Maggie Blodgett
Maggie Blodgett
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Margaret Blodgett


San Diego, California







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Husband (Dead)

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Pilot, Resistance Fighter

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Final Battle

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Maggie was a young woman resistor, who joined up after the battle at the mountain camp. She was instrumental in the Los Angeles Medical Center Raid, by seducing Daniel Bernstein to gain information.

During the debate over Robin’s abortion, she sided heavily with Robin Maxwell making her own choice.

She hated what she was doing with Daniel, but it did prove to be important to the cause. She ended up flying with Willie, to save the resistance after they were caught on the rooftop.

She fell in love with fellow resistor, Brad McIntyre along the way although her actions with Daniel caused constant strife between the two. She continues to pump Daniel for information that is critical in the rescue of Juliet Parrish, although it cost the life of Ruby Engels.

After getting Julie back, Maggie and Brad got engaged right before they went to attack a water processing plant of the Visitors. While there, she was teamed up with Brad and they set many explosives before they retreated. During the retreat, Brad was hit by laserfire. Ham Tyler had to make Chris Faber grab Maggie to leave Brad behind. Brad was killed.

Maggie was devastated and she never truly recovered. After Robin gave birth led to the resistance discovering the Red Dust, Maggie was quick to finally turn on Daniel in order to capture Brian to use as a guinea pig.

After it was successful and Martin warned of Diana using the doomsday device, Maggie argued for still attacking, mostly because she wanted revenge for what happened to Mark.

Maggie joined Michael Donovan's strike force on the Mother Ship helping clear out the hangar bay.

During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, Maggie rejoined the Resistance and became a pilot for a captured Visitor Shuttle under Resistance control; ferrying key Resistance members to safe houses, bases and targets all around the world, but she still fights as needed.

IC HIstoryEdit

She was captured along with Julie and Sancho Gomez, during a Visitor raid on a school, but Sancho and Maggie escaped with the help of the Fifth Column.

OOC InformationEdit

There is some Thematic Info (Not Cannon) that Maggie and Chris Faber end up in a relationship... This is something that COULD be brought into the MUSH....

Character InformationEdit

Maggie is available for Application