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Sirius IV







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Visitor Fifth Column, Resistance




Mother Ship Commander

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V: The Mini-Series V: East Coast Crisis Novelization)

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Jennifer was third in command in the New York City ship. She did not get along with Angela, her superior officer. She did what she could to subvert the invasion and tried to make contact with the resistance. It finally happened when they attacked a convoy. She turned against Angela and informed Pete and Lauren of their plans.

She returned to the Visitor Fleet, after the RedDust was released, and the New York Mother Ship was 'captured', alongwith many of her top loyal Fifth Columnists, and were all sent to the Omaha Mother Ship. Quickly, she took it over, after the Commander, Patricia, had an 'accident'. She transfered other Fifth Columnists in, and transfered the Loyaists out, and eventually, just before the Second Invasion, the entire crew of the ship was Fifth Columnists. They did not heed the call of Diana to take their place in the invasion, not going to New York, due to 'Engine Trouble'. When they had it fixed, and Diana ordered them to instead go to Washington D.C., Jennifer did not answer the order. Instead, she hid her ship behind Mars, waiting or the right moment to return. She ordered the destruction ofall Visitor Uniforms, and they have adopted the Fashions of Earth, uniforms being a thing of the past, on their Mother Ship.

IC HIstoryEdit

Jennifer took her Mothership into Combat against the Sante Fe Mother Ship, drawing the ship into a space battle, and destroying it. The repairs took nine months, and when they were complete, Jennifer decided it was time to announce their presence to the world. She launched Skyfighters to intercept raids sent from Southern Mother Ships north to Boston, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow. Her Skyfighters destroyed the Loyalist craft before they could cause too much damage to these cities.

Her Mothership flew over California, on it's way to New York, where it now hovers over the City, protecting the capital.

OOC InformationEdit

She is played by Angie Everhart.

Character InformationEdit

Jennifer is not available for application, unless she would turn her Mother Ship over to her Second in Command, to come to L.A.


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