For Heather O'Leary, see Heather O'Leary.
  • Amanda O'Leary - Heather's adoptive daughter, Living in New York with Denise Daltry.
  • Georgia O'Leary - Matriarch of the O'Leary Family, Deceased.
  • Heather O'Leary - John's daughter, Twin Sister of Talos O'Leary, Marine Pilot, Resistance Leader, Adoptive parent of Amanda and Joshua
  • John O'Leary - Patriarch of the O'Leary Family, Ex-S.E.A.L., Deceased.
  • Joshua O'Leary - Heather's adoptive son, living in New York with Denise Daltry.
  • Talos O'Leary - John's son, Twin Brother of Heather, Navy S.E.A.L., Resistance Fighter.

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