Title: Movies, Relationships, and Panicky People

Players: Angelica, Alexis Ayala, Pyotr Zagadka, Michael Donovan, Martin Grace, Maggie McQueen and Sydan

Location: Maxwell Ranch

Synopsis: So, Alexis thinks she needs to 'educate' Angelica about popular movies, by plopping her down in front of the TV to watch them. All sorts of things can happen during that, both there, and on the side...


Angelica glances up and looks around. "Oh, hi there... something up?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "can't find anyone else."

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "Not sure where anyone else is."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Nor am I."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs, looking around. "I've been in here for a few hours, so I'm relatively uninformed."

Alexis Ayala nods softly, "What have you been up to?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Well, with the new building being built, I've been out here waiting to see if anyone was going to get hurt while building it, or anything like that. And to stay out of hearing range of the builders."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "What is the new building for?"

Angelica shakes her head a little. "I'm not entirely certain, I heard mention of a lot of equipment being put into it, though."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and nods slowly, "I see...odd. I'll have to ask Heather about it?"

Angelica shrugs a little. "Her or Elizabeth. They're the two who handle affairs related to building things here."

Alexis Ayala nods, "right, that much I know."

Angelica smiles a little bit and nods, then shrugs. "Trouble is, I haven't really seen either."

Alexis Ayala nods, "can't say I have."

Angelica hmms a little bit. "If there is a new building, they might be there, poking about it, at best figuring. But oh well." she smiles. "I again apologize for the other night."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and smiles, "I asked Heather to revoke your matchmaking license."

Angelica blinks a little bit at that, raising her eyebrows. "My wh...." She pauses, then laughs a little bit. "Oh... Again, I wasn't intentionally trying to upset anyone, just interpreted reactions wrong."

Alexis Ayala mmmhmmms, "Surrrrrrre."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, it's true..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I believe, you, really."

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "Well, outside of that, anything else I can do for you? Or try to refrain from doing for you?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Don't know, I'm sort of bored."

Angelica hmms a little and nods, smiling. "oh."

Pyotr Zagadka walks into the infirmary, rubbing at his forehead slightly. He looks a wee bit tired today, but smiling still. In the hand that isn't rubbing his forehead is a small, zip-upable square wallet.

Alexis Ayala looks to the door, "Oh, hello."

Angelica looks up at Pyotr and smiles. "Hi there."

Pyotr Zagadka looks up as he was, apparently, not paying much attention when he walked in. But very quickly he is focused and he smiles at Alexis. "Hel-lo, 'Alexis." he says happily.. Then smiles also at Angelica, offering her the same. Then remembering why he came. "Oh, uhm.. Angelica.. You not happen to have few.. uhm.. small syringes around, do you?" he asks.

Alexis Ayala smiles and makes a little finger wave, "What do you need syringes for?"

Angelica opens one of the cabinets, and gets a box down. "I had them get some, last supply run, figuring you'd need them."

Pyotr Zagadka looks.. well.. a little uncomfortable all of a sudden. "I.. uhm.." he looks at Angelica for a moment.. Then sighs. "I am Diabetic." he finally tells Alexis. Then he sighs in relief to Angelica. "Danke."

Alexis Ayala ahs and nods slowly, "Okay, it's not a big deal..." she says...

Pyotr Zagadka nods slowly. "I still have trouble accepting that." he says. "In Russia many diabetics were looked down upon for the sickness for no good reason. And the medicine was no where as good as amerikan. Our insulin was not as refined and we only get generic doses. It got better after communism fell, but not much. Russian's abhor sickness."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Well, It's not a big deal here, just make sure you get what you need?"

Pyotr Zagadka pats his case. "I will. Promise. I have enough supply for two more weeks. I probably be able to get more through Angelica.

Angelica smiles a little and nods at that. "I'll make sure to keep getting them, or you could probably put the order in directly to the people who go shopping, they usually ask what anyone needs..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "All is well in Resistance Land then."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles faintly. "For a change. Been quiet. Almost.... toooo quiet."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Fine by me."

Pyotr Zagadka grins at Alexis. "Maybe we use that peace and quiet to enlarge your vocabulary." he teases her.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Now why would I want to improve my vocabulary?"

Pyotr Zagadka Raises a brow. "I never said improve.." he tells her. "I said enlarge." He winks.

Alexis Ayala hms, "And the difference would be?"

Pyotr Zagadka says, "well.. your vocabulary is good.. You just need use it more.""

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I speak good, what the hell you talkin 'bout?"

Alexis Ayala smirks.

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes, laughing. "I said you speak good.. I just want hear you speak MORE!"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "You said i speak good? Wouldn't speaking well be better?"

Pyotr Zagadka gahs and wags finger at her. "Do not mock my lack of good English." he says, mock threatening. "You knew what I meant."

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head, not saying anything.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "What's that, I can't understand you through your thick Russian accent." she says.

Pyotr Zagadka bahs and pouts, crossing his arms against his chest.

Alexis Ayala grins, "I win."

Pyotr Zagadka throws his hands up, exasperated. "Of course you win. You woman. Woman always win cause women always right.. even when wrong!"

Alexis Ayala grins and puts up her hands, moving around dramatically, "Want to make something of it?"

Pyotr Zagadka urks and quickly becomes more tractable. "Considering that you could probably beat me up? Nyet!"

Alexis Ayala grins, "What, you afraid of a woman?" she says, winking waving her fists around.

Pyotr Zagadka says, "When is women I should probably have all right be afraid uv? Da!"

Alexis Ayala hmms, and steps closer, poking his chest...

Pyotr Zagadka looks down at her finger, blinking, the up at her face, straight into her eye.. Not sure of what to say now.

Alexis Ayala pokes again, and again, repeatedly.

Pyotr Zagadka says, "Hey! What ya poking me for?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I'm done."

Angelica laughs at that, blinking.

Pyotr Zagadka rubs his chest. "No fair.. If I poke back I probably get punched for sexual assault." he grumps

Alexis Ayala hmms, and shrugs, "Plenty fair, wanna know why?"

Pyotr Zagadka uh ohs. "Uhm.. why?"

Alexis Ayala grins, "I woman."

Pyotr Zagadka smirks faintly at that. "Well,, da.. I DID notice that." he points out.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Suppose you did."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles faintly. "Only suppose?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Da."

Angelica tries to fade herself into the background, doing minor things needing done around the infirmary, to just be part of the scenery.

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes. "Well, there is more to it then just THAT." he says. "Much more."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and cocks her head," Oh, tell me about it?"

Pyotr Zagadka regards he closely, not noticing Angelica's little fade to background act. "Well.. The being a woman was only the forst part of requirements." he says. "Second was someone who was very interesting and nice be around. Third was her blunt charm."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and nods slowly, "Blunt charm, aren't those words mutually exclusive?"

Pyotr Zagadka grins. "No. I find it rather refreshing and endearing."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Endearing..." she says, nodding slowly

Pyotr Zagadka says, "You not like that word?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I didn't say anything?"

Pyotr Zagadka says, "No, true. But that can mean lots of things."

Alexis Ayala mmhmmms.

Pyotr Zagadka falls silent and just watches her as she watches him... eyes locked.. a smirk on his face.

Alexis Ayala stares him down.

Pyotr Zagadka may not be a warrior/soldier but he won't back down.. No sireebob. Besides, he feels that if he does she may lose some respect for him and he couldn't bear that.

Alexis Ayala pokes his nose, while keeping a straight face.

Pyotr Zagadka can't help it.. He nips at her fingertip.

Alexis Ayala eeps, and grins, "Silly."

Pyotr Zagadka winks. "Da, Silly I am.. But I think you like that a little."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "maybe."

Pyotr Zagadka pouts. "Only maybe?" he asks. "How am I supposed to know what you like if you don't say?"

Alexis Ayala grins, "you're not, cause I'm teasing you."

Pyotr Zagadka oooohs and wags that finger in, leaning in nose to nose. "And you call ME silly?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Hey, I get to tease, you make it too easy."

Pyotr Zagadka pouts. "Awww.. now I feel bad for making it so easy." he teases.

Alexis Ayala grins, "no you don't."

Pyotr Zagadka winks. "Da true.. I don't. I will admit it. Whatsit to ya?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I dunno, I figure I'll find out soon enough."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "Is that threat?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "It didn't' sound like one..."

Pyotr Zagadka heehees. "Awwww."

Alexis Ayala sticks her tongue out.

Pyotr Zagadka hmmmmmmms... "One day I will bite that if you keep doing it." he points out.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "No you wouldn't, and if you did, then you'd suddenly realize you'd hurt me and spend days trying to make it up to me."

Pyotr Zagadka hmmmms. "You have point." he concedes, stroking his chin. "I'd have to do it in way that didn't hurt."

Alexis Ayala gives him a peck on the cheek, 'Yep."

Pyotr Zagadka blushes deeply since that is probably the first time her lips have touched him. He rubs his cheek gently and chuckles. "Now YOU are tease."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Trying to say something? I give you a nice, chaste kiss on the cheek and now I'm a tease?

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes. "I know it chaste.. But I, man. I can know it chaste and STILL get thrilled, silly woman."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "You're the thrilled one."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "And is that bad?""

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Nah."

Pyotr Zagadka leans in and gives her a beck on the cheek just below the ear and pulls back and "nyahs", sticking his tongue out.

Alexis Ayala giggles, "Oooh, now who is tease?"

Pyotr Zagadka winks once. "I freely admit it." he says. "I, if anything, honest."

Alexis Ayala mmhmms, "Yah, whatever"

Pyotr Zagadka pouts, all big lipped. "I always honest." he says. "I lie about nothing."

Alexis Ayala mmhmms, "Yeah, okay."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "I mean it. Any question asked and I will answer."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I believe you."

Pyotr Zagadka grins. "Good." he says. "Anyways, I need to take nap.. have early patrol."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Sleep tight."

Alexis Ayala smirks, "need me to tuck you in?"

Pyotr Zagadka awwwws. "gee, would you?"

Alexis Ayala giggles, "Go to bed you big silly Russian."

Pyotr Zagadka winks and, looking around one more time, leans back in and kisses her on the cheek.. maybe a inch closer to the mouth then before. "You too, Alexis. Sleep well and safe." he tells her softly, and with that he turns and walks for the door.

Alexis Ayala giggles softly, "Alright, I will, I promise."

Pyotr Zagadka throws a look over his shoulder, winking, then steps out.

Saturday Night...

Angelica is... standing just outside the new barn, leaning against one of the walls, and looking out towards the pasture, and all the cattle brought in, with raised eyebrows.

Michael Donovan comes out from the house and wanders over to the same vantage point as Angelica, his attention grabbed by the same thing.

Angelica glances over at movement from the house, then pauses just a little as she sees Mike, blinking slightly. Then she smiles a little and waves, and glances back over towards the cows.

Michael Donovan nods and smiles to Angelica. "Hi there," he greets politely. "Enjoying the view?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Hi to you as well. Yeah, haven't been out since they got them all brought in and settled."

Michael Donovan chuckles lightly. "Never thought we'd try to run a legitimate business out of this place," he muses. "But I guess if you're going to work out of a ranch, it's only natural that we'd have the livestock to go along with it."

Angelica nods a little bit. "Suppose the cover works a lot better when there's actually livestock to be seen if air recon or such is done, as well."

Michael Donovan nods right back. "I suppose. Unfortunately, it'll be an ungodly mess if another squad ship crash lands in the middle of things."

Angelica laughs slightly at that and sighs. "They'll have to try moving for some other spot, if they're trying to crash it down, then. You're exactly right... if one crashed into them, not only would it be a mess, but it would cut into production, when it's evidently being used to trade with other ranches for things."

Michael Donovan shrugs lightly at that. "Well, it'll keep a lot of us busy in our 'off hours', that's for certain."

Angelica nods a little bit at that. "Anyone who's willing to learn the equipment I'm assuming. I should probably try to, I'm still waiting to hear from Tyler when we're going to try flight training on a larger scale..."

Michael Donovan raises his eyebrows at the latter statement. "Sounds like something that's long overdue. However, we'd probably want to be discreet in where and how often we do training flights..."

Angelica nods a little. "we were talking about taking small groups up well north of the dust line, so they could practice flights without as much chance of coming under fire."

Michael Donovan nods back somewhat absently. "If there's a good enough place for it, it's there."

Angelica nods a little bit at that, and glances about. "Quiet night... I thought only three people went over to Russia. As quiet as it is, I'd wonder if a lot more went."

Michael Donovan leans back against the wall of the barn. "I guess other people have other things to do. Things don't seem to be buzzing around here recently, since..."

Angelica nods a little bit at that. "Since the incident a week ago, yes. I've noticed. If restocking goes off, perhaps things will pick up again."

Martin Grace wanders out of the house, flicking out a zippo to light up a cigar.

Michael Donovan heaves a sigh, "Of course the large part of it is trying to convince everyone that nobody was at fault for this one except the bad guys."

Angelica nods a little bit. "When events go wrong, people tend to over-judge their part in things, in hindsight."

Martin Grace inhales, then exhales a far-from-perfect smoke ring. That done, he starts to set one foot in front of the other.

Michael Donovan watches the smoke ring drift past. "I'll give that one a 7.5," he announces with a lopsided smirk.

Angelica glances over at that and shakes her head a little bit, rolling her eyes slightly.

Martin Grace says, "Yeah, I don't smoke these often enough to get into the Olympics, frankly." He blows another ring, which crooks and drifts in the night air. "But don't mind me. Just walkin' off my dinner."

Michael Donovan shrugs at that, "Not a problem. We're not up to anything top secret anyway. Please. Pull up a wall."

Angelica laughs a little at that and nods. "What have you been up to lately, Martin?"

Martin Grace gives Donovan a little negatory shake of the head. "That would make me, um, not be walking, y'see. I'll be back in a bit. I just like to pace around until my stomach doesn't feel so full." Then, at Angelica's question: "Mostly just enjoying some peace and quiet. You?"

Angelica smiles at Martin and nods a little bit. "Ah. About the same, the dairy barn didn't cause the construction injuries I expected."

Michael Donovan smiles back to Angelica, "Well, I would think that a slow business day for you would be a -good- thing..."

Martin Grace gives Angelica a nod. "Right. Well, I'll be back shortly. Just gonna stroll a bit."

Angelica nods a little at Mike. "certainly makes days easier, yes." She waves to Martin then. "Okay..."

Martin Grace returns from his walk after about thirty minutes or so.

Angelica glances up at Martin and smiles, waving to him. "Hi again..."

Martin Grace is now cigar-less. "Doctor." He looks around. "Donovan went inside?"

Angelica nods a little bit at that. "Yes. A little while ago."

Martin Grace nods, himself. "Alright. You're just standing around, then? Or ... is something going on?"

Angelica laughs a little bit and nods. "Yeah, I'm just standing around." She smiles brightly. "Exciting, yes?"

Martin Grace says, "You're an exciting alien gal, alright." He just shakes his head sadly. "Of course, I suppose I'm not much more thrilling."

Angelica laughs a little and rolls her eyes. "It's okay. No one expected you to be. I didn't...

Martin Grace says, "Yeah, well, when I get thrilling, it's usually because I'm yelling. You just gonna stand around here all night?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "Got something more interesting to do in mind?"

Martin Grace says, "Frankly, no." He shakes his head. "I suppose we could channel-surf."

Angelica laughs a little and nods. "I suppose so, yes..."

Martin Grace says, "I suppose, failing that, there's always late night target practice, but I'm just not in the mood."

Angelica hmms a little and nods, smiling. "I can certainly understand that. I'm not really any good at target shooting anyway. I miss too often." she smiles a little at that. "Should I get you something to drink or anything?

Martin Grace shakes his head. Motions for the door. "After you?"

Angelica smiles and would blush at that. "Why, thank you, kind sir..." she slips into the door.

Sunday Night ...

Pyotr Zagadka walks up from upstairs and into the Foyer, rubbing at his eyes as if he just woke up. The Russian's hair is all in a tussle and he yawns quite loudly.

Angelica glances up from the inside of the foyer, waving a little bit. "Morning..."

Pyotr Zagadka stops and yawns again, smiling faintly. "Da, morning... It IS morning, right?" he asks, if not too sure.

Angelica hmms a little bit. "When did you fall asleep?"

Pyotr Zagadka shakes his head. "not certain."

Angelica raises her eyebrows. "Well, considering it's 7 at night..."

Pyotr Zagadka ois and winces at that. "Seven?!" he asks. "I must have fallen asleep at.. 9 am."

Angelica laughs a little bit and nods. "Must have. Oh well... I figure if you're careful about it and go to bed early, you can adjust back easily enough."

Alexis Ayala yawns softly, walking into the house and taking a look around before she heads in.

Pyotr Zagadka grumbles. "I am too wired now to go sleep." he mumbles. He is about to say more when a visage walks through the door. The Russian grins at Alexis. "Seems I not only sleepyhead."

Angelica laughs a little bit and nods.

Alexis Ayala yawns at length, "What are you talking about?"

Pyotr Zagadka Crosses his arms, grinning. "Well I just woke up and it's Seven pm now... I was up all night and morning in lab. What your excuse?" he teases.

Angelica glances between the two and laughs, shaking her head and slipping back.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I'm a woman, that's my excuse."

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes at that and looks at Angelica. "Is that fair?"

Angelica laughs a little bit and raises her eyebrows. "In my experience? Yes."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Thank you."

Pyotr Zagadka gahs and sighs. "Double teamed.. yeesh."

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "Sorry. It's the basic design, it reacts like that sometimes. As a doctor who's had to take note of it, it's pretty much true of all women. Here anyway."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Yes, I do believe I win."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles faintly. "Sometimes I swear women outnumber men on this farm." he says, then quickly corrects himself. "Ranch, I mean. So, what are you two lovely ladies doing right now?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "I was just seeing who was inside, and wondering what to do for the rest of the night."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "You might be right, and so what if they do?" She says, with a smirk.

Pyotr Zagadka looks back at Alexis and holds up his hand. "Hey, I have no problem with that. Especially as of late." he says with a grin. The looks back at Angelica. "Well.. maybe one should ask what you WANT do, da?"

Alexis Ayala grins, "So, if I order you around and stuff it's not a problem?

Pyotr Zagadka looks back at Alexis and smirks mischievously. "Depends on order, Alexis."

Angelica shrugs a little bit. "I'm still thinking on that one."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "That's not an answer!"

Pyotr Zagadka sticks his tongue out at Alexis, then looks back at Angelica. "Well... what is FIRST thing that pop to mind?"

Angelica laughs a little bit and shrugs. "The first thing that comes to mind to me is slipping in and seeing if I have a jar of chestnuts in the fridge, then wondering if anyone's done something that would need me to be in the infirmary."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Hmm, sounds exciting."

Pyotr Zagadka wrinkles his nose. "Yes... if you like having no hobbies." he points out. "What of you, Alexis.. What you like to do?"

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "Sorry..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I'd like to order you to fetch me some food!"

Alexis Ayala grins

Pyotr Zagadka looks back at Alexis and, deadpan, says "Chinese or pizza?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Pizza"

Pyotr Zagadka hmmms. "I wonder if they deliver out here.." he says. "I don't have Amerikan Driver's license."

Alexis Ayala grins, "Guessin you'll have to find out."

Pyotr Zagadka acks. "Yuir mean!" he says, and looks around for a phonebook.

Angelica laughs a little bit and shakes her head, glancing around. "We're outside of town, so they might not.

Pyotr Zagadka hmmms and stops, looking back at the pair.. "Well... I will go look in the freezer.. maybe we have one we can bake!" he says, hopefully.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Maybe."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles. "We'll.. I'll see."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Think he'll get it?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little. "dunno."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "What did ya find?"

Pyotr Zagadka returns a few minutes later, the smell of Pizza wafting in from the Kitchen.. Apparently he found some.. YAY "Well.. Pizza, for starters." he says with a grin.

Angelica smiles a little at that. "Well, that makes things easier..."

Pyotr Zagadka laughs. "Da, it does. Look good, two.. One meat lovers and one 3 cheese."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Ah, indeed, so you're cooking?"

Pyotr Zagadka nods. "Almost done too.. Just pop into oven and bake for 20 mins.. should be done about now.'

Angelica smiles a little at that and nods. "Well, I hope the two of you enjoy your dinner..."

Pyotr Zagadka blinks. "You not join us?" he asks. "I mean, there is chestnuts in fridge."

Angelica smiles a little. "Well... okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "20 minutes, alright.

Pyotr Zagadka motions to the kitchen.

Angelica smiles and nods.

Alexis Ayala bounds into the kitchen, "pizzpizza"

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes as he opens the Oven and, with gloved hands, pulls out the two steaming discs of pizzaness, placing them on the table.

Angelica laughs a little at Alex's bounding in, shaking her head and raising her eyebrows, glancing to Pyotr and heading to the fridge for her chestnuts.

Alexis Ayala mms and moves towards the table

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles and grabs some plates and some glasses for soda.. and sits himself down. "This is so cool." he says. "I love pizza."

Alexis Ayala smiles and moves to sit down and grab herself a few pieces

Angelica glances over and raises her eyebrows, eating one of her chestnuts, after a slight laugh.

Alexis Ayala looks to Angelica, "Wha?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs, swallowing her chestnut. "Nothing."

Alexis Ayala giggles

Pyotr Zagadka looks between the two, suspiciously, a trail of cheese between his mouth and his slice of pizza drooping.

Alexis Ayala looks to Pyotr, "What? Don't play with your food."

Angelica laughs a little again at that, shaking her head, before eating another of her nuts.

Pyotr Zagadka grunts and chews his pizza.. and washes it down with some Dr Pepper. "I not play with food." he chastises her. "So what you been up to today?"

Alexis Ayala grins and eats her pizza, and then looks to him, finishing her bite, "Sleeping"

Angelica laughs a little and raises her eyebrows. "hmm. Seems like a lot of people are sleeping in the daytime lately."

Pyotr Zagadka looks all innocent. Because he is. "Hey, I stay up all night working." he points out.

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Just tired today."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "Sorry to hear you're feeling tired..." she smiles at Pyotr a little. "And looking at a clock never occurred to you. Of course."

Pyotr Zagadka bahs. "Clocks are for Bureaucrats." he says.

Alexis Ayala giggles softly, "Silly."

Pyotr Zagadka winks at Alexis. "Yes, I am."

Angelica laughs. "They're also for people who want to get up and go to bed at normal hours." She nods at Alex in agreement.

Pyotr Zagadka bahs. "Normal Hours are for wimps." he says, taking another bite of pizza. "Besides, I can think of much more fun things to be doing with my late nights then sleeping."

Alexis Ayala smiles and hmms, "Whatever you say Pyotr." she says, rolling her eyes.

Pyotr Zagadka whaaaaats. "Is true. I can be programming or playing my fiddle or.. asking someone to maybe snuggle watching a movie?" he asks, hopefully. Those big puppy dog eyes of his glimmer.

Alexis Ayala smiles, " could be, good phrase Pyotr." she says, nodding

Angelica smiles at that, and glances between the two, saying nothing, just slipping back a little bit, to be out of the way.

Pyotr Zagadka hehs and looks at his pizza, blushing a bit. "Cool." he says. Hey, it's better then an outright no, right? "I'll let YOU pick movie."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and grins, poking his side, "I think I'd like to watch a movie, but I don't know what."

Pyotr Zagadka squirms and almost giggles. "Well, I have large selection.. You choose." he says. "I probably have something for your taste."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and shrugs, "I just said I don't know what I want to watch?"

Pyotr Zagadka smirks. "Well look at Covers and maybe you'll get Ideas."

Angelica glances between the two quietly, and slips a little further back, smiling all the while.

Alexis Ayala nods, 'Alright." she says, taking a bite of pizza.

Pyotr Zagadka grins and finishes off another slice, quickly. He seems.. very happy. Humming contentedly.

Angelica smiles a little and eats another chestnut, glancing about the kitchen a little.

Pyotr Zagadka looks up from his pizza and looks at Angelica. "Whaaaaat?" he asks. "You are thinking something."

Alexis Ayala grins, looking to Angelica, "She is."

Pyotr Zagadka blinks. "What?"

Angelica raises her eyebrows and blinks. "Wha? I'm just standing here..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Surrrre, standing there and THINKING*

Pyotr Zagadka points fork mock threateningly. "I just want know what is going through her mind."

Angelica starts laughing a little and shrugs. "Well, after the comment about snuggling in front of a movie, I thought I should find somewhere to go, to leave you two alone to that."

Monday Night...

Angelica stands quietly in the kitchen, turned towards the sink away from everyone, eating something.

Pyotr Zagadka quietly walks into the kitchen, his tummy all rumbly. Seems someone needs food.

Angelica hears someone behind her, and finishes what she was eating, folding a plastifoam tray that was under it, and putting it in the trash, dabbing her mouth with a paper towel, and turning. "Hi there..."

Pyotr Zagadka raises a brow and smiles at Angelica, grinning as he sees her trying to hide the remains of her /meal/ and shaking his head. "hey there." he says. "You know. You not have to hide your food from me."

Angelica shakes her head a little and smiles. "Sorry. Was just finishing. Thought everyone was in bed."

Pyotr Zagadka laughs faintly. "it to early to be asleep." he says. Yep, it's the GEEKING HOUR. "Why are you not asleep?"

Angelica shrugs a little bit. "I was going to go back to my room and sleep, in a little while, actually. I guess it really isn't bedtime yet, it's not even 11, just thought the kitchen would be empty."

Pyotr Zagadka hehs and heads for the fridge. "Never to me." he says. "Late night is best time to eat. The Best leftovers." he points out.

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "Well, I wouldn't know about that, since I don't touch the leftovers."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles. "What WERE you eatin?" he asks, curious.

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Someone decided they'd cook one steak and leave the other one in there sitting, for multiple days. I figured it should be finished off before it got old."

Pyotr Zagadka ews, slightly. "Was it at least marinated?" he asks.

Angelica shrugs a little. "You asked. I was trying to catch the kitchen empty so no one would have to think about it. And no."

Pyotr Zagadka ohs. "Well, I probably shouldn't be talking.. I mean.. I don't mind aged meat.. after it's been aged and THEN cooked. Is considered Russian delicacy."

Angelica laughs a little bit. "I'd seen the package in there for maybe 3 days, with the one left re-wrapped, it wasn't out of date yet, but..."

Pyotr Zagadka ahhhs now. "I see." he says as he roots through the fridge. "Mmmm.. left over pizza." he says, almost drooling.

Angelica laughs a little. "That's usually a good bet. You eat it cold, or microwave it?"

Pyotr Zagadka ughs. "Cold. Microwaves turn it to cardboard."

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "I've seen different people have it both ways."

Pyotr Zagadka makes a face still. "Then they not normal." he says as he claims his prize. "Is like people who not lie Hawaiian pizza.. not normal."

Angelica pauses a little and shrugs, smiling. "Again, I wouldn't know..."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "Does it cause you stomach distress to eat Human food?"

Angelica shrugs a little. "Cooked food, yes."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "Well.. what if it is cooked.. then cold later?"

Angelica shakes her head. "It's the cooking, not whether its cold or not. If I even thought I wouldn't get sick from it, I would switch in a minute, so as not to offend some people.

Pyotr Zagadka bahs. "You should not have to change to protect other peoples eating habits." he says.

Angelica smiles sweetly and shrugs a little bit. "I've been trying to hide them so I wouldn't have to, really."

Pyotr Zagadka ohs. He looks a bit sad at that. "You should get to be self, more." he says.

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "The way things are standing at the moment, I'm just glad I'm allowed to stay around at all. There are people who did not and may still not like having me here. Though I suspect it wouldn't be nearly as easy if I weren't a doctor, or if more doctors were around."

Pyotr Zagadka sighs. "I would not like it if you left." he says.

Angelica shakes her head and smiles again. "I'm not leaving. I figure you guys need to have me around to patch you up, when you all get home from being shot at."

Pyotr Zagadka looks up. "No no.. I mean.. if they had MADE you leave I would be sad." he says. "I know you NOT leaving."

Angelica laughs a little at that. "They won't make me leave. I just try to make myself easy to live around, and not too disturbing, figuring it'll keep everyone happier."

Pyotr Zagadka says, "I know but... Still... You should get to act more naturally."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "I'm already used to my situation as it stands, actually. Tonight was simply a slip, where I didn't eat quickly enough before someone came in."

Pyotr Zagadka ohs quietly. "Well.. In any event.. like I said.. Just do what you would do NATURALLY when I am around. I don't mind."

Angelica laughs a little, and pulls a jar out of the fridge, popping it open and starting to munch a water chestnut. "Figure it won't be too long before someone teases me about being addicted to these, as well. I had to stop eating them around one or two people in Miami, cause hearing me munch on them was driving them up the walls."

Tuesday Night...

Alexis Ayala takes a step in and peers around, "Thought I'd find you here."

Angelica looks up and laughs. "Not difficult to figure. Had a patient come in earlier today, so was waiting to see what else happened before going off shift."

Alexis Ayala nods, "We still haven't had you're indoctrination into American Film."

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "No, we haven't."

Alexis Ayala nods, "is tonight a good Night Angelica?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, I suppose it could be, yes."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Well alright then, what Genre of film shall we start with, to begin your indoctrination? I know a good one, just came out on DVD."

Angelica hmms and shrugs. "Any you'd want to show me, I guess..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and nods slowly, "That's sort of a broad category me out will ya?"'

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I'll victimize you to a Lucas vision of the future then."

Angelica laughs a little bit. "Oh? Okay..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Star Wars, heard of it?"

Angelica laughs softly. "Didn't think that was a version of the future, but yes."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Okay, Futuristic Past...whatever." she says, "Sound good?"

Angelica laughs at that and nods. "Sounds fine."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Maybe see if anyone else wants to join?"

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "How should we go about that?"

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "Well, not sure that it's important enough to call on the radio..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "How would you go about it then?"

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "Look around for anyone out in the open maybe? I dunno."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Alright." she says, "Not doing any good in the infirmary then."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Guess not."

Alexis Ayala nods, and heads on out.

Alexis Ayala looks around, "No one here."

Alexis Ayala peers around as she enters the Yard, "Kinda quiet night..."

Angelica nods a little bit. "Seems to be."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Indeed."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Sure you don't want to have a round of Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots before the movie?

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "Well, if you insist..."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "Ya sure?"

Angelica laughs and shrugs.

Alexis Ayala shrugs herself, and gets up to go put the movie in.

Angelica smiles, shrugging and settling in, nestling onto the couch.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly and gets the remote after turning the TV on, moving to the couch to sit back down and start the movie. "This one's a classic."

Angelica hmms and nods. "Yes, so I've heard. I've also heard that the DVDs are twice removed from the original movies?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "A bit, kind of like a fourth generation of the Movie, some things removed, some things added, lotsa things improved..."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Ah. What I heard was that some of them weren't considered improvements by some."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "There are some things fans would rather of not had removed, oh, it's starting, gotta read the intro and all."

Angelica mmmhmms. "Especially starting in the middle, I'd say so."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and shrugs, listening to the music and reading the text.

Angelica smiles, settling in and watching.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "So how many movies you think we'll get in tonight?

Angelica smiles, shrugging a little. "Just depends on how long we stay up, I guess. I should get some sleep before I work in the infirmary tomorrow, but..."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Sleep is for the weak! *quietly* this subliminal message brought to you by Tide."

Alexis Ayala sits on the couch with Angelica, watching a Star Destroyer loom over a Rebel Blockade Runner.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I guess if episode III were out I'd actually start from Episode I."

Angelica nods a little and shrugs. "Suppose so..."

Pyotr Zagadka walks into the living room with a HUGE bowl of extra buttery popcorn, freshly made. He hums to himself lowly and makes for the couch, grinning.

Alexis Ayala looks up, "Hey, the man's trying to bust up Ladies Night." she says, with a big smirk.

Pyotr Zagadka stops a few feet into the room and blinks... He blushes, looking embarrasses, and slowly starts to turn around....

Angelica glances up at Pyotr and waves. "Hi Pyotr. She's just teasing..."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "I think you need to get used to my teasing Pyotr..."

Alexis Ayala grins and pats her lap, "Come here and sit down and watch movies with us you big hunk of man you." she says, winking.

Pyotr Zagadka stops AGAIN, and slowly turns around once more to give a suspicious look at the duo. Then he smirks faintly. "Amerikan humor is still a bit above me." he says as he walks over to the couch again and decides WHERE to sit.

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Could sit on Angelica's lap I guess."

Pyotr Zagadka oooohs and chuckles and sits on her lap for a moment.. then slide between her and Angelica.

Angelica laughs at that, shaking her head a little. "silly people..."

Alexis Ayala giggles and turns her attention back the movie, and the voice of James Earl Jones.

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles and leans back, the bowl of popcorn in his lap so all can share. "Yay! Star Vars." he says. He loves this movie.

Alexis Ayala nudges Pyotr, "Down in front!"

Pyotr Zagadka oofs and quickly shuts up.. relegated to eating popcorn and watching the movie, stealing glances and a few small smiles at Alexis.

Angelica sits quietly and watches, not touching the popcorn of course, smiling at the others. She hmms for a moment then, watching the two and slipping up off the couch, to the other couch, where she can watch the movie, and them.

Alexis Ayala blinks, and watches Angelica, "You don't need to move Angelica? Were we making you feel uncomfortable?"

Pyotr Zagadka frowns and looks over at Angelica as well.

Angelica smiles at Pyotr and Alex, shaking her head. "I just figured you two might enjoy having the couch to yourselves more. Sorry."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "It's not a problem Angelica, really..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "More cozy with everyone"

Pyotr Zagadka nods at this. "Da, she is right." he says. "I mean, three isn't always crowd."

Alexis Ayala nods.

Angelica smiles a little and slips back over. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles and returns her attention to the movie.

Pyotr Zagadka grins as well and leans back, relaxed and with good company. Oh, look! Wookies!

Alexis Ayala hmms, "That big furry one kinda reminds me of you."

Angelica laughs a little bit.

Pyotr Zagadka blinks at this. "Why gee.. thank you your highness." he says, elbowing Alexis with a smirk.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I guess that makes me a princess."

Pyotr Zagadka doesn't say a word.. Nope! He could get in trouble. Mmm. popcorn.

Angelica laughs again, shaking her head and sitting back.

Alexis Ayala crunches on some popcorn and enjoys the movie.

A bit into the movie Pyotr YAWNS and stretches in typical American teenager fashion, exaggerating it completely in purpose, and 'accidentally' slips his arm Behind Alexis.

Alexis Ayala pokes Pyotr, "Dork."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles but doesn't remove said arm. "Da, that's me." he says.

Angelica laughs at Pyotr and Alex, shaking her head a little bit.

Alexis Ayala shakes her head, "If you wanted to put your arm around me, you didn't have to make with the theatrics."

Pyotr Zagadka awwws but still smiles. "I know but.. well... I have ALWAYS wanted to do that." he says with a wink.

Angelica laughs a little again, and watches the movie, not saying anything.

Alexis Ayala yawns theatrically and leans her head against Pyotr's shoulder.

Pyotr Zagadka oohs. "Say... I give ten out of ten for execution." he says quietly, teasing, and sets HIS head against hers gently.

Angelica smiles at the two, and settles back into her seat, being quiet.

Alexis Ayala is quiet too, watching movie.

We are, what, 2/3rds through the movie now? Everyone has, amazing been quiet the whole time. Pyotr snuggles a bit closer, unconsciously, and munches on popcorn... He is very very relaxed.. all he's missing is a martini.

Alexis Ayala munches popcorn herself, enjoying the movie, looking over now and then to see how Angelica is doing.

Angelica smiles a little, still sitting quietly and watching the movie, not saying a word.

Alexis Ayala points, "See Pyotr, she can be quiet."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles and nods. "Hey, I didn't say anything about that!" he says, joking.

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Yes, but you made big scene of yawning and such."

Angelica laughs a little bit.

Pyotr Zagadka snorts and looks at Alexis. "Coming from woman who made scene of snuggling my shoulder?" he asks.

Alexis Ayala nods, "I can do that because I'm making fun of you when I do it."

Angelica smiles a little bit, glancing over at the two for a moment.

Pyotr Zagadka grins. "I wuz making fun as well." he points out. "Though results were very pleasant and sincere."

Alexis Ayala rolls her eyes, "you were just being a dork."

Angelica tries to keep watching the movie, being quiet through all of it, trying to be the perfect angel she's supposed to be and not noticing the people next to her, regardless of what they're doing.

Pyotr Zagadka snorts again but smiles. "Maybe, but I was dork in sweet way." he points out.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Besides, if I really wanted to make a scene, I could do other things."

Pyotr Zagadka blinks. "Other things?" he asks.

Angelica blinks a little at that, and smiles a little more, staying really quiet.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Feeeeeaar."

Pyotr Zagadka oooohs. "Fear, huh?" he asks. He grins at this and leans back, smirking evilly.

Angelica laughs very softly at that, shaking her head, and raising her eyebrows.

Alexis Ayala nods, "yes, Fearr."

Pyotr Zagadka grins. "Fear what?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Me making a scene?"

Angelica shakes her head and laughs.

Pyotr Zagadka rolls hie eyes. "Women, yeesh. I never understand."

Alexis Ayala nods, "you're not supposed to."

Angelica laughs a little bit more, and tries to watch the movie quietly.

Pyotr Zagadka mutters and stays snuggled, and watches Luke single-handedly whack the Death Star! YAY! Awww, poor Artoo *sniff*

Alexis Ayala hmms, "New movie time soon."

Angelica hmms and nods. "Guess so."

Pyotr Zagadka Raises an eyebrow. "Any preferences?" he asks.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "How about the next in the series."

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles and nods. "Empire?" he asks, to be sure.

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "suppose we could..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Yeah, makes sense."

Pyotr Zagadka snorts, and leans forward to grab the remote.. Thank god for multi-disc dvd players. He taps the NEXT key and leans back. "I am so weary from that hard work." he moans.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Too bad there's only one disc in the player..." she says, opening it up and moving to get the next movie.

Pyotr Zagadka acks. "Damn!" he says.

Angelica smiles at the two, nodding a little bit. "Be nice if they had a multi-disc changer, but oh well."

Alexis Ayala giggles and gets the movie all ready and such.

Pyotr Zagadka shakes his head and pats the space beside him. "Your mission is accomplished.. Now sit and enjoy!"

Alexis Ayala nods, "Okay." she says, and she sits beside Angelica and dramatically swings her legs over Angelica's, and wraps her arms around Angelica's neck, settling her head against her shoulder comfortably.

Angelica blinks a little at that, raising her eyebrows, and trying to move her arms so she can support Alex properly like she is.

Pyotr Zagadka pouts and hrmphs and scrunches in his seat and eats popcorn all grumpy like... heehee

Alexis Ayala hmms and smiles, "See, I can make a scene if I want."

Angelica raises her eyebrows at Alex, and laughs slightly.

Pyotr Zagadka sticks out his tongue once, blahing, and then shifts over over to lay back on the couch and lay his head in Alexis's lap while she snuggles Angelica.. Nyah Nyah!

Alexis Ayala blinks, and shrugs, getting /more/ comfortable on Angelica, "Kay, push play already."

Angelica tries adjust Alex on her a little bit, so she's comfortable underneath, then leaves it as it is, laughing.

Pyotr Zagadka raspberries the pair and, reaching to grab the DVD remote, pushes play and lets the movie roll.

Alexis Ayala hmms, looking to Angelica, "You're pretty comfortable."

Pyotr Zagadka looks 'up' at the pair and pouts.

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "Had to adjust so I wouldn't squirm while you were sitting on me."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "I can see why Maggie likes you."

Pyotr Zagadka Raises a brow. "Who is Maggie?"

Angelica laughs a little at that and raises her eyebrows. "I'm... still not sure about that one, entirely."

Alexis Ayala ahs, "Well, It's a pity that I can't make you blush, tell me more?""

Pyotr Zagadka listens intently, munching on the popcorn. "I still don't know who this Maggie is." he points out between handfuls.

Angelica laughs a little bit. "One of the newer people around here, newer than any of us even. She was... what's that phase they mentioned in Miami..." She thinks, then remembers. "... a little fresh with me, when I met her."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Care to elaborate?"

Pyotr Zagadka blinks at this. "REALLY!" he asks, intrigued by this. "Wow.. I don't think no one be fresh with /me/ before." he says, depressed.

Angelica laughs and shakes her head. "It was a little creepy almost, a girl I'd never met before wanting to hold hands and call me 'honey' like I was her girlfriend or something..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "You let her..."

Pyotr Zagadka raises a brow now. "Let her.... what?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I'm not really sure that's what they refer to as fresh though."

Alexis Ayala looks to Pyotr, "Hold hands and call her Honey! perv!"

Pyotr Zagadka ochs. "hey, I was not implying anything." he says, sincerely.

Angelica shakes her head. "I wasn't exactly sure what was up, so I didn't say anything."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I'm not sure that's what you call being fresh, now me sitting here and getting all comfortable in your lap, you might call that 'fresh'."

Pyotr Zagadka pouts again and just looks at the TV, watching the movie now.

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "Well, maybe. I'm not sure what Maggie would have done, if I'd given her the opening or opportunity, though..." She grins a little, glancing over towards Pyotr, and hmming slightly.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "I think, that if you can play matchmaker with me, I can do it with you, SO, you should take Maggie out on a date, in fact, you should ASK her out on a date tomorrow."

Pyotr Zagadka munches popcorn, engrossed in the Hoth thing. Reminds him of home in spring.. Sans the At-Ats of course."

Angelica blinks at Alex and raises her eyebrows. "You think so?" She laughs a little. "I was thinking..." she lowers her voice to not be heard. "of trying to make Pyotr more jealous." she grins a little

Alexis Ayala giggles and grins, "oh?"

Pyotr Zagadka uh ohs but doesn't look up....

Angelica glances over at Pyotr, then grins at Alex, bouncing her eyebrows, and touching her fake lips to Alex's cheek, glancing promptly over at Pyotr after.

Alexis Ayala oohs and blushes, "You're being so nice tonight Angelica."

Pyotr Zagadka catches the little kiss out of the corner of his eyes and fidgets slightly.

Angelica laughs a little and glances up. "Ooh. he's fidgeting now..." She grins at him. "Better come and get her, Pyotr..."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "come and get me?"

Pyotr Zagadka didn't hear that, what Alexis said.. But he did hear what Angelica said.. and he looks up finally, frowning.

Angelica laughs a little. She mutters to Alexis Ayala, "I'm trying to see if I can get him to take you for himself, seeing if he'll think I'm trying to steal you away from him."

Alexis Ayala blushes softly, "You've never really been so nice to me Angelica..."

Pyotr Zagadka frowns even more. He knows they are joking.. Or does he? He looks confused and angry and maybe a wee bit hurt. Finally he pushes himself up, setting the bowl of popcorn aside.

Alexis Ayala looks up at Pyotr, blinking and watching.

Angelica sighs a little and shakes her head, glancing to Pyotr. "We were only kidding..." She glances up at Alex. "Maybe you should go be nice to him? He is after all your boyfriend..."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "I keep wondering when he's going to rescue me from you." she says with a wink, "All your advances and such, I'm starting to become wary."

Pyotr Zagadka turns around, raising an eyebrow once. "I am not leaving." he says, finally, smirking a it. I just needed to get up cause it makes this easier."

Alexis Ayala blinks, looking to Angelica, a 'he's gonna do something' look.

Alexis Ayala looks to Angelica still, "Be still my little heart," she leans her head back, "If you were to kiss me again, I just don't know what I'd do!"

Alexis Ayala giggles

Angelica glances to Alex and blinks.

Pyotr Zagadka ahems and pushes his hair out of his eyes,. IF people wanna play games.. he can play them better, dammit.. So he turns to face the duo and leans in slowly, until he is almost nose to Nose with Alexis.. Looking deep into her eyes for a long solitary moment.. When She turns back to him after joking about kisses.. Well, he takes the initiative and presses his lips gently to hers.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "Okay okay, I'm not an Actress, I'm a gunbunny?"

Alexis Ayala blinks, and her eyes flutter, and she just kind of lets him kiss her, more than little surprised.

Pyotr Zagadka's kiss isn't stiff or staggered. It is not forceful but warmly inviting.. he doesn't pull away from Alexis, not yet, just continually lengthening the kiss out.. the action beckoning reprisal in kind...

Alexis Ayala still has her arms around Angelica and such, and is well, still pretty close to her, bodily, so the kiss is more than a little awkward for her, but she certainly doesn't move away, her eyes closed.

Angelica just turns politely away, smiling at the whole thing.

Pyotr Zagadka presses into the kiss a bit more, sliding around the pair so he is better accessible to Alexis. His lips brush against hers intimately, warm like velvet, until finally he needs to take a breath.. He pulls back slightly and inhales very very deeply, his eyes closed.

Alexis Ayala blinks softly, realizing that while Pyotr was kissing her, she tensed and hugged Angelica all the tighter, she blinks at him, and smiles softly, blushing deeply.

Angelica just turns politely away, smiling at the whole thing.

Angelica blinks a little as she's held tighter, pausing at it, and raising her eyebrows, even if she isn't looking.

Alexis Ayala is still holding Angelica kinda tight, blushing softly, "You mean, you didn't?"

Pyotr Zagadka is still at a loss of words it seems. And Confused.

Angelica raises her eyebrows at Alex and blinking just a little.

Alexis Ayala cants her head at Pyotr.

Pyotr Zagadka blinks again. "Didn't.. what?"

Alexis Ayala nods, "You said it."

Pyotr Zagadka ohs. "No, sorry.. I mean.. I am flustered.. English is hard at moment." he says sheepishly.

Angelica simply says nothing, still just watching on with her eyebrows raised.

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Okay..."

Pyotr Zagadka sighs and brushes that white lock of hair from his eyes. "What I trying to say was.. Wow." he tells her, breathlessly. "And... That I really liked that and... I hope I didn't make Angelica OR you uncomfortable."

Alexis Ayala looks to Angelica.

Angelica laughs just a little bit, raising her eyebrows at Pyotr. "Maybe you should pick her up and hold her on your lap?"

Pyotr Zagadka ahhhs and smile a bit and Looks at Alexis. "Would you like that?" he asks, slowly.. He wants to be sure so he doesn't screw up here and read things wrong.. Cause he's a dumb male. Though he IS trying not to be.

Alexis Ayala blinks softly, "I don't think he's as soft as you are." she says, giggling, "But I'll give you some room to breath." she says, a little embarrassed at how she was holding Angel all tight.

Pyotr Zagadka frowns.. "Unless you want her to hold her.. Or you want to hold her." he says to the two.

Alexis Ayala blinks, looking to Angelica, "Did that make any sense to you?"

Angelica laughs a little bit at that, raising her eyebrows. "I thought she just sat on me to tease you, more than for the sake of sitting on my lap..."

Pyotr Zagadka holds up his hands. "Right now.. I don't know WHAT means what." he says, honestly.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly and slides off of Angelica, "well, I guess I made my scene."

Alexis Ayala seems just a wee embarrassed.

Pyotr Zagadka seems a wee bit embarrassed too because.. he doesn't know how to read anything at the moment. "I think.. I think I should go to my room." he says slowly.. and stands. And walks towards the door.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "Good Night?"

Angelica blinks and frowns.

Alexis Ayala sighs, and looks to Angelica, "I'm sorry, that was probably my fault, but I promised you a movie I'm going to stay, alright?" she says, looking to the movie, "Besides...I can talk to you."

Angelica smiles and nods a little bit. "Sure."

Alexis Ayala nods, and still sits close, as the movie plays, "Pyotr...he puts me on this pedestal, or, he says he doesn't, but he thinks so highly of me, I'm not always comfortable around him because of the way he acts on account of me...He told me he liked me, and I told him it was okay, and he just seems to have taken this leap conceptually...I don't know how to describe it...but, I don't know, you're probably the person I'm most comfortable with, I could say anything to you, it's not like you gossip..."

Angelica blinks a little at that, eyes widening a little bit. "Really? wow... Never had anyone say that to me before. Thanks." She smiles.

<ResRadio> Pyotr Zagadka says, "Elizabeth, are you there?"

Alexis Ayala blushes a little bit at that and nods, "Pyotr, and me, we're good friends, but...I couldn't talk to him about anything, because of the way he sees me, but, I don't know, I can say anything to you, I don't think you'd ever be judgmental, and you're a lizard at that, I mean...well, I never thought a lizard would be like, my best friend"

<ResRadio> Elizabeth Maxwell says, "Yes? What do you need?"

<ResRadio> Pyotr Zagadka says, "I had my laptop running in lab.. If you could please, turn it off? I am not in house and.. don't feel like coming back in for now. I will be in room if needed. Danke."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "I'm just the same me that I've always been..." She raises her eyebrows. "Still, I will say, I talk to you more than anyone in camp. You're my best friend here as well."

<ResRadio> Elizabeth Maxwell says, "All right."

Alexis Ayala blinks, and her head cocks back a little bit, "Really?" and then she smirks, "Even with Maggie holding hands and such?"

Angelica laughs a little bit. "that was the first and only time I've ever met her..."

Alexis Ayala grins, "Don't you think you two are moving a little fast?" she says, still smirking.

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head. "I'm still not certain what provoked her acting like that, I just played along because I didn't know her well enough to tell how she'd react if I didn't."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, and smiles, "You're a very kind person Angelica."

Angelica smiles at that, raising her eyebrows. "Thanks.... just part of being a doctor, I guess. You're very kind as well, though..."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "I wasn't to Grace that one time."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, we were just being silly. I went and apologized to him for my part later, or tried to at least."

Alexis Ayala nods softly, "What happened?"

Angelica shrugs. "Well, evidently he doesn't like getting explanations as apologies. Not sure why..."

Alexis Ayala ahs, and nods, and shrugs, "He's a man." she says, and winks, giggling, turning her attention back to the movie, she pick sup the popcorn and holds the bowl in your direction.

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head. "No thanks..."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "Can you really taste it anyway?'

Angelica shakes her head. "It's cooked. It'll make me sick."

Alexis Ayala ohs, and nods, "Really? I didn't know that..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Or I forgot completely."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Sorry."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "not your fault..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "So what are you going to do if you see Maggie tomorrow?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "I'll have to see how it goes..."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "That doesn't say much to me."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "well, I don't want to push anything if she isn't as forward with me tomorrow night..."

Alexis Ayala giggles softly, "That mean if she takes your hand again you'll ask her out on a date?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "I may try leading up to it... gradually."

Alexis Ayala giggles and nods, "Uh huh, could you possibly be a little nervous about the concept?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Well, I've never even thought about dating another girl, or even dating anyone local at all..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Does that mean you thought about dating before?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "I dated once... a long time ago."

Alexis Ayala nods, "oh?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Didn't work out."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Care to talk about it?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Guy acted so nice up to a point, then when it built into a relationship, his true colors showed through, and he was an unrepentant asshole. That's all."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Oh, great..."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Never really thought about it again after that."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I've never date at all."

Angelica smiles a little bit and nods. "Ah."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "Yup, that's me, I date my guns." she says, making a face.

Angelica laughs and rolls her eyes. "Uh-huh."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "And one dinner with Pyotr."

Angelica laughs and nods. "Well, that sounds more like a proper date, right there."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Suppose so." she says, smiling.

Angelica raises her eyebrows. "So how well did that dinner go?"

Alexis Ayala smiles, "His cooking was great."

Angelica smiles and nods. "So how was his company? Since he puts you so high on a pedestal, he can barely speak English when you're around..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "His company was good, definitely, he was very kind."

Angelica smiles adn nods at that. "Well, that's good to hear."

Alexis Ayala nods softly, "Oh, most certainly."

Angelica smiles a little more, settling back in her seat a bit.

Alexis Ayala smiles and returns her attention to the movie.

Angelica smiles and does the same, settling in.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly and enjoys.

Angelica smiles and settles in, watching and enjoying as well.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Continue tommorow night as well?"

Angelica smiles and nods. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "wonder what we'll watch then."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Your choice... I'm just here to watch."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "And learn"

Angelica smiles a little at that and nods. "Okay, and learn."

Wednesday Afternoon...

Angelica sits quietly at one of the couches, well, more like laying on it, and watching the news.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I half expected to find you in the infirmary."

Angelica laughs and shrugs.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Has Pyotr been seen about or is he still in Ghost Mode?"

Angelica hmms a little and shakes her head. "I haven't seen him..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Still in Ghost Mode then...anything good on the news?

Angelica hmms and shakes her head. "Nothing that I've entirely noticed..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Will the St. Helens thing give the Visitors any trouble?

Angelica shakes her head. "Doubtful, at least not much of one. Almost all the area up there beyond the very coastline is within the toxic zone."

Alexis Ayala ahs, and nods slowly, "Too bad then..."

Angelica shrugs a little. "Yes, it is too bad." She settles in and glances at the movies. "So, what you bring this time?"

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Episode 6 of Star Wars, Terminator 1 and 2..."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "Oh."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Thoughts?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Not really. I figure I should be quiet and get ready to watch, rather than thinking."

Alexis Ayala giggles softly, "Alright alright, anything you'd like to eat since you can't have popcorn?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs, shaking her head. "I'm fine."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Alright, Return of the Jedi it is then." she says, taking out last nights film and putting in the 6th episode.

Angelica nods a little, and settles back in to watch.

Alexis Ayala grabs the remote and takes a seat on the right couch, watching the introduction scroll as the movie begins.

Angelica settles in to watch, observing quietly.

Alexis Ayala hmms and smiles, "So I keep wondering how long we're going to make your indoctrination..."

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "Well, however long you want it, I guess..."

Alexis Ayala hmms and nods, "Well I guess I'll have to take you through several genres, we'll see how it goes..." she says, turning her attention to Jabba's Palace.

Angelica hmms and nods. "Okay..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I'd say this is my favorite Star wars movie."

Angelica hmms a little. "Oh? That's interesting..." She considers a little bit.

Alexis Ayala nods, "This is the were Luke really showcases his abilities, and some other cool things happen."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "isn't this also the one with the planet of teddy bears?"

Alexis Ayala giggles, "I don't think I've ever heard the Ewoks called that."

Angelica shrugs and smiles a little.

Alexis Ayala smiles and returns her attention to the movie, "I suppose they kind of are like big Teddy Bears, they're cute..."

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "I suppose cuteness becomes a requirement for holding younger audiences..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Though the film has had plenty of older audiences."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "I suppose so."

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "What have you thought of the movies so far?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Oh, they're interesting enough..."

Alexis Ayala hmms and nods, "interesting enough...okay."

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs, smiling.

Alexis Ayala smiles and averts her attention to the movie.

Angelica smiles, watching the movie quietly, eyes half-closed as she does.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "Tired?"

Angelica smiles and shakes her head. "Not really."

Alexis Ayala nods, "oh, okay."

Angelica smiles, watching quietly. "Interesting movie so far, at least."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I like it." she says, "I'd have to say it's one of my favorites, but I'm not a fanatic or anything."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Ah."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I guess, generally I like Action movies."

Angelica smiles at that and nods.

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "probably has a lot to do with my primary hobby."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Ah."

Alexis Ayala grins, "Guns."

Angelica smiles and nods a little bit.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I suppose yours is patching people up?

Angelica smiles and nods. "Basically."

Alexis Ayala nods, "So, most of what you eat is fresh kill?"

Angelica hmms. "Most of what they eat, anyway. Most of what I've been eating is on plastifoam plates with wrappers and clear markings."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "like?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "You'll excuse me please if I tend to avoid talking about it? usually the same things that the others eat after cooking them."

Alexis Ayala ohs, and nods, "Sorry, excuse my curiosity."

Angelica smiles a little and shakes her head. "I just don't want to disturb anyone about what I eat. Some people are bothered because I'm not trying to be a complete vegetarian."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I eat cow, I just cook it."

Alexis Ayala grins, "As long as you don't get hungry and start nibbling on my arm, we'll be cool, okay? And well, if you're really hungry, nibble the left one first, kay?"

Angelica rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Funny. Really funny."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I try."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs a bit, going back to watching the movie.

Alexis Ayala smirks just a bit, watching the movie quietly.

Angelica hmms a little, watching. "Almost over, yes?"

Alexis Ayala nods, "I do suppose so."

Angelica smiles a little and settles in.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "So, Terminator next then..."

Angelica smiles and nods a little bit

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Do you have a favorite Genre yet?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "Not really...."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Okay, then after Terminator, maybe we'll watch another Genre."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Honestly, of the Trilogy, Terminator 2 is my favorite."

Angelica smiles a little and settles in. "Well, we should watch the first two then, maybe. The third was... far less popular, yes? I seem to recall mention once of the actor going into politics soon after."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "I'm not sure about the third one myself, but sure, I'll put in the first one now."

Angelica nods a little bit and smiles.

Alexis Ayala nods and gets up as ROTJ ends, putting in Terminator and putting away SW6

Angelica smiles, and settles in a little more.

Alexis Ayala smiles and bounds into her seat next Angelica, wiggling a bit and settling in before she hits 'play' on the remote, "I've always kind of liked Arnold's accent."

Angelica watches the movie and laughs a little at it.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "it's not /such/ a far fetched concept...well, it wasn't."

Angelica hmms a little and shrugs. "I've never heard of such an idea myself, it does sound like very much of a temptation, of continually over-automating everything..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Most certainly."

Angelica smiles a little. "Not healthy either, the more automated things get, the more lazy people become. And the more out of shape."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "I suppose you're right."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Just looking at it through my usual filter of things, of course..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Right, I hear you."

Angelica smiles, staying quiet and watching.

Alexis Ayala hmms and smiles, settling in comfortably and watching.

Later On...

Alexis Ayala has sat through Terminator I and II with Angelica, and smiles, "What were we going to watch now?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "well, whatever you thought I needed to watch, I guess..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "We had agreed on another genre?"

Angelica smiles and nods. "Yes, we had."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "What did we have in mind, if anything?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "I didn't have anything in mind, figured you'd know best. You know the movies better."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and nods, "comedy, Chick Flick? Disney?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "16 Candles?

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Any is fine..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I guess we can do a little comedy, not sure what to start with though..."

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little, raising her eyebrows. "So many movies, so little time, yes?"

Alexis Ayala giggles, "We have all the time in the world don't we?"

Angelica laughs a little. "hm. Guess so."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "We could always go for drama, say, Sleepless in Seattle."

Angelica smiles a little and hmms. "Don't we get enough drama in our lives as it is?"

Alexis Ayala laughs, "Maybe comedy would be good, I'm trying to think of a good Comedy movie that doesn't annoy me..."

Angelica hmms a little and smiles. "Ah."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Like sometimes, National Lampoon's Vacation or whatever, that one annoys me a bit..."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "Why is that?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Some of it is really stupid comedy."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "Ah."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I'm thinking..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Liar Liar?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "all right."

Alexis Ayala smiles and gets up to put in the next movie.

Angelica smiles and settles into the couch.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I'm going to get something to drink, how are you on drinks?"

Angelica smiles a little and hmms. "Orange juice if there's any in the fridge."

Alexis Ayala ahs, "And, you don't want it cooked, right?" she says, smirking before she moves off to the kitchen.

Angelica rolls her eyes and shakes her head a little, settling in.

Alexis Ayala comes back with an Orange juice and a mixed OJ/Cranberry.

Angelica smiles at that, watching quietly.

Alexis Ayala sits down next to Angelica and holds out the OJ to her.

Angelica smiles, taking the OJ and starting to drink it, settling in. "thanks."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Quite welcome."

Angelica smiles, settling in to watch the movie then

Alexis Ayala sips her juice and pulls up her feet, scrunching up and getting comfy.

Angelica smiles, watching that and laughing a little, trying to stretch herself a little bit.

Alexis Ayala watches you stretch, "Going to pull a Pyotr?" she says with a smirk.

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head, settling back into her position. " Nope."

Alexis Ayala giggles and turns her attention back to the movie

Angelica laughs and watches quietly.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "What I really need is a blanket."

Angelica hmms a little bit, standing up. "I'll get you one, then."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "Oh, okay, thank you Angelica."

Angelica smiles, slipping up to get the blanket, quietly.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "That's real nice of you...thanks." she says, taking a sip of her drink.

Alexis Ayala sits on the right couch in the living room, watching 'Liar Liar'

Alexis Ayala says, "I think the pen is blue."

Maggie McQueen walks into the room and watches the movie for a moment from behind the couch.

Angelica smiles, slipping back in with a blanket, and taking it to Alex. "Here you go..."

Alexis Ayala smiles and peers up, "Hey Angelica, It's Maggie."

Alexis Ayala smiles and waves, "hiya." she says, pulling the blanket over herself.

Maggie McQueen lifts a hand rather shyly. "Hiya." She looks at the couch end. "Mind if I join y'all?"

Angelica smiles at Maggie and waves. "Hi there. Go right ahead..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "There's still room on this couch." she says, and offers some blanket to Angelica.

Angelica smiles, nodding and patting a spot next to her. "Definitely."

Maggie McQueen ducks her head and walks around the couch end to sit down next to Angelica, flopping into the seat. "Thanks." she mumbles, smiling crookedly.

Alexis Ayala offers blanket to Maggie too, and thus to both girls, "Angelica got me the blanket, you can use some too, I'm not a blanket hog, we're watching Liar Liar, Sleepless in Seattle might be next, I'm indoctrinating Angelica into film."

Angelica smiles happily, and laughs a little bit. "Haven't seen you around for a while, Maggie, what you been up to?"

Maggie McQueen smiles and looks a bit uncomfortable, nodding at the film titles. "Ah...just getting oriented to the place and keeping busy." She pulls the blanket halfway over her legs.

Alexis Ayala smiles as Maggie pulls the blanket a bit over her and Angelica, "Well, this is cozy." she says, watching the movie.

Angelica laughs a little and nods, raising her eyebrows at Maggie. "Oh. Okay." She smiles a little more at her, then glances back to the movie.

Maggie McQueen ducks her head and smiles shyly, keeping her face toward the movie while looking at Angelica from the corner of her eyes.

Alexis Ayala smiles to herself with a bit of self satisfaction, just watching the movie.

Angelica smiles at Maggie from the corner of her own, raising her eyebrows a little, and watching.

Maggie McQueen sits back and watches the movie and Angelica, her eyes shifting from one to the other every few minutes.

Alexis Ayala pretends just to watch the movie, taking limited interest in Maggie and Angelica's own Drama, "Well, it's gonna be Sleepless soon."

Angelica smiles, watching the movie, and glancing to Maggie once in a while.

Maggie McQueen feels Angelica's eyes on her and sits up. "Anyone want a soda?"

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "Still nursing my juice, but thanks."

Angelica smiles a little and nods, sipping her juice and watching the movie. "I'm still working on mine as well..."

Maggie McQueen looks at them and sits back, shifting a bit closer to Angelica and pulling the blanket back over her legs. "Okay then, it'll wait."

Angelica smiles brightly at Maggie. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles as the two get cozy and gets up, "That was cute, all ready for Sleepless?"

Maggie McQueen nods her head a bit. "Sure." She slides her hand over to lay next to Angelica's leg, not looking at her.

Angelica nods a little and smiles. "Certainly."

Alexis Ayala smiles and takes out Liar Liar, sliding in the disc for Sleepless in Seattle, she smiles, "Maggie? Can you refill my juice when you go to get your next soda?"

Alexis Ayala smiles, "It's OJ And Cranberry."

Maggie McQueen jerks her head a bit to look at Alexis instead of Angelica where her gaze was drifting and nods sharply. "Yeah, no problem."

Angelica smiles a little, blinking at Alex and smiling to Maggie again brightly.

Alexis Ayala smiles and moves to sit where she was before, on Angelica's other side, she picks up the remote and smiles, "We Ready?"

Maggie McQueen "Yeah, go ahead, I don't mind missing the opening credits." She stands and goes to the kitchen door, looking back at Angelica, before going through.

Angelica glances at Maggie and smiles, watching and waving a little.

Alexis Ayala smiles and nods, hitting play as Maggie goes into the kitchen.

Alexis Ayala nudges, "You two look like a couple of high schoolers, do I need to make a scene again?"

Angelica elbows gently, giving Alex a look, and laughing.

Alexis Ayala smirks, "WELL?"

Alexis Ayala looks to Angelica, "I'm waiting for an answer young lady."

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "I wouldn't know..."

Maggie McQueen pauses in the doorway with her arms full of drinks and waits to hear Alexis' reply.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "gah, that's not an answer..." she says, making a face at Angelica.

Angelica laughs a little and elbows again, shaking her head. "Be good."

Maggie McQueen begins to walk in and drops one of the soda cans. "Ah crap!" She shifts the others around to keep her hold on them and blushes.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "How many sodas you bring Maggie?"

Alexis Ayala gets up to fetch the dropped one, "As long as it doesn't start bursting and fizzling everywhere."

Angelica laughs a little, standing up. "You need any help?"

Maggie McQueen grins sheepishly. "Enough to keep me awake for the whole movie." She makes it to the couch with the drinks and sets them down on the coffe table. "Nah, I got it, thanks darlin." She offers the juice to Angelica as she takes her seat again.

Alexis Ayala smiles and puts the soda can down and smiles, and hmms, "Did you get my juice Maggie?"

Angelica smiles, taking the juice and nodding. "Thanks..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and cants her head, "I'm darlin now?"

Maggie McQueen nods and hands it to her. "No problem." Sitting back she opens her can and drinks it.

Angelica smiles as Maggie sits back, then sips her juice and goes back to watching the movie.

Alexis Ayala hmms and sits back down, pulling the blanket over her and sipping her juice, with Angelica in the middle once more, "We barely know each other and now I've a pet name?"

Maggie McQueen looks over at Alexis and smiles her crooked smile. "No hun, I was talkin to Angelica."

Angelica blinks and laughs a little bit.

Alexis Ayala ahs, "Well maybe I should go get my juice..."

Maggie McQueen pushes Alexis' juice across the coffee table. "Here it is, hun."

Alexis Ayala ohs, "Okay...thanks." she says, picking up the fresh juice..."Thanks..." She says, settling in with her part of the blanket, just watching the movie, "Hear that Angelica, you're darlin..."

Angelica laughs a little bit and bites her lip slightly. "Yes, I heard..."

Maggie McQueen blushes and stares straight ahead at the screen, opening another soda and sipping at it.

Alexis Ayala watches the movie and nudges Angelica. Discreetly.

Angelica blinks at the blush, and smiles at Maggie, patting her shoulder. "Something wrong?" She elbows Alex on the other side.

Maggie McQueen glances at Alexis from the corner of her eyes and ducks her head a bit. "Nah, I'm fine...." Her voice trails off mumbling 'darlin' under her breath.

Alexis Ayala settles a little closer to Angelica and grunts as she's nudged back, and she just elbows Angelica back, pretending to watch the film, and 'needing more blanket', she settles closer to Angelica so she can without 'stealing' any blanket.

Angelica smiles a little at Maggie, and pats the shoulder again, resting her hand gently at her side then, watching the movie.

Maggie McQueen shifts closer to Angelica, pulling the blanket over her a bit more, letting her hand rest on Angelica's, watching the movie.

Alexis Ayala glances to Maggie, and then gives Angelica a look, raising a brow, like, 'well?'

Angelica laughs a little at Alex, and gives her a dirty look. Than she scritches Maggie's hair with her free hand as she shifts closer. "You can lean on my shoulder if you want a pillow..."

Maggie McQueen smiles and shifts a bit to lean against Angelica's shoulder, letting Angelica's arm remain around her shoulders. Taking a hold of her hand, she holds it and winks at Alexis.

Angelica glances to Maggie, and smiles a little, leaning her own head just a little on Maggie's, and watching the movie quietly.

Alexis Ayala blinks at the wink, and looks to Angelica, and flushes, looking back to the movie, confused.

Maggie McQueen grins and snuggles closer to Angelica, sipping at her soda with her free hand.

Angelica laughs, wrapping her arm around, slipping her free hand to your hand then.

Alexis Ayala blinks, and just watches the movie quietly, keeping her attention on the movie.

Maggie McQueen slips her hand from Angelica's and puts it around her waist, poking Alexis in the hip as she slides it around. "Oh, sorry, hun." Smiling, she winks at her again and sets her drink down, taking Angelica's hand in hers.

Angelica laughs a little, settling in with her arm wrapped around, quietly.

Alexis Ayala blinks, and sits up, just taking a sip of her drink and watching the movie quietly.

Maggie McQueen chuckles and squeezes Angelica's hand, laying her head on her shoulder.

Angelica smiles, and squeezes her arm around Maggie gently, smiling and watching the movie

Alexis Ayala shifts around a little bit uncomfortably, watching a movie about a lonely guy and his son, and Meg Ryan, while sitting next to Angelica and Maggie cuddling each other...

Maggie McQueen lets the hand behind Angelica's waist slide to Alexis' leg and gives her knee a squeeze.

Angelica blinks a little at the arm moving around her waist, and laughs a little bit.

Alexis Ayala starts a bit and blinks, looking to Maggie, blinking rapidly...

Maggie McQueen smiles and winks at Alexis again and then at Angelica.

Angelica smiles at Maggie, laughing a little bit, and tickling her side idly with the arm around her.

Alexis Ayala huffs a little bit, watching Sleepless in Seattle, she leans against Angelica a bit while watching the movie, a blanket over all three girls.

Maggie McQueen squirms and giggles softly, returning the favor with her free hand in Angelica's ribs next to Alexis, bumping her in the process.

Pyotr Zagadka quietly enters the living room, brushing that single shock of white hair within his dark red from his bepectacled eyes. His rimless glasses have those small magnifying glasses on the edge which can be swung up. He stops for just a moment to see all who are there in the living room. His face is expressionless, and then he just walks towards the kitchen.

Maggie McQueen looks over Angelica's shoulder and over the back of the couch at his entrance, an oddly hand-in-the-cookie-jar look on her face.

Angelica laughs a little and tickles more, glancing up to Pyotr and smiling.

Alexis Ayala nestles against Angelica a bit more, and blinks softly, looking up at Pyotr's interest, 'Sleepless in Seattle' playing on the TV.

Pyotr Zagadka disappears into the Kitchen.

Maggie McQueen giggles and squirms from the tickling, shifting closer to Angelica and grins at Alexis. "Hey, hun, why don't you go get us some more popcorn?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "MM, okay, Pyotr seems to know where it is, oh, so I'm hon now?'

Angelica smiles a little at Maggie, and hugs her arm around a little closer.

Maggie McQueen grins more and says, "Yeah, but he might need some help."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, and gets up, all but tossing the blanket off of herself as she moves into the kitchen.

Angelica laughs a little at that, watching. "Now lets see if Pyotr runs back through here, after she goes in there..."

Maggie McQueen snickers and lifts her head to kiss her cheek. "Let's hope not too soon, eh?"

Angelica laughs a little bit and blinks then as the cheek is kissed, her face definitely getting a little warmer than its usual cold, though the disguise isn't elaborate enough for her to blush.

Maggie McQueen interlaces her fingers in Angelica's, smiling at her response to the kiss and chuckles softly before saying, "So are you enjoying the movie?"

Angelica smiles and snuggles. "Yes, I am. Are you?"

Alexis Ayala walks in, and peers, "So what were you and Maggie up to?"

Pyotr Zagadka shuffles in behind Alexis, a glass of milk in hand.

Angelica glances up and smiles a little, shrugging. "Just talking."

Alexis Ayala nods, "What about?" she says, moving back to the blanket, "She asks me to get popcorn then runs off?"

Pyotr Zagadka sits on the armrest of the couch and just sips his milk.

Angelica laughs a little bit. "She was tired. We were chatting a little about stuff. I'm just glad to see you two coming out here together again."

Alexis Ayala nods softly and sits next to Angelica, pulling the blanket over herself, "Stuff? Did you ask her out on a date yet?"

Pyotr Zagadka just sips his milk again.. Not saying a word.

Angelica pokes. "Didn't get a chance to. She had to go before I said anything."

Alexis Ayala nods, "or you were just too nervous to ask." she nudges, "I think maybe she likes you, you should ask her out! You should go on a date with someone, you deserve it."

Pyotr Zagadka nods finally. "Da.. Would be wery good for you." he says.

Angelica just... blinks, and laughs a little bit.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Besides, she's kinda cute too." she says, nudging Angelica.

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles faintly.. Mmm.. More milk.

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "So she is. I'm.... well, really not. Especially if my fake face fell off."

Alexis Ayala nods, "And?"

Pyotr Zagadka raises his eyebrow now and turns to look at Angelica. "Looks not everything." he says. "Besides, Part of feelings reside in actual feelings.. And you are most probably a very very attractive member of your species. Differences aside, Sentience make people look at differences, well, different. You are sentient and that already makes you look a lot better and probably more attractive."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "He's saying she can be cute and still like you even if you are what you are and you're not gorgeous"

Angelica sighs a little bit and raises her eyebrows, considering that.

Pyotr Zagadka da's and looks a bit sheepish. "Sorry, hard to express my thoughts in English. I /do/ try." he says. "But seem to fail lots."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "example, i had no problem hoping into your lap, and you're a woman AND a visitor, and she had no problem cuddling up to you."

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head. "I guess I'm just... not quite used to the idea."

Alexis Ayala nods, "sittin on you didn't take too much gettin used to."

Pyotr Zagadka looks back at his glass. "Lots of things take time to get used to."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I guess I wasn't really thinking about it."

Angelica smiles a little at the two of you, blinking slightly again

Pyotr Zagadka finishes his milk and stands, yawning. "I think I am going to nap, now." he says. He does look tired.

Angelica smiles at that. "Sleep well.."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Good Night Pyotr."

Pyotr Zagadka nods to the pair, smiling faintly, and makes for the doors.

Alexis Ayala waves.

Angelica smiles, stretching out and settling into the couch again

Alexis Ayala smiles softly and settles next to Angelica, getting her bit of blanket, "Can't believe you didn't ask her out."

Angelica smiles at Alex and raises her eyebrows. "Dear, even if we 'went' out anywhere, it would be hard on both of us, because she'd be looked at as seeing one of the enemy."

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I could go with you, so for everyone elses sake it's me and her...and you could be the 'quiet one'."

Angelica smiles a little bit and laughs. "Well, if you wanted to go along. Thought the point was for her and I to see each other?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, "You would, just with me along to make it look like you were just one of us...I guess."

Angelica laughs a little bit and hmms a little. "It'd look better that way if the two of you went out by yourselves, wouldn't it?"

Alexis Ayala blinks, and blushes a bit, "Yes, but that doesn't involve you getting out with her."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "Well, maybe not. But it'd be more private surroundings for the two of you."

Alexis Ayala nods, "But wasn't the point getting you out, I mean, less private for you two, but it would look 'normal'."

Angelica laughs a little bit and hmms.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Wha?"

Angelica laughs and shrugs. "I dunno..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Well tell you what, how about you think about it, and I let you set it up? And then you can go with her by yourself, or bring me so we just look like a group of girls out, and I'll promise not to interfere?"

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "Oh... okay." She laughs a little. "Regardless of how many, if I talk, and I /should/ talk on a date, anywhere off the ranch..."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "So we could go somewhere where you guys can be far enough away from other people for it not to matter, in which case you probably need me even less...I mean, she can order for you at a restaurant, and you can just leave the waitstaff to wonder at why you're quiet. But if we went as a group it would be less suspect, if it were to be suspect at all."

Angelica laughs a little and hmms. "Suppose not..." she considers a little bit. "Actually, I know where we could go..." She grins a little. "It'd take a little bit of a trip, but..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "oh?"

Angelica smiles. "I'm thinking more of a date too locally. If I took her up to where they /know/ I wouldn't survive unless I was enough of a good girl to be given the antidote to the toxin..."

Alexis Ayala cants her head softly, "i'm confused now."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I thought you were regularly given the antidote?"

Angelica nods a little bit. "Yes, I am. In fact, above the line of where the toxin works, any that aren't... die within 10 minutes. We're above that line here, the local town isn't. A town further up north would be. Meaning simply that if I were with the enemy, I'd be dead before I ever got near where I was. Because they don't have the antitoxin. If they did, the entire world would be getting invaded again already."

Alexis Ayala ohs, "Too close to Bates or the Visitors?"

Angelica scratches her hair a little bit.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly, "Well, you think on it and get back to me and tell me if I'm needed or not so it can look like a girls night out, okay?"

Angelica smiles and shakes her head. "You might not be needed, that's what I'm saying. I can take her somewhere I wouldn't have to worry about it."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Okay, well, let me know?" she says, smiling.

Angelica nods a little. "If anything happens, I will."

Alexis Ayala nods, "If? If? Ask her out already." she says, smirking.

Alexis Ayala shrugs, "I can't do anything but nudge and give you weird looks if you don't, but how much are you gonna let her poke and prod me through you before you ask her out? Or, why wouldn't you? She is cute, and she certainly seems sweet enough."

Angelica laughs a little bit and rolls her eyes slightly.

Alexis Ayala blushes, "What?"

Angelica laughs and shakes her head.

Alexis Ayala hrms, "You're laughing at me still, and you haven't told me why you're laughing at me so much...this makes me slightly uncomfortable."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "I'm only trying to be helpful?"

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "Sorry. I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable..." She shakes her head a little bit. "I'm just wondering why I'm being teased and poked into going on a date."

Alexis Ayala blinks softly, "I just nudged, she was doing all the poking, and I was the one getting poked."

Alexis Ayala sighs, "I don't know, the idea of 'date' makes Pyotr all flabbergasted, I thought maybe you could enjoy getting out, you know how much I encourage you to leave that infirmary when your'e not patching people up."

Alexis Ayala smiles< "Least you don't' have to worry about Maggie getting all flabbergasted."

Angelica laughs a little and rolls her eyes. "Uh... huh..." She laughs a little and shrugs. "Well, don't call it a date with him, then. Call it some other ridiculous longer term that avoids calling it a date."

Alexis Ayala laughs, "Yeah, but he still gets all funny if we're alone be quite honest, his manner and such makes me uncomfortable. He puts me on this pedestal, makes it so easy for me to fall off, makes me uncomfortable because of the way he sees me...and it makes him so easy for me to hurt, even on accident...It makes me want to distance myself from him, it seems as soon as I told him it was okay for him to like me, it's like he made this conceptual leap, now that I know, he's always all funny around me...which means I can't be comfortable around bothers me, he's sweet and all...but...I don't know about him /that/ way."

Angelica smiles just a little bit and nods. "Oh... well, you should be careful then. He'll need to be let down gently onto that idea, because it's so easy for you to hurt him. The rejection will almost certainly hurt, if it comes..."

Alexis Ayala nods and sighs, "Yes, I know..." she says, "It's not like I haven't thought about it...but, I think maybe I mean to much to him, he'd be too wounded if it didn't work, and it's hard to be with him when he seems to keep thinking about 'us'...or'd just be /easier/ to be friends with him, I wouldn't have to feel like I'm Walking on egg shells." she bleghs, "I haven't spoken with that accent in ages..."

Alexis Ayala giggles, "I must be tired..."

Angelica smiles a little and nods.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "I'm headed off to bed, continue with more movies tomorrow."

Angelica smiles a little at that. "Sleep well."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I will, you too okay?"

Angelica smiles and nods. "Certainly."

Thursday Night

Alexis Ayala wanders into the Living Room for the third day, peeking for Angelica.

Pyotr Zagadka sits on one of the corner couches, quietly reading an old paperback.

Angelica is sitting on one of the chairs, watching the TV quietly.

Alexis Ayala smiles softly as she enters, waving, "Hiya hot stuff, Hey Pyotr." she says, giggling.

Pyotr Zagadka looks up from his book, nodding once, and looks back at what he is reading, licking his thumb and turning the page.

Angelica glances up between the two and smiles at them both. "hi there."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and raises a brow, "I don't even get a rise out of you?"

Pyotr Zagadka looks up again. "Excuse me?"

Alexis Ayala giggles, "I was talking to Angelica."

Pyotr Zagadka aaaaaaahs and looks back at his book.

Alexis Ayala hmms. "Hot stuff? NO reaction whatsoever?"

Angelica laughs a little bit and shakes her head, rolling her eyes idly. "Silly."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Whatever...anything interesting today? What are you reading Pyotr?""

Pyotr Zagadka looks up yet again. "It is Berlitz book of English." he says quietly.

Angelica smiles a little at that, blinking, and raising her eyebrows.

Alexis Ayala hmms, "Sounds exciting, what's the plot?"

Pyotr Zagadka snorts. "Plot is to learn better English so I not make fool of self again." he says and with that he turns a page.

Alexis Ayala nods, "Is there a rising action? A conflict?" still smiling, though her smiles is noticeably weaker.

Angelica laughs a little at that. "What makes you think you made a fool of yourself? You haven't that I've seen."

Pyotr Zagadka shakes his head. "No. Just trying to save myself trouble in future." he says quietly. He then looks at Angelica. "Yes, I have." he says. And he leaves it a that for now.

Alexis Ayala hmms, and looks to Angelica, "I'm confused now."

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "I certainly haven't seen it happen, anyway..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "What have you seen?"

Pyotr Zagadka isn't looking up. "Is not what I seen." he says quietly. "I just know I made fool of self and thought of things not the way I should have."

Angelica blinks a little and scratches her head. "Misinterpreting things isn't exclusive to you, Pyotr. I misinterpreted that one thing, remember, that embarrassed you so much. And I'm still sorry that happened."

Alexis Ayala sighs, and sits down slowly.

Pyotr Zagadka shrugs. "I don't like misinterpreting things." he says seriously. "And I won't. Not anymore."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "I think there's something I'm supposed to be reading between the lines that I don't see..."

Pyotr Zagadka mumbles. "No.. it is things /I/ should have read between lines."

Alexis Ayala blinks, "I really don't put out too much between the lines, I just tease Angelica sometimes?"

Pyotr Zagadka nods. "And in turn both tease me. And I do stupid things."

Angelica frowns a little bit at that. "I never meant to upset you..."

Alexis Ayala sighs, "I'm sorry..."

Pyotr Zagadka shakes his head. "No one needs apologize to me. Is mine own fault."

Alexis Ayala sighs, "I don't think I can let you completely blame yourself Pyotr..."

Angelica nods at that. "She's right. We shouldn't have been trying to tease you like we were."

Pyotr Zagadka looks up. "Look." he says. "You did what you thought was funny. I cannot fault you for that."

Alexis Ayala sighs, "You can if you didn't find it funny."

Angelica nods a little bit. "Exactly."

Pyotr Zagadka looks back at his book. "That's now what problem was."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "You're being awfully cryptic and distant, I promise that won't help anything..."

Pyotr Zagadka sighs. "Maybe that's just how I am." he says sharply. "Maybe I just don't know WHAT I am thinking, Would not be first time."

Alexis Ayala blinks at the Sharpness, and her head cocks back a little bit, she nods, "Maybe I'll come back for Movie Night Later..."

Pyotr Zagadka winces and drops his book. "Nyet." he says. "I'll go. I am one being nuisance and stupid." he says and pushes up off the couch and heads for the door.

Angelica sighs at Pyotr. "You're not being a nuisance. Just stay here with us, and relax a little?"

Alexis Ayala nods, "Relaxing could do you some good..."

Pyotr Zagadka shakes his head. "Nyet. I don't feel like relaxing. I need fresh air." he says and grabs his jacket off the back of a chair and walks away.

Alexis Ayala blinks softly...just watching him...

Angelica sighs a little at that, frowning slightly.

Alexis Ayala sighs, "And to think I was worried about how easy it might be to hurt him...too late."

Alexis Ayala sits down on the couch with a huff, gritting her teeth quietly.

Angelica sighs a little bit, and shakes her head. "Not good..."

Alexis Ayala hmms, "No kidding, now not only does he feel uncomfortable around me, he doesn't even want to be near me."

Angelica sighs a little bit. "I doubt he likes too much being near me, either. Since I was helping you with the teasing."

Alexis Ayala sighs, "I think maybe he's a bit uptight..." she huffs.

Angelica nods a little bit. "Very uptight, yes."

Alexis Ayala hmms, and sighs, "Should we start movie night?"

Angelica scratches her head and shrugs, smiling. "Guess so..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "What shall it be tonight..."

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "I am, as always, certainly open to suggestion. You're the one who knows the movies, not me."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Suggest a genre this time maybe?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit. "hm..."

Alexis Ayala leans and listens< "yes?"

Angelica laughs a little at that, shaking her head. "Maybe a little drama would be good? Hearing about someone else's problems might keep us from thinking about our own for a while."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, and giggles, "Alright, drama, drama, i'm thinking...16 candles is Drama and funny..."

Angelica hmms a little bit. "Okay."

Alexis Ayala smiles and digs up the disc, putting in the movie. She looks over to Angelica, "Going to stay in the chair?"

Angelica smiles a little and hmms. "I suppose not..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Okay?" she says, sitting on the couch.

Angelica smiles, and settles in on the couch.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Did we leave the blanket in here?"

Angelica hmms and glances around a little bit. "I thought we did..."

Alexis Ayala nods and looks for it, and finding it, unfolds and spreads it over the two.

Angelica smiles, settling in to watch, leaning back on the couch.

Alexis Ayala hmms and settles, watching the movie with Angelica, "I guess that Pyotr thing was my fault, I'm sorry about that."

Angelica shakes her head. "It wasn't your fault, at least not entirely. It's all right."

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Yeah, wish he felt that way."

Angelica sighs a little bit and shakes her head.

Alexis Ayala sighs, "I'm sorry, I won't talk about it."

Angelica shakes her head. "That's all right. I'm just trying to think about what can and should be done about the situation..."

Alexis Ayala nods softly, "I'm not sure I should be the one to handle it."

Angelica nods a little bit. "and I'm not sure that I should either."

Alexis Ayala bites her lip, "Great, we're at an impasse."

Angelica hmms a little and nods. "Maybe someone else might be able to do it, someone who he knows decently well, and isn't one of us?"

Alexis Ayala nods, "That may be best..."

Angelica settles onto the couch, leaning over the side and snatching a magazine from one of the end tables, wondering what might be in it.

Sydan says, "so what are we watching?"

Angelica jumps very slightly at hearing a voice with the same reverberation as her own. For a moment, her hand feels where a weapon usually would be, then she blinks, remembering where she is. "Well, we were going to watch a movie, but since Alex had to go do something..." She looks Sydan over a little bit. "I've never seen you in camp before..."

Sydan, seeing Angelica's hand move wonders if she is just looking for the remote. "Um, I'm new here, My names Sydan. Who are you?"

Angelica keeps watching very quietly. "Angelica. I've been here for a month. I take it you're newer than that?"

Sydan responds "I've only been here for a few days. I'm still trying to adjust to my new life in the resistance. It's a bit different to what I'm used to." With that he peers back to watch the movie but has no idea what is going on yet as he missed the first few minutes of it and hasn't caught up with it yet.

Angelica hmms a little and nods, laughing a little. "It is for a lot of people, quite certainly. Especially ones who're going far out of their usual field to fight. So, what did you do previously?"

Sydan goes quiet for a few seconds. "I was a trooper in the visitor army." he pauses for a few seconds before continuing. "I befriended a few humans who I became very close to, then for some reason I was ordered to arrest them and not told what for, at that point I believed the rumors I've heard of why we were actually here. A few of my friends died that day and I vowed to protect the humans against my evil brothers."

Angelica nods a little bit. "Well, welcome to the right side of the fight, then. I'm a doctor and medical evacuation pilot. I was on the Miami mothership... and I still am."

Sydan gets a shocked look on his face. "And they don't know you're in the resistance against them?"

Angelica laughs. "Dear, they know I'm in the resistance. I haven't been on Miami ship since doing what I considered to be my job, in trying to make a resistance member more comfortable after a fight, along with picking people up. I'd been in the fifth column for a while before, but well, auxiliary sickbay staffers aren't really too useful to them. And in Miami, then here, I was more useful to the Resistance, because they're lacking in medical people."

Sydan looks a little confused for a second "I'm sure you are valued around here, I'm yet to prove my worth. How did you fit in?, people still look at me in a weird way when I try talk to them."

Angelica shrugs a little bit. "People know who I am by this point, so I haven't had entirely so much trouble. Initially I did, but that was before the last few shootouts, and me having to fix everyone up after."

Sydan nods, understanding that it will take time for him to be trusted. "Ill just have to wait to prove that my loyalties lie with the people of Earth. Ill just spend the time in between trying to learn to enjoy their ways of life."

Angelica nods a little at that. "Yeah. That's about what I'm still doing. Some things are completely different, others aren't. A lot of it is just a matter of figuring out which is which."

Sydan smiles "Thanks for the chat, it made me feel better. I might go for a wonder and try to fit in a bit better around here". Sydan gets up off the couch and walks away with a smile on his face.

Angelica nods a little bit. "See you around later then, maybe."


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