Mi-24D Hind

Title: Hind Dreaming

Players: Thomas Krieger, Juliet Parrish, Michael Donovan, Heather O'Leary, Elizabeth Maxwell, Pyotr Zagadka, Diana, Ezekiel, Angelica, and Michaela Quinn

Location: Maxwell Ranch and OpForce Base - Arizona

Synopsis: When the Resistance goes to capture a Hind, there is a surprise waiting for them!


Michael Donovan steps into the Living Room, carrying what appears to be a plate of food. It is piled high with a couple pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, smothered in yellowish gravy, and a freshly cooked corn on the cob. He has decided to eat alone, of at least comfortably, on the couch, if there happen to be people about. As for the meal, it is not like the man can't cook, but he did not make it, so at least that lowers the chance of food poisoning.

Juliet Parrish is sprawled on the sofa, eyes closed, under a well-worn blanket. She very well may have been here for hours or only just arrived, it’s impossible to say. Her breathing isn't even enough for her to be asleep, but she might be dozing...

Krieger had been out and about... when he mentioned hunting, he actually meant it! Someone may have heard a gunshot sometime last night, like… really, late at night, and that was it, he buggered off when dressing the animal. He seems to have gotten someone else to take care of squaring away where to store the smaller deer, hey, he never promised a twelve pointer... and there's no DNR, so take what you get. So Stomp, Stomp… actually he doesn't, but he's coming in after cleaning up. "Chili or burgers tonight?" He says, deciding to skip to the important topic.

Michael Donovan pauses on his way into the room, and glances over at the couch that Julie is resting on. There goes his master plan! But, like any less-than-Brilliant tactician, he decides on Plan B. The Love Seat! As he sits down, Thomas asks 'what's for dinner', basically, at least. "Someone cooked up a few chickens, and some mashed potatoes, and corn. Should still be plenty left." He comments, as he pulls the coffee table over to set his plate on.

Why is it men expect not to be interrupted on their naps, but women don't have the same luxury? With a sigh, Juliet cracks open her eyes and then tugs the blanket up under her chin. "Which means those who didn't cook do dishes."

Clearly Krieger missed out on something if they're cooking chicken, here he thought red meat was a way of life! "I'll have to get some in a bit then, I just got back from finding a deer. Good one, bit small, but at least it's red meat." He says and grins sheepishly at Juliet, maybe he -just- realized she was actually napping. "I can do dishes Miss Juliet." He says, it doesn't bother him, it's not as messy as draining oil from a truck!

"Somehow, I always end up on dish washing duty." Mike says softly, "But at least it is not trash duty." He smiles over at Julie, and adds, a little louder, but soft enough she can ignore, if she'd rather sleep, "I saved a plate for you. You know how Tyler eats." He frowns at Thomas, and notes, "You do know we live on a working beef ranch, right?" Beef is red meat.

"That's because the last time you cooked, I was treating everyone for food poisoning for three days." Juliet teases Mike softly with a dry smirk. "And just Julie, or Juliet. No miss." she assures Krieger before she shifts on the sofa, and pulls her feet towards her to make room for another. "Thanks Mike, I'll get it later."

Krieger crosses his arms a few times, stretching… and a wince. "I figured we didn't want to slaughter animals willy nilly, but deer tastes better." Stubborn old Marine is Stubborn. "I mean, I can go and put it back, but something tells me, it ain't going to come back to life. Sides... it keeps me out of trouble when I go hunting, doesn't it? At least I'm not trying to eat cactus yet."

Michael Donovan shrugs slightly, "Nothing wrong with venison steaks." He picks up a piece of chicken, a thigh, well breaded, and takes a bite. He tries to ignore Julie's comment, but after he swallows, he cannot help but add, "Oh, it was only two people, and for like, a day!"

Juliet Parrish chuckles warmly as she gives Donovan a look, then motions Krieger to sit. "The thought's appreciated Krieger, and venison sew is always tasty."

Krieger seems placated… at least he isn't being called -house trained- today. "It's as good way to keep in practice for stalking around at any rate, and I'm still waiting to see who all wants to hijack the Hind with me." He comments, still waiting on that to happen, but he needs a few more to do it… you know, unless he finds one other person as crazy as him!

Michael Donovan is struck by Julie's look, for critical damage, and he stops mentioning cooking at all. Yes, much safer topic just came up... wait? A Hind? "A Hind?" he asks, than shrugs, "Well, we have a Blackhawk and a Harrier... why not a piece of Russian metal as well?"

"I've been thinking about that, actually." Julie admits quietly where she's settled on the sofa. "And that I'm wanting to send Diana a message. A very clear, obvious message."

Krieger looks at Juliet when she mentions a clear obvious message. "I am not acquiring my beloved Hind so you can pack it full of god knows what and have me blow it up." He says, firmly, because the Hind will be his baby. Heather gets a Broken Harrier, he gets a working Hind, both of which lack fuel!

A bite of mashed potatoes is stopped, on its way towards Mike's mouth, and he looks at Julie. She wants to send a message to Diana? Well, since he knows it will not be a warm and fuzzy message, he has to ask, "And what, precisely do you want said message to inform the Bitch Queen?" He glances at Thomas, "If we decide to pack it full of Explosives, you will just have to deal with it." His voice is that of his 'Command Voice'. Which he has been practicing.

"Mike's right, I don't plan to make anything explode." Juliet assures Krieger with a smile before she looks to Mike. "She probably suspects I am back, but I want her to know. And I want her to know her conversion did not work on me. It will never work on me."

Krieger doesn't look -phased- by the command voice, but he's used to drill instructors yelling before he climbed the ranks and retired. "Like, you want to do a broadcast to piss her off?" He asks, totally not even explaining to Mike how if they blow up his Hind, he'll end up -very- cranky.

The mashed potato spoonful finishes its interrupted journey to Michael's mouth, and is swallowed, before he can comment, "Of course. And I am sure you have something in mind, Julie?" He sets his spoon down, figuring his dinner is over, good thing he ate earlier, right? Lunch was Earlier! "Care to share your plans?"

"And we need to let the other Resistance cell's know I'm back. And the rest of the people of the world know we aren't done fighting." Juliet explains quietly. "And you haven't used your camera in a long time, Mike, have you?"

Krieger cocks his head a bit at the plan… he hopes there is more to it. "So… we aren't being shot in this plan, correct? I'm not fond of being shot, I'm getting to old to be shot." He says with a playful smirk.

Michael Donovan looks thoughtful, "Well, not since Liberation Day, 2003. Filmed Diana's 'assassination'. I think that was the last time. I assume you want to do a raid, and have me play Combat Photo-Journalist again?" He tries to remember what shape his old News camera is in, and looks thoughtful. Also, it will mean he has to be his own 'Sound Engineer', as his last two have been killed by the Visitors.

"And I'm tired of patching up people who get shot." Juliet assures Krieger with a soft snort. As Donovan catches on, she nods. "Exactly. And getting in to get this hunk of metal that flies seems like a good opportunity to me."

Krieger narrows his eyes a bit at the two of them; he isn't sure he likes how this is going. "Can I just point out… if the depot it's at... isn't known to the Visitors… we -may- want to pillage it to death before we reveal a video of us at it? You know, in case they decide to secure it?"

A soft sigh escapes Donovan's lips. He wonders where he even put his camera, or might they have to raid KTLA to get a high quality News Camera? "And just when, exactly, have we ever gone anywhere in the Dust-Free Zone, and *not* found the Visitors guarding a target?" He is still thinking about his camera, however. Oh Yeah! It's under the bed... hope the battery is charged.

Juliet had the same thought, and nods her agreement to Mike's thought. "They'll be there. Trust me. They always are." she agrees quietly before she inhales deeply and throws the covers off of herself.

Krieger sighs heavily, it sure didn't look like it when he saw it at night, but they just jinxed the entire op! "You know, every time someone says you'll be fine, or 'I'm sure they are there.' Some of us end up shot. Maybe we should say 'Rainbows and cupcakes' and we'll find cupcakes and free sports cars." He says in a grumpy way.

Michael Donovan shrugs, "I have a sports car, somewhere. Bright Red, Convertible..." He sighs, and stands up, his plate of food forgotten. Time to go check the camera.

"When you've been doing this as long as we have, you realize it doesn't matter -what- you say." Juliet stands as she finishes speaking, arching her back to stretch as she does so. Relaxing back to her normal posture, Julie looks to Mike. "So, do you have what you need, or?"

Krieger will have to get his kit before they leave, since they're all jinxed already! "We should get Pyotr to come along, he's familiar with the Hind at least, so if we need to get a quick jury rig up, me and him can do it. Wouldn't hurt, I can do it… but he's actually a mad scientist."

A nod answers Julie, "As long as the battery is still charged. Otherwise, I'll use a smaller Digital Video Recorder. Won't be as clear as the Expensive Camera, but it will suffice." Mike glances at Krieger, "Oh, since I won't be able to shoot, if I am filming, I want all the fighters we can get. Hopefully Elizabeth and Heather are around as well." As much as he likes Pyotr, and is starting to like Thomas, when it comes to anything that flies, when he can't decide something, he asks Heather.

"I agree, in this case, the more the merrier. We want to show the lizards dying." Juliet makes a shoo-ing motion with her hands as she turns for th door. "Wheels up in twenty - I'm going to get medical gear."

<Radio-res>  Michael Donovan transmits, " Hey folks. Ready for the good news? We are going raiding. Wheels up in 20. Bring party favors, and tunes. However, it is a booze free night, but I will need everyone to sign Model waivers."

Krieger rolls his eyes at the shooing motion, did she -really- just Mom out on them? "I'll go suit up and find Pyotr." He mutters.

<Radio-Res> Heather O'Leary transmits, "Copy that Donovan. I'll get ready, and see if I can not wake up Liz'Beth"
<Radio-Res> Pyotr Zagadka transmits, "*a grunt, sounding bleary from sleep.* "Whazzit? Da da, I will be there soon. Keep wheels on ground, please."
<Radio-Res> Elizabeth Maxwell transmits, "I'm awake... I'll get ready."

Michael Donovan walks into the barn, his laser sidearm holstered on one hip, a battered colt m1911 on the other. However, he knows he will not be using them tonight, unless it *really* gets bad. He is carrying a high-tech News Camera, as well as a bag that carries sound gear. "Am I the last one here?" he asks.

Near Squadship #189, stands Heather. She has just tossed a bag inside of it, wearing her 'Let's go Shoot something' black, raiding clothing. She turns to see who has walked in, and she arches an eyebrow at Donovan's camera, and cannot resist, "Oooh, do I get any close-ups? Or are you going to save them all for Diana?" She remembers his first ever news footage from inside the New York Mothership, and all the close-ups Diana got.

Elizabeth Maxwell checks over her own black clothing and weapons as she heads in, adjusting the BAR and the vest with clips slightly, holding a laser rifle to leave under her seat as a backup. She makes a little face at the camera and shakes her head slightly.

Krieger had to snag his kit, hell, this time around, his entire damned armor had been replaced… or repatched. It looks bulkier, and he has a frag grenade or two on him, because last time they would have been nice. It might be better not to ask exactly how much military gear he pilfered since this started. "So we're filming.. us stealing." He clarifies with Juliet one last time as he pulls a black ski mask out. He doesn't want his face on TV!

Juliet Parrish comes in, red cross medic bag strung across her body. She's done her hair and makeup, and she's also changed into 'dramatic black'. "We're filming us getting one up on the lizards and letting Diana know her Conversion didn't work on me, and that she is NOT going to win." she repeats for Krieger.

Pyotr Zagadka enters the barn-become-hanger, slipping his coat over his armor vest. His 'battle kit' is already in the barn, off to the side on a bench, just so he doesn't have to lug the damned thing around with him. He tugs at the bottom of the vest, grumbling about encumbrance vs protection. He the starts patting his pockets, frowning as he cannot find his glasses… which are perched on top of his head.

Michael Donovan mutters something under his breath about 'First Alien I'd ever really liked looking at... *than*', but quietly gets into the Squadship. He doesn't really like this plan, but he will follow through, because Julie asked him to.

Heather O'Leary looks at Pyotr, and taps her head, trying to indicate his glasses are on his head. She shrugs, as Michael walks by, than moves into the Squadship herself.

Pyotr Zagadka hmmmms and raises a brow at heather as she motions.... and d'ohs. finding his glasses and perching them on the bridge of his nose as he grabs his kit and makes for the craft.

Heather O'Leary slips behind the controls, and flips a few switches, finishing the power up sequence that she had started when Donovan called for the Mission. She turns to look at Thomas, "Where, exactly, is this base you have us going to?"

Elizabeth Maxwell climbs up into the ship behind the others, moving to find a seat as quickly as she can, settling herself into it and leaning back.

Michael Donovan sits down, and begins looking through the bag of sound equipment. No, no boom mic, maybe just a strong mic attached to the camera, and that way, he *might* be able to snap a shot off, if he needs to. He works on attaching a large mic to the camera, in such a way that it will not be in the frame of the shot.

Juliet Parrish moves to settle in besides Donovan - she knows he doesn't like the plan, but it's one she is going to stick to. The Head Bitch has grown too comfortable.

Pyotr Zagadka slips into his usual seat, setting the duffle at his feet and opening it so he can pull out the large quad laser when they are ready to depart. "I not still understanding this plan... Why we filming this?" he asks as he fishes out a few of the newly charged power cells and checking their indicators.

Krieger was going to settle in near the way out, since he isn't allowed to fly when Liz and Heather are in the craft, but he does move to pass a map he had circled the location on. "It's on this Heather, not to far from the fuel depot, maybe ..70 Kliks?" He would need to relook at the map to know exact distances. "I got it all highlighted and all." Hopefully someone passes the map up in a timely manner before they are off and nowhere near the target! "Pyotr, because Juliet said so, and if we don't listen to her, someone will throw us out of the squadship."

Heather O'Leary nods slightly, and flips a switch on the console. The hatch seals, and then Heather makes quick work out of taxiing the Squad Ship into the Pasture, for takeoff.

Heather O'Leary looks at the map, as they approach the base, and nods to herself. She has flipped the running lights off, and is flying with the visitor equivalent of NVG, the HUD shows the forward view in a cross between Low light imaging, and NVG. "I wish this was IR capable, at least than I would know if we were flying into a trap."

Elizabeth Maxwell watches the scenery fly by quietly, looking out at the landscape. "We probably should have an IR system of some kind, I'll make note and see about getting one, or at least parts to build one, when we're on the supply run. In theory, it should be able to be added ot the shuttles, honestly, they should /have/ it, silly that they don't."

Michael Donovan leans over to Julie, He mutters to Juliet Parrish, "You... you... out... lot,... If... goes... needed."

Juliet Parrish senses "Michael Donovan leans over to Julie, "You sure you want this filmed? I can edit out a lot, but If this goes bad, my shooting might be needed.""

Krieger’s response has Julie chuckling softly before she shifts her focus to Pyotr. "We're filming it to send Diana a message." she explains, simply. She goes quiet as Donovan leans over to whisper something to her, to which she nods, and then says something back quietly.

Krieger will move to pull on his black ski mask, and then his NVGs. "First thing we need to do is get everyone some NVGs, so we can all see in the dark Lasers… and then we can bitch about the Lizards lacking IR systems." He murmurs and glances at Pyotr and his Gizmo. "That thing actually works?"

Juliet Parrish whispers to Michael Donovan, “If it goes that badly south that it can't, or shouldn't, be used, then w burn it.”

Pyotr Zagadka is just idly listening while he cradles the now unbagged weapon and looking out the window.... But quickly turns to Krieger and shrugs. "Da, it works. I am not best shot so.. Think of this as Visitor equivalent of shotgun." he says with a slight smile.

Heather O'Leary mutters, "I'll show you lasers..." She sets the craft down inside the base perimeter, and leaves it on standby. She stands up, and glances around, before reaching for her bag, and pulling out her weapons. She attaches them to her belt, or web gear. She has left her sword behind, this time, in favor of a Laser Rifle.

Michael Donovan nods to Julie, and stands up. He hefts the Camera to his shoulder, while muttering to himself, "Need some light out there, or the spot light is going to make me a perfect target."

Heather O'Leary flips the switch to open the hatch.

"We'll find some lights...and it won't make you a target, Mike, it'll make me a target." Juliet assures Donovan as she moves to the Hatch behind Heather. "Everyone ready?" the Doc asks as she looks over her shoulder.

Krieger moves to chamber a round on his PPSH41 and grins a bit. "Sure, you all let me make a beeline for the Hind, and then start filming." He says.

Pyotr Zagadka pulls off his glasses, tucking them in a case and pulls out his own ski mask… Slipping it over his head and then pulling out a pair of prescription sports goggles. "What we need is passive UV opticals and UV light mounted on skyfighter." he murmurs in his clipped accented english. Goggles and mask on, quad laser cradled, he gives a thumbs up. "Ready."

"Like I like that idea any better, Julie?" Donovan asks. He sighs, and says, "Let's get this party started."

Someone asked for light? Floodlights turn on, covering the bases airfield in enough light to make it almost feel like daytime! And look, standing in that circle of light is a quartet of Red and black clad figures. Also, in the distance, parked about 100 feet from the Hind, is a Skyfighter, with its hatch open.

Elizabeth Maxwell pulls on he own ski mask as she leaves the ship, checks the BAR, the rifle, and the sidearm, and nods quickly to herself. Then she sees the floodlights come on, frowning. "Trap. Should've figured." she grumbles just a little.

Michael Donovan sighs ever so softly, and says, in best gallows humor voice, "Ask, and ye shall receive."

Krieger isn't surprised by the fact it was a trap, but he just looks back at the squad ship. "Heather, I'm not playing their game today. Lets show them what their own ships do to their pretty little skirts." He says, moving to actually get back on board… with the intention of just lighting them up with -it's- weapons.

Always a trap. Damn the new guy and his need for a Russian ship...and damn her and her need to send Diana a message. Stopping as she comes to the bottom of the ramp, Juliet simply says, "Getting this, Mike?" quietly over her shoulder as she holds her ground. Krieger gets a sigh, and she shakes her head ever so slightly. "If you want that ship, this is your chance. Take it or leave it."

"And let that Skyfighter shoot it down? NOT a good idea." Heather answers, "We take that squad ship into the air, without knocking out the Skyfighter, and you'll see what massive lasers can do." She herself, brings around an M-16, and opens fire on the first Visitor she can.

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 with M-16A1 - (Assault Rifle) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 66 Damage.
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with PPSH41 FullAuto - (Submachine Gun) [HIGH] and MISSES!

Krieger just swears and moves to drop his NVGs down around his neck as he takes off at a dead run at the Hind, his PPSH41 isn't even truly being aimed, it's just spraying Seventy One rounds in mere seconds as he goes, casings flying all over as he goes. "Fuck!" He shouts as -everything- goes wide at the Visitors, no real matter of course. He's hopefully going to reach the Hind and bring the chin mounted turret to bear on the Lizards.

Pyotr Zagadka has just reached the bottom of the ramp as the lights come on and he blinks through his goggles at the welcoming committee. "/Sukin syn/" he swears in Russian, looking more than a little resigned. The quad laser whines as its capacitor charges and he lifts the weapon and brings it to bear on the first Visitor he sees.

COMBAT:  Pyotr Zagadka attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 with Quad-Laser - (Laser Rifle) [HIGH] and Hits for 101 Damage.

Elizabeth Maxwell adjusts the BAR on her shoulder, tring to sight in one of the elite troopers, wanting to clear them first. She frowns a little bit as she adjusts her aim, and pulls the trigger, intending to fire a burst, and wanting it to go straight if she can make it do so.

COMBAT:  Elizabeth Maxwell attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 with BAR - (Machine Gun) [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 turns as weapons fire, both laser and human break out. "Get the Commander's craft ready to take off!" He lowers his laser rifle at the human that seems to be rushing them? Is that Human insane??

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 89 Damage.

Michael Donovan nods to Julie, "I'm getting it!" He pans the camera around, just in time to get a close up of Heather's M-16 spouting fire! He pans again, and catches the four beams of Pyotr's Quad-Laser impacting on a Shock Trooper! Thomas is not in frame yet, but should be shortly, if he keeps rushing like an insane person. Elizabeth's BAR burst is filmed, not showing the bullets missing their target.

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 is blasted by the Quad Laser, but maintains his feet. He looks around, and returns fire on Pyotr.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 attacks Pyotr Zagadka with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

Julie remains at the end of the ramp for long enough to frame up a shot at one of the many Visitors in the yard. "Don’t let the Commander's ship take off!" She wanted to send a message to Diana - there it is, along with the stealing of the ship!

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Visitor Skyfighter  #570 with Assault Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 83 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 and Elite Shock Trooper #1097 turn and fire on the Humans.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 78 Damage.
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 81 Damage.

Diana steps off the Skyfighter, just as the humans open fire.

Heather O'Leary sees Thomas rushing forward, and moves to follow him. "Of all the insane tactics!" Just as she moves, her legs are shot out right from under her. She rolls, maintaining a hold of her M-16, and she empties the clip into the Lizard she was shooting at. "Slow down Thomas!"

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 with M-16A1 - (Assault Rifle) [HIGH] and Hits for 75 Damage.
COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with PPSH41 - (Submachine Gun) [HIGH] and Hits for 62 Damage.
<Radio-Res> Juliet Parrish transmits, " Do not let the Commander's ship leave the ground. Kill Diana."

Krieger takes a blast into the side, stumbles, and then keeps going as he forces him self up, this time, the Trooper eats a solid wall of lead as he goes. "Well shit Lasers! I thought if I got to the Hind, I could just take out the ship! It's got enough rockets to level the airfield!" He says, and if he's able to reach the hind? Wrench open the cockpit and get in..before you know, the lasers flying his way -kill- him.

As Pyotr's energy burst sizzles throgh the air, striking his intended target, he takes off at a run after Krieger who is running /AT/ the Hind, and potentially into the path of fire. "/Bolvan/" he yells at the marine. Idiot. He grits his teeth as the Visitor narrowly misses hi. He wants to vape the bastard but he hears Julie's orders and since he has one of the more powerful weapons he fires at the Commanding Officer's ship.;+attack 189/high=19/Quad-Laser

COMBAT:  Pyotr Zagadka attacks Visitor Skyfighter #570 with Quad-Laser - (Laser Rifle) [HIGH] and Hits for 102 Damage.

Elizabeth Maxwell keeps after the trooper she had been after, firing another burst off quickly, adjusting her aim some this time. She notes Pyotr going after the fighter, nodding a little since his weapon is more for that level of damage. For herself, she sights in on the elite, and fires another burst.

COMBAT:  Elizabeth Maxwell attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 with BAR - (Machine Gun) [HIGH] and Hits for 98 Damage.

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 has yet to take any damage, and continues to fire on the human that is rushing them. Well, maybe he is trying to get to the Russian Helicopter, but how is the SHock Trooper supposed to read his mind? Just after he fires, Elizabeth shoots him. Darn his bad luck.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [LOW] and MISSES!

Michael Donovan is very careful with his closeups. He is trying to make sure he does not show any resistance members getting shot, unless it is dramatic, and shows them being heroic, and continuing to shoot. He does pick up Heather's getting shot, and still firing to support her team mate. He makes sure not to let Julie's getting shot affect him, or show on Camera. Instead, he zooms in on the white uniform... Diana herself. If this raid goes right, it might be the best propaganda film yet!

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 continues to shoot.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 attacks Pyotr Zagadka with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 83 Damage.

Diana smiles, "Well, well..." She draws her laser pistol, and looks at the incoming humans, "Don't overcook them, I might want a snack when we are finished." She levels her sidearm at Elizabeth, and opens fire.

COMBAT:  Diana attacks Elizabeth Maxwell with Visitor Sidearm - (Sidearm) [STUN] and MISSES!

Juliet Parrish stumbles back a step as she's shot, gritting her teeth as she straightens again. No putting her hand to her side, dammit! And then she hears the voice of one of the few people in the world she genuinely hates. Her gun readjusts its aim almost as if it's moving of it's own accord. "I should have known you'd be here, Diana," she calls, as she starts to move forward, away from their ship towards the other woman, and fires.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Diana with Assault Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 55 Damage.

Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 and Elite Shock Trooper move to cover Diana, and continue to fire.

COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 87 Damage.
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Critically Hits for 176 Damage.

Mike continues to try to get the best shots, but with the way his team mates are getting hit, he knows he might have to drop the camera, and start shooting soon!

<Radio-Res> Juliet Parrish transmits, "If you can't kill Diana, then get that damn ship and get out of here."
<Radio-Res> Thomas Krieger transmits, "If I get to the Hind, I'll turn Diana into mincemeat, even if I have to crash it into her."

Elizabeth Maxwell ducks away from the stun blast, giving Mike a look as she does. "Think the reason for filming it other than to show up north later is about over." she pulls the sidearm from behind then, trying to return the favor towards Dian, to get a break from an entire night of dodging that. Again.

COMBAT:  Elizabeth Maxwell attacks Diana with Sidearm [STUN] and HITS!
COMBAT:  Diana has been Stunned!

Damnit all. Pyotr grunts as a flash of cohesive energy flash burns through his armor.. It's not quite as bad as WITHOUT the armor but it's still pretty bad. The pain searing (no pun intended) his hands clench his Quad tighter and he fires another shot at the shuttle, just noting through the haze of pain that Diana has stepped off of it. Still, he has no choice. The shuttle must be taken care of lest it provide more direct support from it's turrets.

COMBAT:  Pyotr Zagadka attacks Visitor Skyfighter #570 with Quad-Laser - (Laser Rifle) [HIGH] and MISSES!

Diana smiles, as her troops are doing so well. She continues to shoot at the Starchild, because of them all, that is the one she most covets. Even as Julie's round hits her, she is leveling her sidearm at Elizabeth again, and after she recovers from the laser blast, she fires. Or she would have, had Elizabeth not just shot her. She is knocked back against the Skyfighter, and slumps to the ground, without even a Hiss.

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 continues to fire upon Pyotr.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 attacks Pyotr Zagadka with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 87 Damage.

COMBAT:  Thomas Krieger attacks Diana with Saiga12k - (Shotgun) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 48 Damage.

ClickClick. PPSH41 Drum mag empty, he lets it hang off the strap and shifts his Saiga forward, but now there's a High Priority target as he keeps running, few more meters! "Focus Fire on Diana! We'll take her head later!" He shouts, he's not exactly the fairest of fighters as he slams a few pieces of 00 Shot into her. "I'll even swap the Hind for her skull!"

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 shoots

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 attacks Heather O'Leary with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and MISSES!

And the instant Diana drops, Julie's eyes widen. And she starts forward. "Get that ship and get out of here!" she instructs into her radio as turns to fire instead at one of the guards protecting Diana - if they get taken out, then she has a fre pass to take Diana.

COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 with Assault Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 64 Damage.
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1097 is now Comatose!

Heather O'Leary is blasted, hard, the laser taking her hard through the lower midsection. He falls, almost dazed. She drops her M-16, no longer able to hold it. Instead, she pulls her Sidearm out, and continues to shoot at the same target. She has hit the Snake a few times, and hopefully, with a carefully aimed blast to the face, she can kill it!

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 with Sidearm - (Sidearm) [HIGH] and Hits for 64 Damage.

  1. 1200 and #1233 continue to fire. What else can they do. They are, however, now standing in front of Diana, providing some cover
COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 attacks Juliet Parrish with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 90 Damage.
COMBAT:  Juliet Parrish is now Comatose!
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 attacks Thomas Krieger with Laser Rifle [LOW] and MISSES!

Michael Donovan drops his camera, as Julie goes down, and he draws his Sidearm. He opens fire immediately, and lucky for him, his camera lands in such a way, that the resulting shot on #1233 will be shown, for better or worse!

COMBAT:  Michael Donovan attacks Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 with Laser Sidearm - (Sidearm) [HIGH] and Critically Hits for 136 Damage.
COMBAT:  Visitor Shock Trooper #1233 is now Comatose!

Elizabeth Maxwell ooohs as Mike takes out the other trooper, moving her aim over to send a high power blast toward the other elite shocktrooper, wanting to clear it up quickly so the situation doesn't entirely turn into a fiasco.

COMBAT:  Elizabeth Maxwell attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 with Sidearm [HIGH] and Hits for 62 Damage.

Okay.. Pyotr definitely felt that... He stumbles to one knee, resisting clutching the smoldering hole in his armor and gritting his teeth. "Damnit..." he growls and looks around, seeing his teammates either going down or still running and shooting. he hefts the quad which is feeling much heavier than it should... and snaps off another shot at the ship.

COMBAT:  Pyotr Zagadka attacks Visitor Skyfighter #570 with Quad-Laser - (Laser Rifle) [HIGH] and MISSES!

Diana is stitched with bullets, and that brings her out of her stunned state. She groans softly, stands up, and fires on Elizabeth again, while calling into her radio.

COMBAT:  Diana attacks Elizabeth Maxwell with Visitor Sidearm - (Sidearm) [STUN] and HITS!
COMBAT:  Elizabeth Maxwell has been Stunned!

(Ezekiel) - Ezekiel's Long-Range Skyfighter #643 Almost invisible in the darkness above, it is only as it enters the nimbus of floodlights that the nearly silent vessel can be seen. A starfighter, but painted black as night with nary a reflection on its hull. The equally black viewport clears, becoming transparent, and in the Pilot's seat can be seen the ghost white face of Ezekiel. The albino giant's eyes, red as blood and pupils slit like a cat's, narrow on the damaged yet standing figure of Diana then focus on the rest of the scene. Impassively he looks at Diana once more as if deciding on something.. then the heavily armored skyfighter lands between her and the Resistance and he grins at them... His teeth sharp.

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 continues to fire.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 attacks Pyotr Zagadka with Laser Rifle [MEDIUM] and Hits for 78 Damage.
COMBAT:  Pyotr Zagadka is now Comatose!

Juliet Parrish was headed towards Diana, and had just managed to take down one of the other Walking Purses, when she was shot. And down she went, just as Diana got herself back up, Julie sprawled out on the tarmac.

Krieger finally got to the Hind and he wrenches the cockpit open and gets into it and begins to spool up the engine and a quick weapon test...Yep, he's golden. 'Did somebody call an Exterminator?' He says to himself.

Heather O'Leary continues to lay on the ground, her right hand pressed hard into her lower stomach area. She continues to shoot at a certain Lizard, even as Liz goes down nearby.

COMBAT:  Heather O'Leary attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 with Sidearm - (Sidearm) [HIGH] and Hits for 62 Damage.
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #49 is now Comatose!

Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 is left all alone of the Gumbie Visitors. Poor Diana... He fires.

COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 attacks Michael Donovan with Laser Rifle [LOW] and Hits for 71 Damage.

(Ezekiel) - Ezekiel's Long-Range Skyfighter #643 Hovers only a few scant feet above the ground as the rear hatch opens and allows Diana to enter. He looks over his shoulder, as if to make sure she is secure, then grins again at the resistance outside. He toggles a switch on the controls and a suddenly the starfighters PA system blares to life. "So stubborn. So resilient. So /Determined/. Poor Diana once again underestimated you." his deep raspy voice filters through the air. "Alas, I think it is only fair you keep your prize. Consider it a.. token.. of our respect... of course.. You /only/ get the one prize." he And suddenly the starfighter swivels and lets loose bursts of laser fire... On the Other two starfighters as if they were sitting ducks.

COMBAT:  Ezekiel's Long-Range Skyfighter #643 attacks Visitor Squad Ship #189 with Twin Laser Cannons - (Vehicle Weapon) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 295 Damage.
COMBAT:  Visitor Squad Ship #189 is destroyed!
COMBAT:  Ezekiel's Long-Range Skyfighter #643 attacks Visitor Skyfighter #570 with Twin Rear Laser Cannons - (Vehicle Weapon) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 295 Damage.
COMBAT:  Visitor Skyfighter #570 is destroyed!

Michael Donovan is blasted well away from the exploding Squadship, and lands hard on the ground. He still has his Laser out, and fires at the last remaining Visitor, not in a Skyfighter.

COMBAT:  Michael Donovan attacks Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 with Laser Sidearm - (Sidearm) [MEDIUM] and Hits for 55 Damage.
COMBAT:  Elite Visitor Shock Trooper #1200 is now Comatose!

Elizabeth Maxwell lays there from the stun blast, for the moment. Oh well.

Juliet Parrish is bounced slightly by the explosion, hair blown about and the flap on her bag blown open by the blast from the former ship. But she doesn't get up.

Heather O'Leary just lies flat as the Skyfighter and the Squadship explode. She drops her laser as the last Shock Trooper goes down, and just rolls onto her side, clutching her body, where the one Visitor must have hit something hard.

Pyotr Zagadka lays unmoving on the ground, halfway between the smoldering wreck of the starfighters and the hind.

Krieger had gotten the Hind spooled up... just in time for Diana had managed to escape, he even -had- a lock with the Helmet, it was so damn close, another second or two and he could have fed two AA-8s into the Starfighter, along with a few rockets, he was even considering taking the Hind forward into it. "Michael! Grab your beloved, we need to shift!" He says, sprinting towards Pyotr, to grab him by his armor vest and begin dragging him towards the Hind. "I was -so- hoping to scavenge AvGas here too.."

Michael Donovan stands up, and moves quickly to Julie, "Thomas, get that chopper spooled up. NOW! We have wounded, and we have to get them back to the Ranch." Now his *real* Command voice comes out, and it is the bark of a natural leader, who KNOWS his orders will be obeyed.

(Ezekiel) - Ezekiel's Long-Range Skyfighter #643 Swivels back to face the Hind, the giant Visitor in the cockpit seat grinning his sharp hungry grin, but he does not fire. He instead turns his head until he finds the familiar figure he seeks.. he could spot Heather anywhere.. Watching her flat on the ground. Diana leans over his shoulder, saying something, but he shakes his head and looks as if he motions to her to hold a moment before activating the PA again. "Enjoy your victory.. It makes the game much more.. palatable, does it not? Until next time." And with a salute to them all the windows become black and the starfighters peels off at top speed, vanishing into the shadows of the night.

In the distance, something blows up. A HUGE Explosion. Might just be the Visitors blew up the AvGas storage facility....

+ROLL:  Michael Donovan rolls a Strength check and SUCCEEDS.

Michael Donovan picks up Julie, craddeling her body, and he moves towards the Hind. He ignores the baiting from the departing Skyfighter, and whispers something softly to Julie, it is likely along the lines of, "Don't die... Don't die." Over and over.

The Hind is at least -designed- for these situations, Krieger even spits at the fleeing Visitor fighter as he moves Pyotr, he's just getting him -to- the Hind, then he's going to try and snag Heather. "Get them inside Michael, we just lost the AvGas, and if we're lucky, I won't need to autogyro us down when we get home." Does Michael know what Autogyro mean? If not? Good.

Juliet Parrish is lifted into Donovan's arms, her arm dangling limply down from her shoulder as her head lolls around to settle against his shoulder. She doesn't make a sound - unconsciousness is probably a gift for her at this moment, given the state of the Kevlar armor she wears and the flesh contained under it

+ROLL:  Elizabeth Maxwell rolls a Strength check and SUCCEEDS.

Elizabeth Maxwell sighs very softly, looking to Mike and trying to move over and collect Heather carefully, worrying over her visibly as she looks over the injury, very careful about trying to move her to the helicopter.

Heather O'Leary is, herself, lifted up, and she bites her lip, very hard, to prevent herself from crying out in pain. She mutters to Elizabeth Maxwell, "... love."

+ROLL:  Thomas Krieger rolls a Strength check and SUCCEEDS.

Michael Donovan sets Julie down in the Hind, and begins to bandage her wounds. He is at least good enough to do that, right? God he hopes so.

Pyotr Zagadka is still breathing… That’s a plus right? Of course that’s all he is doing as he is dragged onto the hind.

Michael Donovan watches everyone strap in, and then says to Thomas, "Get us home. I don't care if you get out and push!"

Krieger was a good pilot, the Hind was in good shape, it was also low on fuel and he opted to not inform them of the fact the tanks were dry when they approached the Ranch until the engines -stopped-. "Oh, by the by. We have no Fuel left." He informs them before he begins to work the pedals, a thousand feet or so up, on rapidly decycling engines and ..autogyro! Stomach wrenching force as it begins to spin rapidly in circles towards the pasture near to the barn. Well, hope the cattle get out of the way!

Michael Donovan just pulls Julie to him, and holds her, while Thomas 'crash-lands'. "You *COULD* have set down when you noticed we were low on fuel!

For once being unconscious and wounded is a good thing.. If Pyotr died in the possible crash he wouldn't have noticed!

Juliet Parrish is fully unaware of the happenings regarding fuel as the flight takes place. Thankfully she's held safely in place by Mike.

Krieger -doesn't- crash at all, it's just a pretty unpleasant landing, and you know, they get to move the Hind later by putting a few gallons of AvGas in, not that it matters. "We better get Angel." He says as he makes sure nothing is left active… he doesn't want someone to -shoot- a rocket off by accident!

Elizabeth Maxwell tries to help Heather as much as she can, on the way.

Heather O'Leary just lays on the Floor of the Hind, still holding herself awake, but Elizabeth might just notice some really dark blood flowing from her wound.

Juliet Parrish lays in Donovan's arms as he keeps trying to bring her back round to consciousness.

Michael Donovan lifts Julie, and carries her to the Infirmary. He doesn't know what else he can do.

Michael Donovan sets Julie down on a medical bed, tenderly. He looks around for Angelica... than wonders where Quinn is.

Angelica sees all the people rushing in and getting hauled in, and sighs very softly. "Interesting night, from the sounds?" She shakes her head just a little and starts checking to see who is worst off.

Krieger is carrying Pyotr... the Flambéed Russian, and moving to get him into a Bed. His own side is scorched, but -apparently- that armor helped a bit… or he just doesn't care given how much worse some of them are. "No, bad night, trap. Lost the squadship, they toasted their own support craft, and the Hind is in the middle of a pasture out of fuel."

Pyotr Zagadka is defiantly probably going to have a few.. interesting words on the armor.. if he survives, that is. He has at least two rather heavy wounds on his torso and is flopping in Krieger’s arms. He is probably breathing.... probably.

Angelica frowns at that and nods. "Great..." she sighs and checks them mover, working on Pyotr first, since he's the most injured of them. She's quick with the sterilizing this time, and doesn't use bactine since hurt enough already, but quickly is trying to fix the burns with her equipment as well as she's learned how over the course of the war. She looks over Pyotr worriedly as she peels te armor away as well, carefully, to get to the covered parts.

Juliet Parrish is being carried in by Donovan, herself, her own Kevlar armor looking completely unusable - did it even do any good? Seems Kevlar was the target of the night, or so the two wearing it would say.

Heather O'Leary was wearing a Kevlar vest, but the Visitor that shot her the worst, put his blast underneath the vest.

Pyotr Zagadka groans hoarsely as Angel tends to him. Not awake, no, but somewhere between painful consciousness and equally painful unconsciousness.

Krieger isn't going to take a valuable spot of a bed, he's just going to get out of his vest so he can see how bad it is. Well, that's unpleasant. "They detonated the AvGas storage too. At this rate, we may as well give up on ever seeing AvGas unless we manage to refine our own." He says with a sigh. "I doubt Heather will let me siphon off any from the Blackhawk to move the Hind in the barn too.."

Angelica sighs very softly, working carefully on Pyotr still, even as she looks over towards Julie and starts working out what she'll be doing first when she finishes up with Pyotr. She works very gently on the wounds, trying to sterilize any previously covered area, before she starts trying to work on iit with the cream and her own tools.

Michaela Quinn steps into the Infirmary, her radio indicating that it is likely someone needs help. "Alright, who got into a fight without approving it with me? I do so enjoy a day off, and then, you guys get shot?" She grumps. However, she moves to Dr. Parish, and frowns, "Alright, Mr. Donovan, back off and let me work, eh?" She grabs an extra sterilizer, and runs it over Julie's wounds.

Michaela Quinn just as professionally uses the wound repairer that she has, and passes it over Julie's wounds.

Pyotr grunts again in pain but is not quite awake. "/Miy krasyvyy anhel/." he rasps not in Russian but in his more native Ukrainian.. the difference is minute as the languages are heavily related but still divergent.

When Quinn gets to Julie, and starts working on her wounds, it draws a faint whimper from the doctor on the table. Juliet isn't fully conscious, not yet, but the pain is clearly starting to sink in.

Michael Donovan watches Michaela work, smirking at her gruff bedside manner, but when a doctor is *that* good, he supposes poor bedside manner is acceptable.

Heather O'Leary lays on a bed, watching the others. She glances down at her wound, and tries to figure which organ was blasted.

Krieger will one day -know- what Pyotr said, but for now he'll make sure he doesn't try to sit up. "Just sleep Pyotr, we're all back." He says and glances at Heather and Juliet. "Except I bet I'm in deep, deep trouble." he says to himself, he's going to take the blame for this.

Krieger doesn't know Julie well if he thinks he'll take the blame.

Michaela Quinn quickly pulls a syringe out, and shoots it into Julie's arm. That should keep her under, and give her pain relief.

Angelica keeps quietly working on Pyotr, smiling just a little as she hears his voice, but worrying still as she keeps working. "Shhh, Pyotr. He's right, you need to sleep..." She leans in to kiss his forehead, and starts once again working on the burns.

Juliet Parrish is promptly knocked out cold, and once again is silent. Her entire body relaxes back onto the bed as Quinn does her magic, and Donovan hovers and worries.

Michaela Quinn looks around, and points a finger at Krieger, "You! Sit down! Time to work on you." Sure, Heather is wounded, but she will need a lot of time on Heather, and Thomas she can quickly make better.

Pyotr Zagadka's eyes flutter open for a moment... And even in his pain the Red headed Russian smiles his goofy smile. "Da.. Okay.. Sleep." he agrees and wincing he lowers his head and closes his eyes to let Angelica work in as much peace as possible.

Krieger is used to snapping voices… just not like that, from… someone who looks so… not scary. "Yes Ma'am." He says and moves to settle down and glances at Pyotr. "I'm fine though Ma'am..I only took a bit of a bruising." He insists.

Michaela Quinn looks at Thomas closely, and asks, "Did I ask what you think got through your armor? No." She moves towards him, and says simply, "Strip the clothes off. I don't need you trying to hide an injury, and than getting mad at me later, for not fixing up everything." -

Michael Donovan just holds Julie's hand, softly whispering in her ear.

Angelica keeps working on Pyotr quietly, staying quiet.

Krieger gives a few slow winks, this is unusual, normally he isn't being coerced into stripping, but well. He just assumes she doesn't want him nude, in the infirmary this fast. He'll shrug off his gear and then go to remove his shirt, well… it has a nice laser burn in it, which matches the one in his side. "It has occurred to me.. .any time I hear 'let’s fly somewhere' I should immediately disregard clothing and only wear web belt and body armor." He isn't all that bad. "So Doc, am I cute enough to take home?"

"Oh, I give you about an 8, but depending on the rest, it could go to 9, 9.5" is Michaela's response. She grabs the sterilizer, "However, you might be too old for me." She runs the sterilizer over Thomas' injuries.

Guess who is thankful he is unconscious now that Thomas is stripping? Pyotr, that’s who.

Michaela Quinn than, after she has the wound sites sterile, she runs the repairer over the wounds. She is brisk, efficient, and soon is finished.

Krieger doesn't wince too much, it can't be as bad as dumping vodka on it. "Gee, thanks Doc. I'm too old for anyone these days." He says and makes a grand motion of… screw it. That shirt is ruined. He just shakes his head, but at least pants and all. "I'm going to invest in a shirt, made of...something laser proof. When Pyotr is awake, he can totally help me."


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