Pyotr Zagadka

Title: Post El Paso Medical Center

Players: Juliet Parrish, Ryan Rivers, Angelica, Heather O'Leary, Ham Tyler, Alexis Ayala, Pyotr Zagadka, and Maggie McQueen

Location: Maxwell Ranch

Synopsis: With a lot of people hurt in the El Paso raid, there were antics aplenty to be had in the infirmary after... Some grumpy, some hungry, some even a little bit fussy...


Juliet Parrish is laying in her bed, strapped down...seems someone took the suggestion seriously. Granted, they aren't tight, but they are there. She appears to be asleep, with the closed eyes and slow breathing, but Juliet is a good actress...right?

Ryan Rivers merely comes in, using a cane to limp in. He was able to do his 14 hour work day on a 'jury-rigged' leg, but well, he is currently at the end of his rope. He has a couple days off, which is good... Lets him heal up (provided he doesn't go on another raid anytime soon). He pauses as he notices Parrish, but doesn't say anything, merely moving toward a table as he gets out a field kit to try and treat himself again.

Angelica sighs, glancing up at Rivers and walking over. "Onto a bed with you, while I fix that up. You didn't go off to work like that, did you? After what we had to do to keep Julie from doing it?"

"Unlike Julie though... There is no one that is watching over me while I do my work. I'd prefer to keep it that way," Ryan replies, moving to sit on a table. "Besides, it wasn't nearly as bad as one would think it to be. Really."

Hearing voices, Julie's eyes slowly open. Maybe she was asleep, she looks groggy enough to have been. A faint frown forms as she tries to sit up, and finds she can't.

Angelica mmmhmms. "Well, it's over now, and you need to be fixed up..." She smiles. "Just stay there and don't squirm too much..." She digs up her equipment. "Peel off any clothes over the blast marks, please..."

Juliet Parrish hears voices, and she lifts her head. "Hello? Someone want to let me off this damn bed?" Her voice sounds sweet, but it's a safe guess she's pissed right off.

Ryan Rivers just pulls down his shirt as much as he can to cover his boxers for the most part as he pulls down his pants, revealing the charming leg shot that he has received. He treated it mostly on his own, but well, it is still rather wounded. "Hey... Not my call," he offers to Juliet awkwardly.

Angelica smiles a little at Ryan, digging her tools out and starting to work. "You should be letting doctors handling this stuff.."

MEDICAL: Angelica attempts to heal Ryan Rivers and is able to heal them a little.
MEDICAL: Angelica attempts to heal Ryan Rivers and is able to heal them a little.
MEDCHECK: Ryan Rivers is in Good shape. He is Conscious.

Juliet Parrish frowns a little more deeply, catching sight of the pair just out of her angle of vision to get a really good look. "No, it's mine, and I'm telling you to." she returns sweetly. Yup, still sweetly. Awww.

Angelica walks over to Julie, and checks the injured spots, quietly working on them, before releasing. "Evidently someone expected you to walk off before being totally fixed." She smiles and shrugs

MEDICAL: Angelica attempts to heal Juliet Parrish and is able to heal them a little.

Juliet Parrish groans softly as she moves to straighten up, swinging her legs off the edge of the bed. "What happened?" she wonders, a hand lifting to rub at her forehead. "Last thing I remember is O'Leary and I sitting and discussing how she couldn't shoot the Techs."

Ryan Rivers rubs behind his head, just coughing as he knows who did this. Looking to his treated leg for a moment, his attention soon shifts to the door. "Um, maybe I should go now..." he offers, not wanting to get caught in any 'darned if he does, darned if he doesn't' craziness.

Angelica sighs a little bit. "I'm not exactly sure, but there are telltale burn marks on both you and O'Leary, that would indicate that at least one of them spat venom on both of you... O'Leary was a lot worse off, she's allergic to it."

Juliet Parrish curses softly, closing her eyes for a minute. "Tell me it's later in the evening, before I have to hunt down whoever it is that decided to keep me from going to work today. How the hell am I going to explain this one to Bates," she mutters to herself.

Angelica bites her lip and hmms a bit. "I'd assume whoever did it made sure to get word that you weren't well enough to come to work today. I could probably give you something for tomorrow that'd make your nose run enough to confirm it..."

"I've been into work before when I could hardly walk, do you -honestly- think Bates is stupid enough to believe I wouldn't go in for a runny nose?" Juliet points out dryly as she pushes off of the bed, a hand lifting to hold her side lightly as she grimaces. "No, I'll...take something, myself, that'll give me seemingly bad enough symptoms." Uh-oh.

Angelica raises her eyebrows. "I don't know of anything that can do that, safely. Asides, from what I gather, no one got out to report the raid anyway, so you weren't seen. The techs you were talking about had blast marks all over them when I went to treat you."

Ryan Rivers just moves to get his pants, figuring that he is healed up for now, just quickly putting them on while Angelica is talking with Juliet. Slow and easy wins the sneak out.

Smiling, Juliet shakes her head. "That's not the point. Bates, or at the very least, his head of security, already thinks I'm the leak. If I continue not showing up the day after a raid, which I'm sorry to say, by this time both Diana and Bates probably know about, or showing up tired or limping, it's going to set off alarm bells. I'll take a little risk to avoid the Conversion chamber again, thanks."

Angelica hms, and makes a final check, releasing the straps. "I'd rather not leave you tired, or limping, either one. You limp enough as it is, which I should be fixing..."

Juliet Parrish chuckles, shaking her head. "I was making the point, you're not leaving me tired, or limping."

Angelica smiles a little. "Because my job is to make sure you aren't. Anyway, you should be better to go now. Make sure you come back if there's any trouble, though..."

Ryan Rivers just merely makes his way toward the door. Just that simple. Victory is his!

Juliet Parrish slips carefully off the bed, stifling a groan. "You finished with him?" If she's stuck, so is Ryan." She nods her chin towards the escaping

Angelica glances over. "Sit your butt back down, Ryan, you're not done yet. I just had to check on Julie when she was awake. I was coming right back over."

Juliet Parrish nods to the pair, smiling faintly at Ryan as she turns to go. NyaH!

Ryan Rivers just grunts. Life can be so cruel. Slowly he makes his way back to the table he was being worked on once more.

Angelica smiles sweetly, and takes her equipment over. "I'm about done with it anyway. Just need to make sure it doesn't cause you any trouble. It'll just take a couple of minutes to fix it over..."

MEDICAL: Angelica attempts to heal Ryan Rivers and is able to heal them a little.

Ryan Rivers nods as he pulls down his pants again, sighing softly. "I know... Just yeah," he offers, in a clever lack of words. "So, anything new with you?" he says in a second attempt at conversation.

Angelica smiles a little and shakes her head, finishing up her work. "Just keeping track of all the people who got shot and otherwise injured last night."

Ryan Rivers hrms and nods. "Sounds like fun... Take it that means you don't exactly have too much time for your hobbies, am I right?"

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "Well, not at the moment. Just watching patients for now, at least till later today. Shouldn't be too long before they're all up and around, and back out to normality, though."

Ryan Rivers hrms and nods. "Well, I know how it goes... Just make sure you take breaks and stuff like that. There will always be work to do in places like this. Believe me, I had to learn that lesson about my own job," he offers with a weak smile.

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Oh, I get breaks... when everyone was in New York was a good break, definitely. I'm just lucky enough to not have an outside job to be needed at, on top of doing work here."

Heather O'Leary wakes up, about 12 hours after she got to the infirmary. She sits up, holding her laser wound, or where it was, depending on if Angel used that Visitor Tech to fix her or not yet, she gasps, like she was either in pain, or having a bad dream.

Angelica in fact did use said equipment on poor Heather, so the wound should be gone by now. She walks over as she hears the gasp, putting a gentle hand on Heather's lower rib cage, and checking her over. "It's all right, you're safe..."

Ryan Rivers chuckles with a nod. "Yeah, but I am sure keeping the Infirmary in tip top shape is a lot of is a lot of work.... I mean..." He pauses as he sees Heather get up, tilting his head over toward her. "Heather... Good to see you are okay," he says with a small smile.

Heather O'Leary shakes her head slightly, "Sorry..." She leans back down, and smiles over at Ryan. Her face is still a little red from the venom. "Morning, Ryan." She doesn't know it is actually about 12:30.

Angelica strokes Heather's hair softly. "You were asleep for a long time, having a nightmare or something? It's already afternoon..."

Ryan Rivers chuckles faintly, deciding not to correct Heather just yet. "I'd ask if you slept well, but it seems I know the answer to that one... Anything I can get for you?"

Heather O'Leary smiles at Ryan, "Got any Whiskey on you?" She glances at Angel, and shrugs, "Bad dream. Nothing major."

Angelica nods a little at that. "I'm sorry to hear that. Are you feeling better, and can you see all right?"

Ryan Rivers arches a brow. "No Whiskey... Getting hosed when you are this hurt doesn't help thing... And even a bit of drinking makes the blood go all running."

Heather O'Leary nods, "Yeah... I can see OK." Although, would she admit it if she couldn't? She smiles at Ryan, "I know... But still, I had to ask."

Angelica nods a little at Heather. "I was worried about anything getting into your eyes, after I found you last night." She hmms a little. "This isn't a bar, either..." she smiles, and heads to the fridge.

Ryan Rivers smirks and nods. "Suppose so.. Could get you something else if you wanted though. Juice, water, milk... You know, the stuff that is actually good for you."

Heather O'Leary tries not to think about her eyesight, which is just blurred at the edges, but not too bad. She sighs softly, "Poppa always said Whiskey is good for the Irish." She chuckles, "Water's fine."

Angelica laughs a little to Ryan, nodding. "That was my thought as well, we have juice and milk out here, as well as water." She smiles to Heather. "Hungry as well, or just thirsty?"

Heather O'Leary shakes her head slightly, "No. Not Hungry."

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little. "Oh well..." She closes the fridge door. "Been trying to make the place more livable in terms of food, but..."

Ryan Rivers nods. "I can understand why that could be hard..." Ryan moves up behind Angelica, leaning over her to see what food is about. "So... What's there?"

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Well, not quite as much as someone can get inside, but whatever I can fit in the freezer, and the fridge. Or doesn't need to be." She gestures to the hot plate and couple of pans near it. "Just got those after the last supply run. I was gonna cook her eggs and bacon, since it was about breakfast time for her... Maybe even a couple pancakes." She grins a little.

Ryan Rivers merely continues to lean, looking over for anything he'd like. "Hey, do /I/ get anything? I was shot in the leg /and/ I had to put in a 14 hour day... I should get something for that, right?"

Angelica grins a little bit. "Well, if you didn't stop and get something after work, sure." She raises her eyebrows then. "And since you're in here, and should be under observation for a while..."

Ryan Rivers shakes his head. "Course I didn't... Came here as soon as I could. I mean, I had a burger... But MickeyDee's is not exactly filling when you are starving."

Angelica makes a soft noise and shivers. "I'm sure not. Regardless of how much of their 'meat' is filler." She laughs a little. "Admittedly, some of the stuff here is pre-cooked warm-up type stuff, but..."

Ryan Rivers winces as his leg gives out on him for a split second, his weight coming down on Angelica for just a second. "...Yeah, I guess so," he replies. "Sorry about that... Leaned the wrong way and all..."

Angelica frowns at that. "If that keeps happening, I'll have to put you back on the table to make sure it's fixed right."

Ryan Rivers arches a brow frowning back. "Hey now... Don't be telling me what I can and can't handle. I know enough when to take a break. I am just getting some food... Nothing serious. I have a day off tomorrow, so I can rest then."

Angelica nods a little at that. "I'm just doing my job, that's all. I always worry that someone's going to do something too much, and have to be fixed up again."

Ryan Rivers chuckles. "Well, I usually only push myself when I have no choice... Believe me, I am not the sort of guy that exerts himself just to push himself," he says as he decides not to reach past Angelica to get stuff... Reaching around her like that might be a good idea. He IS trying to be good. Either way though, he moves toward the closest chair to take a seat in it.

Angelica smiles a little, and slips to the side. "I just don't want you getting re-injured, that's all... Anything look good to eat?"

Ryan Rivers shrugs faintly. "I couldn't see what was in there exactly... Some ham in there... Some fruit or something, but not much else. Could you tell me what's in there?"

Angelica hmms a little, scratching her head and looking in. "Well, hrm. I'd roll you over here to look in, but..."

Ryan Rivers shakes his head. "No worries, it's nothing big... Just tell me like three things and I'll choose one. Not like it's mission critical or anything I get my favorite thing."

Angelica smiles a little. "What /is/ your favorite thing, anyway? I could probably find it here or inside."

Ryan Rivers rubs his head. "Well, my favorite thing is a nice good burger... But a roast beef sandwich wouldn't be bad about now."

Angelica hmms and digs into the fridge. "Hmm... I can fix you either one, actually." She smiles a little.

Ryan Rivers smiles weakly. "Burger would be better... But I really don't want to put you through all that trouble," he says as he rubs behind his head.

Angelica smiles, grabbing the package out and unwrapping it. pre-made burger patties, yes, but they're from a store meat department and in clear wrap, at least. She gets one of the non-stick pans and hooks the hot plate up. "Not a problem at all..." She smiles a little. "It'll be ready in a few minutes."

Ryan Rivers leans back in the chair, waiting for the burger to be made. He doesn't really say anything at the moment, either not having something to say, or just taking the time to relax a little.

Angelica watches the burger cook, raising her eyebrows and digging back into the fridge. "So what all you like on your burgers?"

Ryan Rivers shrugs as he looks to the frying meat, looking a little bored as he does. "Hrm... Mustard, pickles and that's about it. I'd ask if you want some... But I already know the answer to that question."

Angelica smiles a little at that. "Well, all right then..." She smiles, and digs them out. "Well... it's just that cooked food isn't exactly good in terms of taste or stomach reaction to me." She flips it over. "I also know that if it isn't cooked enough for you, well, stuff that's run through a grinder is a lot more dangerous about some kinds of bacteria and such."

Ryan's face turns a bit at the mention of the slaughterhouse. It isn't pretty, but well, the meat has to get to the table somehow. "I suppose you are right about that... And getting sick after being shot? Well, that is a one-two I really don't want to try," he offers with a weak smile.

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Maybe we should get a smaller hand crank one, then we could make sure it was sterilized in boiling water between uses..." she ponders a little and shakes her head. "At any rate, I don't want you getting sick either..." She checks the burger again, and digs up atop the fridge, getting a bun, and opening the fridge again, digging up the mustard and pickles. "Here you are..." She smiles, bringing it over. "And what to drink?"

"Just some milk would be alright..." Ryan pauses for a long moment, getting a small smirk on his face as he asks like the brat he can be, "Oh, could I get fries with that?"

Angelica gets out the milk and a glass, laughing and rolling her eyes at the comment. "Funny..." She hands over the glass after finishing pouring it, and puts the milk away, glancing at the open package with one burger left in it, idly.

Ryan Rivers hrms and looks toward Angelica as she looks toward the patty. He doesn't say anything though, just saying "Thanks for the food" before digging into the burger.

Angelica smiles, digging her jar of water chestnuts from the fridge as well. "Not a problem..."

"Man... Those are the only things that you seem to eat... You sure you eat your normal stuff when no one is looking. I wouldn't want you getting all weak just because you were trying to be polite around us or something like that," Ryan replies before going to eat some more of his burger.

Angelica laughs a little and shrugs. "I eat other things when people aren't looking. Plenty of stuff around a ranch ground, anyway. Usually on the way back from feeding the kittens, though if I get anything in there, it needs washing first, to make sure it doesn't have horse leftovers on it."

Ryan Rivers ahs and nods, just eating his burger as he tries to forget the wondrous imagery left to him by Angelica's commentary. Maybe it is better that he is alone with Elizabeth kinda/sorta... No one else to be grossed out by the conversation save himself.

Angelica smiles a little more than. "If I do that. I don't, a lot of the time. A lot of the time I just dig up something they brought back from shopping. Like that other burger, that I doubt anyone will want. Depending on how it was fixed..." She shivers. "One time I was eating one of those preprocessed burgers, and could /really/ taste the processor. After a quick check on what I hadn't eaten, I showed em what was found, and they started getting it somewhere else. Some places just are not sanitary... a little undercooking from that and someone could have gotten seriously ill. I made sure to cook yours enough, though." She smiles a little. "Aside from that, I figured it would bother people less if I were eating stuff from a package."

Ryan Rivers just pauses for a long moment. "Um.... You wanted me to actually finish my burger or just put it down and have a garden fresh salad?" he inquires with an arched brow, still eating his burger after his comment, but lacking the same energy as before, that is for sure.

Angelica laughs a little. "Sorry. I made sure yours was fixed properly anyway. And as for salad, well, part of why I asked what you wanted on it is because we do have lettuce and tomatoes out here that I could have fixed for the burger."

Heather O'Leary looks around, waking up again. "Angelica? When can I get up? I have a lot of work to do on a Skyfighter, and my Harrier needs some overhauling..."

Angelica smiles a little at Heather. "Well, you could be getting up now, if you feel all right..."

Heather O'Leary chuckles and tries to stand up. "Not to bad...." She moves a bit, to see how that goes... Yup She can walk. "Thanks Angelica."

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Not a problem... Just take care of yourself. "

Heather O'Leary moves north.

Ryan Rivers just finishes his burger at long last and then notes to Angelica, "You sure she will be fine working so soon after her injuries? I mean, last time I checked, she got shot up rather badly as well." Of course, he is talking about Heather.

Angelica nods a little bit. "I fixed her up earlier. I had to do a lot of it last night, so she's had more time to recover from being patched up already."

"I see how it is," Ryan offers with a smirk. If he had a valid point, he would go on... But he doesn't so he just lets the matter be. "So... Am I going to have to stay the here for the night, or can I at least stay at in one of the guest rooms at the ranch?"

Angelica smiles and shrugs. "You're fine, you could stay in one of the guest rooms, I suppose."

Ryan Rivers ahs and nods. "Well, you said something about wanting to keep me on Observation. Unless that was just for something else," he offers with a smirk and a wink before finishing his milk and getting up slowly with his dishes.

Angelica laughs a little bit. "Well, I should, but I don't want you to have to sleep here if you don't want. I figure you have enough people watching that someone will tell me if something happens."

"Well, I would offer to let you stay in my room and watch... But, sure that is likely just a crackpot idea right there and a recipe for disaster or something," Ryan replies as he puts the dirty dishes where they need to go. Or where it looks like they can go.

Angelica laughs a little and shakes her head. "Oh, I wouldn't do that. Won't even put a camera in to watch. I'd rather put trust in my patients to not do something dangerous, when they haven't proven that they can't be trusted to be smart about it."

Ryan Rivers scratches his head in confusion for a short time. "Not do something when I haven't proven I can't be..." He shakes his head. "I guess I am just starting to get tired when I can't understand what you are saying," he offers with a tired smile. "Either way, I'm sure I'll be good."

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, you're not going to go off with barely bandaged, untreated injuries that could start bleeding and kill you, are you?"

"Wasn't planning on it... Was planning on just resting and maybe getting a massage if I still felt cruddy in the morning. Just that simple," the young man replies with a stretch.

Angelica nods a little and smiles. "Well, you're good then. What I just described was Heather's condition when you brought her in from the city, a while back. Which is why I can't trust her, and have to keep her here for /close/ monitoring."

"Well, she was in bad shape, I know... I was the guy who brought her in, remember?" Ryan replies with a faint smile. Getting up slowly, trying his best not to put weight in the hurt leg, he starts making his way toward the door. "Well, I think I should get going... 12 hours of sleep or more is starting to look really good about now."

Angelica nods a little. "All right. Sleep well."

Ryan Rivers gives a thumbs up to Angelica as a silent farewell... Then limps out to get the rest he so desperately needs.

Ham Tyler arrives from New Barn.

Ham Tyler steps into the Infirmary. Yup, time to let the wounded know how stupid they were to get hurt.

Angelica is washing a couple of dishes, from earlier in the night.

Juliet Parrish is just leaving, having gotten the 'all clear' from Angelica...or as much of an all clear as she's going to get, and she has no intention of sticking around t o wait for the final one!

Ham Tyler sees Julie, "Well.. Look who it is... Crispy Critter."

Ham Tyler's charm seems to be turned up all the way, tonight.

Juliet Parrish narrows her eyes as she hears Tyler's comment, before smirking. "Hello to you too, Tyler."

Ham Tyler nods his head slightly, "Heard you let the amateurs lead a raid again... Seems to indicate heavy Casualties when that happens." He sighs, "Maybe we should leave Raid planning to the Pros, eh?"

"Can it, Ham," Juliet retorts, appearing none too happy with the criticism of the raid. "Those who weren't there can't comment. Got it?"

Ham Tyler rolls his eyes, "No, Doc, I won't. Sure, I wasn't there, because I wasn't INVITED. O'Leary had a chance to ask my opinion..." That is part of the problem, no one asked his opinion.

"And what happens, Tyler, if some day you're not around for us to check with, hmm? People need a chance to learn, not everyone can be a born leader like you." Juliet is going to stick up for her decision, you can bet on that. "O'Leary did just fine, and if you say a damned word to her, I swear to God you'll regret it."

Ham Tyler shakes his head, "Actually, her plan was fine. The person I blame is Ayala, she rattled O'Leary from what I heard...."

"You heard right. I didn't step in soon enough, and that woman doesn't know when to shut her mouth," Juliet is getting worked up again, just like she was last night...where's Ayala when she's needed to get a good talking to.

Ham Tyler shrugs, "Well, for the record, I expected something like it. Ayala's Ex Army, O'Leary's a Marine. They tend to fight a lot... I might have a conversation with them both, to get that toned down, but I suggest we see if Ayala is mature enough to handle herself with the fallout, before we bawl her out."

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, nodding. "I suggest someone advice her of the lack of intelligence about comments involving 'cop out' when speaking to someone like me, or O'Leary." she returns sweetly to Tyler.

Ham Tyler nods, "All right, I suppose you want me to be the one to convince her to play nice?"

"You want me to bawl her out?" Juliet returns evenly. She knows what the answer tot hat one will be.

Angelica glances back from washing dishes. "Depending on how things are, who might she take it from best?"

Ham Tyler sighs, "All right... Ill talk to her." He mutters, "IF she gives me lip, I'll just shoot her..."

Juliet Parrish chuckles softly, shaking her head. "So are you finished with the bullshit about amateurs?" She wonders, arching an eyebrow at Ham as her one hand settles on her hip.

Ham Tyler shrugs, "Just that they need to learn to duck." Of course, since Ham is still technically recovering form his wounds, he has little he can say. He is the only person to have been blasted with Laser Fire from a Skyfighter, and survived, so he has a small claim to fame.

Angelica laughs just a little bit at that.

Juliet Parrish rolls her eyes as she shakes her head. "Great, I'll be sure to pass that message along, Tyler. Duck," she mutters, shaking her head again. "Oy."

Ham Tyler shrugs, "It is a good message. If everyone ducked, poor Angelica here wouldn't have to work her fingers to the scales, healing everyone up."

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, shaking her head. "You know, not all of us were hit during the fighting," she points out before sighing. "Never mind, maybe I'll just take Bates' offer up on having one of his physicians look at me...besides, I never heard you worrying so much about me working -my- fingers to the bone when it was just me?"

Ham Tyler shrugs, "When it was just you, we didn't raid every week... And as for not everyone being hit, You, Ayala, O'Leary, Rivers... That new Girl, McQueen?" He smirks, "Only Gooder, The Russian, and Elizabeth were unscathed."

"I meant it didn't all happen during the firefight, smart ass," Juliet returns, rolling her eyes.

Angelica rolls her eyes a little at the one comment, and nods at that. "What exactly did happen? The techs decide to go the hard way? I saw the bodies on my way to you and Heather..."

Ham Tyler smirks, "Doc, I've already gotten an over view of what happened, and everyone who was hit, was hit during the fighting, including YOU. You were shot." He sighs, "And listen Julie... You better make sure from now on, that you get looked at. If you are hurt, and Bates finds out... he will get VERY interested in how you were hurt, and that would lead him to busting you."

"I don't know...Heather told them they could go, they started to, then turned and attacked us both, I'm assuming with venom. As to Bates," Juliet shrugs slightly in Ham's direction. "And how interesting do you think he'd find it if I keep missing work the day after a raid happens?"

Angelica nods a little bit. "I'm certain it was venom, because of how bad a reaction Heather was having to it."

Ham Tyler shrugs, "Go on raids ONLY on Fridays or Saturdays? You don't work weekends..."

Juliet Parrish can't help but chuckle at Ham's suggestion. "Right, so I'll be a good little Science Frontier worker on Monday through Thursday, be a Resistance member on Friday and Saturday nights, and take Sunday's off?"

Ham Tyler shrugs, "Whatever works. But I am not going to let you go into work hurt. You are of little use to EITHER the Resistance, or the War Effort at Science Frontiers if you are too injured to do your job right. I'm sure Donovan will agree. If need be, I'll just pull the battery of your car out, before every raid."

"You would, too," Juliet mutters with a sigh. "Look, I'm fine, alright? I will rest at home tonight, and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning." She remains by the door, eyeing Ham...awww, he cares. He's worried about her.

Ham Tyler shrugs, "I meant in the future...." He lowers his voice, "Julie, it is not good for you, as a Doc, or a person, to go all over the place, when you are hurt.... You gotta slow down."

Angelica laughs a little, glancing over at Tyler. "Someone actually strapped her to the bed overnight, instead of taking the car battery out. "Not sure who it was..."

"Why am I any different than the rest of you, Ham? I don't see you slowing down just because you've been shot." Juliet lowers her own voice, subconsciously echoing what she hears in Ham's voice before she sighs, and shoots Angelica a look. "Thanks."

Ham Tyler shakes his head, "Julie, I haven't gone on a raid, since I was hurt. Waiting for approval before I do. I also, haven't done a whole lot of walking around. Unlike most of the rest of the people around here, I listen to Doctors orders.... Unless there is an emergency."

"I wasn't planning on going last night, Ham," Juliet answers honestly, her voice soft. "But I also wasn't going to let O'Leary deal with a mouthy little shit alone on a raid I ordered her to lead. You know what being a leader means, Ham...and sometimes, it means wearing a red shirt so the men don't see you bleed."

Ham Tyler smirks, "Black covers the blood better, actually."

Juliet Parrish sighs. "You know what I meant." she responds simply. What else can she say?

Angelica glances over a little bit. "If the person in Miami said it correctly, it's the red shirt, or the brown pants, or both, for that, yes."

Ham Tyler nods slightly, "But after you wear the Shirt to hide the blood, you have to get looked at, especially if you expect your troopers to do the same. a Do as I say, not as I do approach to Medicine is not the best idea..."

Juliet Parrish chuckles softly, nodding to Angelica. "That's the way the joke goes," before she looks to Ham. "You're the doctor now, hmm?" she teases faintly.

Ham Tyler rolls his eyes a bit. "Sure. And my orders are for everyone who gets wounded to get docked one weeks pay... Oh wait... We don't pay anyone do we?" He tries a Joke? Wow.

Juliet Parrish rolls her eyes, smirking at Ham. "So I'm paying the Resistance by this point, then?" she returns.

Ham Tyler shrugs, "It was a Joke, Doc." He sighs and than asks Angel, "How is Doc Parrish, really? Other than the old Hip wound, is she back to 90%+?"

Angelica nods a little bit. "Yes, I fixed up all the current injuries before undoing whoever's handiwork the straps were. I still should look at the hip, but..."

Juliet Parrish laughs softly, nodding. "I realized that, I was teasing Ham." She then looks to Angelica, and shakes her head. "Nothing to be done for it, besides...if someone other than Bates' doctors look at it, he'll want to know who fixed it, and I can hardly tell them you."

Ham Tyler nods slightly, "You think you can do something about it? If you can, I definitely think something should be done." He may not 'love' Julie, like Donovan does, but he does not enjoy seeing the Doc in pain.

Angelica nods a little. "Since the injury is old, it would take opening it up, but I probably could, yes... Might keep her off her feet for a day or so, but... I'm assuming they know about the hip, so it would be justifiable to the company if she were seeing a specialist to get it fixed, yes?"

Ham Tyler nods, "Sure, it might bruise Bates' ego, but he doesn't have the best people in the world." He contemplates telling Angel to do it, if Julie likes it or not, but that would be... Well, wrong.

"The last thing I need is to be 'opened up' again," Juliet points out quietly. "I think I've been opened up quite enough, thanks."

Angelica rolls her eyes then. "It isn't like it wouldn't be closed right back up. If you worked behind a desk, you might even be able to walk short distances with the cane, for the first couple days. Then it should be well enough to not need it anymore."

"Why is -everyone- so obsessed with my damned hip? I've grown to live with it, why can't the rest of you?" Juliet wonders, a mixture of bewilderment and anger beginning to mingle in her tone.

Ham Tyler says simply, "Because, you are the leader here... We all worry about you?"

Angelica raises her eyebrows at Julie and frowns. "I saw you trying to get out of your car when I took you to New York." She glances to Ham. "She was only barely able to get out. If it's in that condition, it could be injuring her further over time, for not being treated properly."

"I'm right here, Angelica...don't talk about me as if I weren't," Juliet points out, frowning sharply. "God, that's exactly why I hate doctors."

Ham Tyler laughs, "And Julie, you forget you do it too... When you are in Doctor mode."

Ham Tyler is leaning in the doorway, effectively blocking it from Julie passing, unless she Pushes... Talking to Julie and Angelica.

Alexis Ayala sighs, hearing voices, waking up from her second nap of the day, thinking from the way she feels it may have been a particularly long nap...

Juliet Parrish shoots Ham a look that he's lucky can't kill. "Look, you two, my hip is fine, I can walk just fine, I can get out cars just fine," Here she shoots Angelica a matching look, "So the next person to bring it up gets a firm kick in the ass."

Ham Tyler says simply, "Doc. I'm sick of this. You bitch and yell when ever *anyone* else acts like a wound, no matter how old, is nothing. You can kick my ass if you want, or you can try, but I'm not dropping this."

Alexis Ayala groans a little as she sits up, saying quietly, "Maybe you should just sit down or lay for awhile..."

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, closing her eyes as she slowly, silently, counts to ten. "Look, it only acts up when I do stupid things. I'll be more careful, I promise."

Ham Tyler shrugs, "Why not just let Angelica do her thing, and than, it won't bother you at all?"

Alexis Ayala hmmms, and sighs, quietly backing up to lean against the wall, propping her pillow up and summing up how she thinks she feels.

Angelica smiles, quietly checking over her instruments, nodding to Ham in encouragement.

Juliet Parrish sighs softly, shaking her head. Yup, she's sighing a lot. "Look, I'll think about it, alright? That's all you're getting out of me."

Alexis Ayala says quietly, but loud enough to be heard, "May I say something?"

Ham Tyler looks at Alexis, and sighs, knowing Julie might not like it. He says to Julie, "I suppose the fact that you'll think about it is what I'll have to live with." He tries to give Alexis a 'later' look, but may be blocked by Julie from being effective.

Alexis Ayala bites her lip, as it was pertinent to the now, but shrugs, it's not really her business anyway.

Juliet Parrish sighs softly. "Sure, why not, everyone else is."

Alexis Ayala bites her lip, and nods, "Well, barring any disrespect, because I don't intend any, it might just go a lot faster if you just agreed to let Angelica do her thing and then got on with it, rather than a standing argument over whether or not your fine with Mr. Tyler."

"It may be faster," Juliet agrees, glancing over her shoulder with a tight smile, "But being as it's my body, I don't give a damn what's faster."

Alexis Ayala has to laugh at that.

Angelica glances over to Alex and smiles. "She just wants to be fussy, that's all."

Juliet Parrish shoots Angelica a look. You know, that's the final straw. She's put up with quite enough criticism for one night on how she takes care of herself, "Get out of my way, Tyler," she growls, moving to push her way out if she has to.

Ham Tyler sighs, "So next time I am wounded, and I want to walk around, remember, it is *my* body, when you order me to stay in the infirmary" Ham Snaps. He pushes off from the door frame, and turns to leave, "As I said Julie, do as I say, not as I do... Not good when it comes to Medical Situations.

Ham Tyler moves north.

Alexis Ayala blinks softly, raising her hands, "Hey, I'm just doing as I'm told, it's alllll easier for /me/ that way."

<ResRadio> Heather O'Leary, from a great distance, so it fades in and out, "Ayala... What wear... those.... UBT's...wanted?"

<ResRadio> Alexis Ayala gives Heather her size, repeating it once to make sure she hears it, and saying something about paying her back.

<ResRadio> Heather O'Leary says, "No Wor... forget... back"

Angelica walks over towards Alex. "Feeling better?"

Alexis Ayala hmms, and looks up, "Little pink, but all in all I'm feeling pretty decent."

Alexis Ayala scratches the back of her head, "I just wish I wasn't 2 for 2 on engagements."

Angelica smiles a little and nods. "Can be a rough life, I'm certain. I'm just glad I was able to patch you back up."

Alexis Ayala nods, "I'm just glad I was able to be patched up."

Angelica smiles and nods. "Well, you should be good to go, then..."

Alexis Ayala nods, "Really? I'm alright then?"

Angelica smiles. "Yep... You should be fine."

Alexis Ayala mmms and nods, "All right then, did you ever get your water Chestnuts?"

Angelica smiles and nods. "Yes, I did."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Oh, that's good to hear, I guess I should just go train until Pyotr finds me, then maybe I can get to work on that Skyfighter."

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Not sure who all is around, but might be an idea."

Alexis Ayala hmms softly, "Oh?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, two are off who knows where, radioing in, not sure about anyone else, some are probably in bed by now."

Alexis Ayala nods softly, "Ah, Well maybe I'll just train for awhile?"

Pyotr Zagadka arrives from New Barn.

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Well, off I go then, since I'm good to go."

Angelica nods a little bit then. "Okay then..."

Alexis Ayala smiles, "You don't have any patients, going to stick around?"

Pyotr Zagadka steps into the Infirmary, hands clasped behind his back. The Russian is cleaned up from yesterday and looking pretty chipper.

Angelica hmms a little at Alex. "Well, depending on what's going on..."

Alexis Ayala looks, Pyotr stepping through the door as she's headed on her way out, "You look awfully pleased with yourself?"

Pyotr Zagadka oooohs and smiles even more as he sees one of the patients is up and about. "Well, yes. I was pleased with self." he says as he walks up to the pair of women and pulls his hands out from behind his back to reveal. A vase of wildflowers. "Guess I too late to give patients get well present." he says.

Alexis Ayala looks around for another patient, blushing just a little bit.

Angelica blinks a little, raising her eyebrows and smiling as Alex blushes.

Maggie McQueen sits up and yawns, having slept in the infirmary and looks at the blushing woman, smiling.

Pyotr Zagadka rolls his eyes at the blushing. "Whot?" he asks. "It not proper American custom to gives friends Flowers?" he asks.

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "Yeah, but, I'm almost the only one here, so...those would be...for me?"

Pyotr Zagadka chuckles and nods. "Da." he says.

Alexis Ayala nods slowly, "wow, I guess I'm just used to...well, it's too embarrassing to say."

Angelica smiles a little bit more, stepping back to let the two have a more private moment.

Maggie McQueen grins at her discomfort and slides off the bed, slipping around to go out of the room while everyone is distracted.

Pyotr Zagadka raises an eyebrow and frowns, looking at his flowers. "I.. I sorry if I embarrass you.." he says, almost panicky...

Alexis Ayala laughs softly, "No, really, it's just fine..I just...I guess now I have to make room in my room for flowers..."

Pyotr Zagadka looks confused. "Flowers not take too much room." he says. "Shouldn't be problem. Unless you wish I throw away.."

Maggie McQueen pauses at the doorway, wanting to see this play out, taking this chance to see more of those she would call teammates.

Angelica slips back closer towards Maggie, quietly, trying to hold in any laughing for the moment, at Alex stumbling.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "Oh no really, that's okay, I'll take them, it's actually very sweet, I don't think I remember the last time I was given flowers..." she says, politely taking them and checking out the vase.

Maggie McQueen catches Angelica moving towards her from the corner of her eye and turns to her shyly. "Ah, thank you, ma'am, for helping me with my wound..." she trails off nervously.

Pyotr Zagadka ohs... and smiles again.. brightly now. "Well... You are welcome." he says. "Glad I can do nice thing." he bows slightly... Then nods, stll smiling to Maggie and Angelica, and turns on his head to walk towards the door.. Humming.

Angelica smiles and nods to Maggie. "I'm glad to help." She glances back to the others, smiling still.

Alexis Ayala smiles a bit, and then watches Pyotr go, "You're just going to leave now?" she says, a little surprised.

Pyotr Zagadka stops and looks over his shoulder.. and suddenly flushes. "I.. ah.... I though you said you were going to room to make room." er.. he hopes he said that in a way that made sense. and wished he had a Berlitz guide to English.

Maggie McQueen sensing a chance to find out more, steps close to Angelica and waits for Pyotr to leave, then when he doesnt, looks to Angelica for a clue as to what to do next.

Angelica glances to Maggie and shrugs a little bit, raising her eyebrows.

Alexis Ayala blinks, "I guess I just didn't expect you to give me flowers and then leave." she says, shrugging, she seems just a tad uncomfortable, new territory, new situation for the girl. She smiles, "You wanted to help with the Skyfighter, da?"

Pyotr Zagadka nods slowly, biting his lower lip.. Seems he knows he screwed up, but not really how. She's not the only one in a new situation. "Da I... Da... That would be nice. If you are up to it?"

Alexis Ayala smiles, "Angelica says I'm good to train, so I've GOT to be good to do technical stuff."

Pyotr Zagadka ahhhhs and smiles, through a bit unsure. He steps aside and motios to the door. "After you, Then." he says.

Alexis Ayala nods, carrying the vase.

Angelica smiles a little at the two, just watching.

Alexis Ayala nods, "After me then." she says, walking through the door...

Alexis Ayala moves north.

Pyotr Zagadka moves north.

Angelica laughs softly.

Maggie McQueen looks at Angelica. "So can you show me where to go to find out if I'm in the right place?"

Angelica hmms a little bit. "The right place? How do you mean?"

Maggie McQueen "Well, I came here looking for Heather O'Leary and got scooped up in a raid. And I still haven't met up with her or even know if I am at the right place...though I think I am..." She looks really uncomfortable at this long speech, unsure of herself.

Angelica hmms. "Unfortunately, Heather O'Leary and her girlfriend evidently are off somewhere else getting things, at the moment."

Maggie McQueen looks dejected at this comment, then squares her shoulders and smiles at her. "Then perhaps you can help me find someone to ask about joining up with you people officially....?"

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Well, people aren't terribly official here... you didn't get banged up too bad..."

Maggie McQueen chuckles. "No, I got lucky. Well I guess the next question is...where can I get something to eat?" Grinning at her, Maggie's stomach rumbles loudly in emphasis.

Angelica smiles a little bit. "Hmm... Inside the main house, through the main door. I'll take you there..."

Maggie McQueen nods and smiles. "Ok, then..."

Angelica smiles, slipping for the exit. "Right this way..."

You go to New Barn.

Alexis Ayala nods and opens the 'lid', and hits the power button, "Okay."

Maggie McQueen arrives from Infirmary.

Angelica smiles, walking out from the infirmary with Maggie in tow, waving towards all the work along her way to the door.

Maggie McQueen follows her across the yard, watching all the activity.

Pyotr Zagadka walks over and grabs the video camera and, as she boots up the laptop, he grabs the patch cord from the computer and fits it on the back of teh video device.. Then sets the camera on a cheap tripod and points it at the pen panel... He places his eye against the viewfinder and focuses and zooms the camera in, so she can get a good view.

Angelica opens the main door for Maggie, holding it for her to go out into the main yard.

Alexis Ayala watches Pyotr as he does this, opening up the correct application on the laptop as soon as it's done booting up all the way. She smiles, "Okay, move reeeeeal slowly okay?"

You go to Maxwell Ranch Front Yard.

Maggie McQueen arrives from New Barn.

Angelica steps out into the main yard, looking around quickly and smiling. "Nice night, at least..."

Maggie McQueen catches her hand and holds it, smiling. "Yes its very nice."

Angelica blinks a little at that, raising her eyebrows, and walking towards the house.

Maggie McQueen interlaces her fingers with Angelica's, letting herself be lead to the house.

Angelica smiles, slipping up onto the porch, opening the door for the foyer, and holding it for Maggie.

Maggie McQueen releases her hand and walks past, winking at her as she goes through the door. "Thank you, darlin."

You go to Foyer.

Maggie McQueen arrives from Maxwell Ranch Front Yard.

Angelica smiles, slipping in and wiping her feet, glancing out to the dining room. "The kitchen is in through the dining room,. now..." She smiles, glancing about. "Quiet tonight..."

Maggie McQueen looks around at the large room before her, feeling rather lost. Reaching out, she grabs Angelica's hand again. "Good. I don't know if I could deal with a lot of people right now." Wiping her feet, she gives her hand a squeeze. "Lead on, darlin."

Angelica smiles and nods, slipping through. "Means some people are asleep, though, too." She slips into the dining room.

You go to Dining Room.

Maggie McQueen arrives from Foyer.

Angelica smiles, slipping through the dining room quietly, and looking around. "Really quiet..." she smiles a little. "So unless someone who doesn't know me is planning on jumping me for walking in, they're all in bed."

Maggie McQueen raises an eyebrow and pulls Angelica to a halt, taking her other hand and looking at her carefully. "I'm not getting you in trouble now, am I?"

Angelica shakes her head. "Not at all... If you bagged a lot of enemy troops in the raid, I'm assuming they like you already."

Maggie McQueen shrugs and looks away modestly. "One or two is all." Looking back at Angelica and smiling, she says, "Good. Because the last thing I want to do is get you in trouble." Releasing one hand, she gestures to her guide to lead on.

Angelica smiles a little bit, and nods. "Don't worry about it..." She slips for the kitchen. "Right through here..."

Maggie McQueen follows her into the next room.

Maggie McQueen moves to the Kitchen .

You go to Kitchen.

Angelica slips into the kitchen, opening the fridge for Maggie, and stepping aside. "Here you go..."

Maggie McQueen grins at the many shiny gadgets and heads to the refrigerator being held open for her, grabbing up a bunch of stuff that looks tempting and carrying it to a counter. "Thanks, darlin. Grab me a plate and knife and that mustard over there, if ya please." She deposits the food and turns to Angelica.

Angelica smiles, grabbing the plate and knife, and mustard. "Here you are..." She smiles and settles back.

Maggie McQueen proceeds to build a humungous sandwich, Dagwood-style, with many layers of different and unusual items not normally found in a sandwich. As she squishes it a bit, lifting from the plate to take a bite, she looks at Angelica and winks. "Want a bite, darlin?"

Angelica smiles and shakes her head a little bit. "No, thank you..."

Maggie McQueen shrugs and smiles back. "Well at least let me get you something. I hate to be ill-mannered and eat in front of you. Besides, I like company when eating...its better for the digestion."

Angelica smiles a little and shakes her head, digging into the fridge and digging out a jar of water chestnuts. "I'll eat these..." She smiles a bit more.

Maggie McQueen nods and winks and begins to devour her extra-large sandwich.

Angelica smiles, munching on one of the nuts, and raising her eyebrows, glancing around. "So what all do you do?"

Maggie McQueen in between bites says "I do a bit of everything outdoors type stuff." She takes a bite, chews and swallows then grins. "Can you get me a beer, darlin?" After another bite, she speaks up again. "Growing up on a ranch with four brothers, I can handle myself pretty well when it comes to living rugged."

Angelica smiles a little, getting a beer from the fridge, and handing it over to Maggie, nodding. "Ah..."

Maggie McQueen sets down the remaining quarter of her sandwich and guzzles the beer, then winks at Angelica and smiles. "So what do you like to do for fun, darlin?"

Angelica smiles a little and shrugs. "Well, I don't have a lot of fun. I'm pretty boring."

Maggie McQueen frowns a bit, crinkling her brow. "Everyone does something for fun sometime, darlin." She smiles again. "But if you're so boring, then tell me what it is you do that makes you so dull."

Angelica smiles a little bit and shrugs. "I'm just the doctor, that's all. I sit in the infirmary and take care of people, and the equipment to take care of the people." she laughs a little. "That takes up a lot of waking hours, in and of itself."

Maggie McQueen leans her elbows on the table and props her chin on her hands, smiling at Angelica. "Yeah, I can see how that would take a lot of time. But no time for yourself? That is always a shame, darlin." Winking again, she picks up the last bit of her sandwich and finishes it off.

Angelica smiles and shrugs a little bit, munching another nut. "Well, not too much... time enough to eat and sleep at least. Just depends on how busy it is."



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