Laser Grenade

A Visitor Laser Grenade

Laser Explosion

An "explosion" from a Laser Grenade

The Visitor Laser Grenade is a recently discovered innovation of Drake's, with input from Lydia and Jake, high ranking Security and Shock Trooper officers, in the Los Angeles Visitor Command Group. The grenade is a Laser core, and power cell, wrapped around a lens system, which tunnels and targets the "blast". The blast is created by essentially causing the Laser Core to overload, and release all of its energy at once. The Grenade's housing shapes the general direction of the multiple laser blasts away from the user, limiting the friendly fire incidents, after initial prototypes killed many testers. The current grenade explodes in a 'half sphere' shape. The laser blasts that come from the grenade are more powerful than those that come from a laser rifle, but grenades are single use weapons, and their use is still limited, and in early stages of deployment. The Resistance has not yet captured very many examples of these weapons.

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