Kristine Walsh
Personal Information
Full Name

Kristine Walsh


Albany, New York







Known Realatives


Faction Information

Visitor, In the end: Resistance




News Journalist, Visitor World Spokesmen

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Kristine was one of the premier tv news journalists when the Visitors arrived. When the Visitors announced they would meet with us on the roof of the United Nations building, Kristine stacked the deck so that she would be the one chosen to cover the story along with news cameraman Michael Donovan and his sound man, Tony Leonetti. Kristine and Donovan had an on again off again relationship, but they were very professional about getting the job done and her footage was seen worldwide.

She continued her hard hitting journalism with interviews with all the Visitor higher-ups. During an interview with Diana, she caught her eye and Diana offered her the role of Visitor Spokeswoman. Kristine jumped at the chance knowing she’d have in depth access to things other reporters wouldn’t. Donovan and others didn’t see it that way, looking at it as if she’d lost her credibility.

Her relationship with Donovan fizzled and soon after Donovan became a resistance hero. After long, Donovan came back to her while he was on the run. Kristine, scared and not knowing what to do, turned him in, but he escaped.

Later on, after some time had passed, he attempted to meet with her again. She didn’t want to believe his crazy story due to how close she’d gotten with them. He told her that they took his son and that he wanted her to look for him aboard the mothership. She agreed to and found him, but soon after was discovered by Steven in the restricted area. By appealing to Diana she was able to talk her way out of it but it was obvious that there was some tension on both sides.

Kristine grew more distant from the Visitors when she met with a former friend, Dr. Corley Walker who denounced her as a traitor to her own people. Later, Diana who had witnessed the scenario, re-introduced her to Walker who had obviously been converted. It made Kristine very uncomfortable as it was clearly a threat from Diana that they would have her as they would have her as they wanted her one way or another.

She covered the LA Medical Center for John’s announcement when the resistance struck, and Julie tore off John’s face in front of the camera. Kristine demanded to know what was going on when Diana ordered her on camera to show the viewers that what they had seen was a terrorist hoax. Kristine went back before camera and started to do just that when she made the conscious decision then and there to resist. She quickly started telling everyone that it was truth, that the Visitors were monsters trying to take over their planet when Diana shot her in the chest, killing her.

OOC InformationEdit

Kristine is dead.

Character InformationEdit

Kristine is not availablefor application.


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