High dignitaries and officials are afforded the most leeway in dress codes. Following is a description of typical dress variations.

One of the more popular uniforms for top-level female Fleet officers and VIPs is a variation of the standard coverall. The variations include a detachable breastplate more similar to those of shock troopers, but interwoven with metallic fibers for a shimmering, glossy effect. The uniform garment itself is very sheer, similar to a Earth-fashion leotard in cut. Designed to allure as well as show rank, this particular variation is popular throughout the fleet.

The boots are modified standard issue, with spiked heels and severe toe in the style of fashionable terrestrial women's footwear. The uniform can be found in red, yellow, silver, and blue, but the most popular color by far is white, as worn by the Los Angeles mother ship commander, Diana.

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