Kathleen Maxwell
Personal Information
Full Name

Kathleen Maxwell


Seattle, Washington







Known Realatives

Robert Maxwell (Husband, Dead), Robin Maxwell (Daughter, Alive), Polly Maxwell (Daughter, Alive), Katie Maxwell (Daughter, Alive), Elizabeth Maxwell (Grand-Daughter, Alive), Unnamed baby Maxwell (Grand-Son, Dead)

Faction Information






Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

Character Type


Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Kathleen was a stay at home mom, married to Robert and mother to Robin, Polly, and Katie. She was at home when the aliens first arrived and she anxiously awaited Robert’s return. Once the Visitors announced their good intentions, Kathleen relaxed and soon traveled with Robert to Arthur Dupres’ chemical plant for the introduction ceremony. That followed with a party at the Dupres’ house.

Before too long, the Visitors announced a scientific conspiracy had formed around the world and all scientists were suspect. Kathleen and Robert decide to leave Los Angeles for the mountain camp to try to outlast what’s going on. When they realize that the borders have been closed, they turned to Abraham Bernstein who agreed to hide them in his poolhouse despite the fact that his grandson is a member of the Youth Corps and the fact that his son Stanley is hesitant.

After Daniel discovered them in the poolhouse, they leave again, asking their former gardener, Sancho Gomez to help them cross the border. They are smuggled over and they make it to the mountain camp of the resistance. While Robert joins the resistance, Kathleen stays at the camp to take care of the girls. When the Visitors attacked the camp, Kathleen is killed.

OOC InformationEdit

She died during a raid by Skyfighters, led by Diana and Jake

Character InformationEdit

Kathleen is dead, and not available for application


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