Radio-Res> Ham Tyler transmits, "Sit tight, O'Leary. I'll have Gooder out there faster than you can say 'Rescue Party'."

Krieger's wounds can probably be patched up pretty quick, he hopes. "Your call Julie, I'll carry her back if you tell me to and she argues. Won't give her a choice, promise." He says, rolling his eyes under his NVGs at the new guy comment.

<Radio-Res> Michael Donovan transmits, "I'll be there as fast as I can!"

Juliet Parrish smiles faintly at Krieger's reassurance before she looks to Heather, and adds another bandage. "I'll be home to look after you soon." she assures the other woman before standing, and turning towards the complex. "No jeep for me - if there -is- anyone at the compound, i don't want them to hear me coming." That said, she starts off, trusting the two to look after themselves.

<Radio-Res> Michael Donovan transmits, "Anyone else, or am I the only Cavalry heading to the Desert?"

<Radio-Res> Pyotr Zagadka transmits, "Mikhail! Wait for me."

<Radio-Res> Michael Donovan transmits, "Better hurry, Pyotr. They need assistance immediately. I am just preparing for takeoff."

Krieger moves to tug off his NVGs and hand them to Juliet. "You'll need these more then we will. We'll wait for you to radio us to escort the tanker back." He says and looks at Heather, offering his hand down to her. "Lets go Heather, before we get in -more- trouble because of Hambone."

Heather O'Leary accepts the hand up, and gets to her feet. "It's... Not... Really... his.... fault..." She says softly, struggling through the pain. She does however, bring up her Laser Rifle, just in case.

Krieger will help her along back towards the squadship once Julie took his NVGs. "Sure, but Julie told me to remind her to hurt him. I figured he'll probably be turned into a hambone. Now lets get out back some where comfortable." Then he's off to get her back to their ship, unless they get lost. Then they got problems.

Heather O'Leary nods ever so slightly, and motions towards the Skyfighter's general direction. "Can't miss that mountain... even in the dark." Well, they can't, can they?

Juliet Parrish takes the NVG with a quick nod of thanks. Putting them on she leaves the two and disappears off to the fuel dump. She needs to find that gas, and to be ready when the tanker arrives.

Krieger momentarily had considered snagging one of the lizard's rifles, but they don't -really- need them. What they need is some way to defeat them. "Lets hope they didn't notice us landing." He says, retracing their steps until they get there. Maybe Liz was awake by now! "I knew I should have stuffed some bourbon in my pack.."

(Michael Donovan) - Visitor Squad Ship #189 arrives over the Arizona Fuel Facility in short order. Luckily, while slower than Skyfighters, the flight is only 33 minutes long at Mach 0.9.

Heather O'Leary asks softly, "As an antiseptic, or a pain reliever?" Hey, even when hurt, she *can* make a joke.

It doesn't take long for Julie to get to the facility and scout it out and find no one there. Only once she's sure does she radio in that it's safe for the tanker to come in and load up.

<Radio-Res> Juliet Parrish transmits, "Looks okay. I don't see any other lizards around."

(Michael Donovan) - Visitor Squad Ship #189 begins to land at the facility, as soon as Julie calls in that it is safe.

And it doesn't take long for the Skyfighter to loom up in front of Heather and Thomas...

Krieger will do a quick check around and then move to get Heather back inside their ship. "I'm not sure yet, can't it do both? For every shot we use to do some doctoring, we get to take three?"

Michael Donovan steps down from the Tanker, now parked in the middle of the Facility, and looks around for Julie. His eyes are only looking for Julie, and any scaly lizards that could be targeting her!

Pyotr Zagadka is right behind Michael, weapon held ready to cover him. The russian licks his lips nervously, mismatched eyes darting aorund looking for trouble.

Krieger will make a quick check to make sure there isn't some one prowling around waiting for them before he opens the ship's entry point so he can usher Heather in. "I was thinking..for every shot Julie uses to clean a wound, we get to take two?" He says to her, he can joke too. "Wait...I get to fly, right?"

"Michael!" Julie steps out from behind a building, moving quickly towards the man that steps down from the tanker. Okay, not just quickly - it's been almost a month since she saw him, and then she wasn't in the best of shape in New York. She's running full tilt, and practically launches herself at the taller figure.

"We'd be quickly drunk, in that case." Heather responds, than adds, "I am in no condition to fly. As long as Elizabeth allows you to, I can't stop you."

Michael Donovan is suddenly the target of an unidentified, flying Julie. He scoops her up in his arms, and immediately leans in to kiss her, very deeply. Hey, she did say there were no Visitors here, so it is time to kiss the girl of his dreams.

Krieger bobs his head when she mentions being drunk. "Sort of the point Heather, me, two girls, drunk, spaceship. I think there was a Doctor Who... " Did she -agree- to let him fly? "Hey, I trained on the things a few times, you just like to hog all the dashing heroic rescues and escape."

Heather O'Leary says softly, "I just hate not being in control of an aircraft. It is why I never fly commercial." Well, she did fly Delta once, but that was long ago, and before she was a pilot....

Pyotr Zagadka starts, almost stepping back into the starfgighter.. well.. stumbling back as the UFJ tackles Michael. "/chert poberi/!" he swears. "What ze hell!?! Julie! You could WARN us...."

From Outside, Juliet Parrish returns the kiss wholeheartedly before Pyotr's words settle on her. Pulling back slightly, she flushes and grins. "Hey Pyotr. Long time no see..." she responds before stepping back though she keeps hold of Donovan's hand. "We should probably get the gas..."

Krieger will seal the hatch back up behind them, given it might be useful if problems come along. "Honestly, Heather. I know how to fly, I've got more logged hours in aircraft then I care to admit. This one is just that much faster." He says, like he has to prove it's true. "Liz?" He says, checking to see where -she- went off too!

From Outside, Michael Donovan frowns, just a little at Pyotr's comment, as Julie breaks their kiss. Well, if duty calls. "Right. Gas." He shrugs, "I'll get the hoses, just lead me to the Pumping Station."

From Outside, Pyotr Zagadka smirks that slightly off kilter goofy smirk of his and tilts his head. "Da. And good seeing you also." he says then looks to Michael and nods. "Da. Right. Let us get gas. I cover you."

Heather O'Leary nods, "It is not that I don't trust anyone else to fly.... It is all a control issue. Something inside me says *I* have to be the one in charge of the moving aircraft. Which I know, is silly..." She slumps into the co-pilot seat, and leans her head back. Finally, she relaxes, letting the adrenaline that has been flooding her system fade away. "As long as you can get us back to the Ranch, in one piece... I might even let you fly again."

From Outside, "Right here," Julie points to the container she'd come tearing around a moment ago. "That's the one we want."

Krieger is going to slip into the pilot seat, but he's not taking off yet. "We should wait till we know they got clear, then we can run home." He says, by way of reasoning for why they aren't off to run already. "Sides, it's normal to not want to let go of control, especially with some one you don't trust, but the thing is Heather? We're in a war, you have to trust the people around you, or you end up dead.. though, to be fair? Not sure I'd trust you with a Helo." he teases.

From Outside, Michael Donovan nods, and detaches a big hose from the base of the tanker's hull, "Right." Man of few words, sometimes, is Mister Donovan. He drags the hose over to the container Julie indicated, and works on getting it connected. "The Tanker can hold over 1 million gallons... Might just be enough to last for quite awhile." He finally gets the hose attached, and than moves back to the Tanker, and flips a switch, allowing the tanker to be filled, "O.K., Julie. Throw the switch. Let's see how long this takes."

Heather O'Leary smirks, "I trained on Blackhawks, back after the Academy..." She shakes her head, "Trust is not the issue, Thomas... I trust Donovan, Elizabeth... but I still try to fly, even knowing how good of pilots they are." She sighs softly, unsure she can explain herself.

Krieger rolls his shoulders a bit and moves to stretch out a bit, he makes it look like he's a cat, like he can just -sleep- any where. "Hey, you get to fly most missions, I'm keeping the helo, you get to keep the Harrier. I won't trust a Harrier for the life of me. Way to many things can go wrong with a jet..." Then he realizes, he's also in a spaceship, where many things can go wrong in space. "We need a Tardis."

Heather O'Leary says softly, "If the Doctor exists, could he please show up soon?"

Krieger grins just a bit at heather when she asks. "Why, looking to get out of this circus, be a companion? If you do, can you bring me back a Dalek eyestalk? Maybe a laser gun?"

From Outside, Juliet Parrish does as she's told (for once), turning the fuel container on to allow the gas to flow to the Tanker. "Fingers crossed it's not long. I don't think they got a message out, but..."

Heather O'Leary shakes her head, "Doesn't he always protect the Earth from invaders? I seem to recall some old Tom Baker shows where all he did was turn invading aliens around, and protect London. If he showed up now, he would get rid of the Visitors." Yeah, she is tired, and mumbling about some OLD TV show, that is British, no less.

From Outside, Pyotr Zagadka walks alongside Michael, scanning around the area for any signs of enemies. He is fairly quiet, trying to focus as much as he can. of course, he isn't quiet forever. "One million gallons tanker can hold? I think you be fudging numbers a /little/, Mikhail. Is a actually One Million Three Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Three" he says with a chuckle. "Shouldn't take long at all."

Krieger snickers quietly, I mean come on, they -are- discussing Doctor Who saving them. "Hey, maybe he is saving London right now, and we're next on the list...maybe we need some oddball Japanese giant robot too. That wouldn't hurt."

From Outside, Michael Donovan laughs, as only Pyotr would get that exact. "I did say *over* 1 million." He shakes his head slightly, and than nods to Julie, "I don't know about you, but flying a crate full of a highly explosive fuel sounds hard enough, without someone trying to shoot bolts of blue energy into the tanks."

Heather O'Leary tries not to laugh, it would hurt too much, but she does snort. "And while we are wishing for things, can I get a flight of X-Wings and an Imperial Super Star Destroyer?" She does, for an instant, turn serious, "Want to take this crate into the sky, and provide some air support?"

Krieger gives her a sidelong glance and then bobs his head. "Sure, oh, and if you get X-wings, can I request some Y-wings for CAS? Maybe a few dozen armored divisions, and a Deathstar to blast the Reptile homeworld?" Then he'll begin powering up for flight. "You don't touch any thing, you get to handle the radio and telling me I'm heroic and all of that." He says.

From Outside, "No kidding." Julie murmurs softl as she moves to lean in against Donovan with a sigh. "Let's get this done, and get home."

"Ooh, my hero" Heather says in her best impression of Princess Leia. "Can I call you a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf-Herder, while I am at it?"

From Outside, Pyotr Zagadka ois. "You watch too many movies, my friend. Gasoline not explosive.. is /flammable/. You could shoot bullets through a tanker and very good chance it not explode. Escaping leak would burn, da.. and inside tank gaseous upper layer would burn fast and build pressure to burst tanker shell.. Then quick release of gasoline evaporating would catch fire.." he blinks. "Close enough to explosion, I guess...."

Krieger snickers again, then winces, See? Bourbon would..oh right, flying. He can bring the spacecraft up smoothly! "I'm not sure I like where this is going. Don't we fall in love and find out we're related?" He says teasingly to her. "Though, I doubt we are. You should throw a snickers at Liz to see if she's going to wake up back there."

From Outside, Michael Donovan rolls his eyes, at Julie, "I stand corrected." He checks one of the gauges on the Tanker, and it is half full. He remains quiet, otherwise, just squeezing Julie's hand in his own, almost happy for the first time in a while.

Heather O'Leary shrugs, "Let her sleep. If she fell asleep she needs its." She sighs softly, and glances at the controls, meaningfully

From Outside, Shortly, the Tanker is full, and Michael shuts off the pump, "OK. Just a quick disconnect, and we can get out of here."

From Outside, Juliet Parrish just bites her tongue, knowing full well that getting into any sort of clarification conversation with Pyotr would likely go over her head. She's hella smart but even she can reach the limits of her knowledge with that man n some areas. Once the tanker is full, she nods to Michael's pronouncement and moves to disconnect the tanker from the storage tank.

From Outside, Pyotr Zagadka lets his American friends have their moment, eyes sweeping the area around them instead of paying them any close attention. That is until the tanker is full and he looks back at them. "Sounds good to me."

From Outside, (Thomas Krieger) - Visitor Skyfighter #199 The fighter that Liz, Heather, and Krieger are on can be seen to take off and begin sweeping the area, flying a few hundred meters overhead, flying CAS in case some thing goes wrong.

From Outside, Michael Donovan reattaches the hose to the bottom of the Tanker, in a rack designed just for such a purpose, and than motions to the Tanker, "Shall we fly away and thumb our noses at Diana?"

Krieger sends a sidelong glance at Heather as he brings their ship into slow lazy circles around the perimeter, practiced ease. "It's not all that different then a Helo, honest. Same principles, just..a lot damn faster. Helps I have a cute Princess Leia to yell at me I'm sure."

Heather O'Leary rolls her eyes, "I don't know. I always found Leia to be annoying. Maybe I can be..." She contemplates, than remembers a show that was aired in between invasions (Yes, a few years later than in actuality, but it is too good to pass up), "...Kaylee? Even if she wasn't a pilot, she could fix them up."

From Outside, "As always." Julie agrees with a smile. As much as she hates seeing friends get hurt, it feels good to be doing something against the invaders again. And so she moves to get on the ship, and head back to the ranch.

From Outside, Pyotr Zagadka snorts and starts towards the hatch, backing his way there so he can cover the pair and be the last on board. "Usually I say sure, why not.. But today? Less thumbing and more hands on controls, da." he looks up at the covering skyfighter and nods at it.

Krieger huhs quietly at her, but she -does- fix up a harrier. "Sure thing Kaylee. I'll be Mal." He insists and then breaks to run for home when the Tanker seems to be doing the same!

<Travel to Ranch>

Heather O'Leary slips from the Skyfighter, and heads to the Infirmary.


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