Below are a list of the Character-Types, along with the Skills they would require.



Desc: Be it a Stage, Television, or Movie star, Acting takes being able to lie convincingly, to everyone, by taking on the role of someone else.

Required: Etiquette and Seduction

Recommended: Negotiation, Mount, Driving, Leadership,

EXAMPLE: Tom Cruise

Aircraft MechanicEdit

Desc: An Aircraft Mechanic can fix things that are human in origin, and flies. EX: Jet Plane, Fighter Jet, Helicopter

Required: Mechanics-Human

Recommended: Aircraft, Craft, Engineering, Electronics,

EXAMPLE: Air Force Mechanic

Army SoliderEdit

Desc: Your standard Army Grunt.

Required: Brawling or Martial-Arts, Firearms,

Recommended: Throwing, Running, Jumping, Climbing, Gunnery, Leadership, Demolitions

EXAMPLE: Army Infantryman


Desc: A Professional Football player, a Professional Baseball Player, a Tennis Star

Required: Running

Recommended: Climbing, Jumping, Swimming

EXAMPLE: Peter Forsythe, Peyton Manning


Desc: Able to run a successful business, be it a Restaurant, a Gas Station, or a Bio-Chemical Firm

Required: Business

Recommended: Negotiation, Etiquette, Law,

EXAMPLE: Nathan Bates

Cat BurglarEdit

Desc: Can get break a window, steal the family jewels (or Television) and get out, mostly without getting caught.

Required: Stealth

Recommended: Climbing, Jumping, Running, Seduction

EXAMPLE: Elias Taylor

CIA Operative/SpyEdit

Desc: Gets in, gets information, gets out. Or does the work the government does not want known.

Required: Stealth, Seduction, Firearms, Martial-Arts or Brawling, Interrogation

Recommended: Aircraft, Computer, Demolitions, Driving, Gunnery, Language, Melee, Security,

EXAMPLE: Ham Tyler

Civilian PilotEdit

Desc: Everything from a News Helicopter pilot, to a recreational pilot, to a Commercial Airline Pilot

Required: Aircraft


EXAMPLE: United Airlines Pilot

Computer HackerEdit

Desc: Has the ability to infiltrate computer networks.

Required: Computer, Security

Recommended: Engineering, Craft, Electronics

EXAMPLE: Mr. Anderson (Matrix)

Computer ProgrammerEdit

Desc: Writes computer software.

Required: Computer


EXAMPLE: Software Developer

Cop/Police Officer/Federal AgentEdit

Desc: Beat Cop, Detective, FBI Agent, ATF Agent

Required: Firearms, Law, Driving

Recommended: Mount, Watercraft, Brawling, Negotiation, Etiquette, First-Aid, Running

EXAMPLE: Ryan Rivers


Desc: When you are sick or hurt, they make you better.

Required: Medical

Recommended: Melee (For Blades)

EXAMPLE: Juliet Parrish or Dr. Quinn


Desc: They arrive in an Ambulance (most of the time) and are the first on scene for medical emergencies.

Required: First-Aid

Recommended: Driving



Desc: A Reporter, for Television, Print, Radio, or even Internet Websites

Required: Etiquette, Seduction


EXAMPLE: Howard K. Smith and Denise Daltry


Desc: They argue law cases before a Judge, Criminal or Civil.

Required: Law

Recommended: Etiquette, Seduction, Negotiation

EXAMPLE: F. Lee Bailey, Johnny Cochran


Desc: A Jar-Head, Devildog...

Required: Brawling or Martial-Arts, Firearms, Running

Recommended: Throwing, Jumping, Climbing, Gunnery, Leadership, Demolition

Example: Jason Briggs


Desc: Someone who can shoot VERY well with a gun or a Bow.

Required: Marksmanship, Firearms (or Projectile)


EXAMPLE: G.I. Joe's Lowlight


Desc: They fix cars, trucks, SUV's, or Big Rigs

Required: Mechanic-Human, Driving

Recommended: Craft, Electronics, Engineering



Desc: They fight wars for money.

Required: Firearms, Brawling or Martial-Arts

Recommended: Any Weapon, Any Physical, Any Craft

EXAMPLE: The Expendables

Military PilotEdit

Desc: Pilots of Military Aircraft (Apache Helicopters, F-22's, etc)

Required: Aircraft, Gunnery

Recommended: Brawling or Martial-Arts, Firearms, Mechanic-Human

EXAMPLE: Heather O'Leary

Navy SEALEdit

Desc: Highly trained, underwater Demolitions experts and Special Forces Operatives

Required: Martial-Arts, Firearms, Demolitions, Swimming

Recommended: Watercraft, Any Weapon, Any Craft

EXAMPLE: Talos O'Leary

Petty ThiefEdit

Desc: A purse Snatcher, a mugger

Required: Stealth


EXAMPLE: Common Criminal


Desc: They capture the news through a camera, either still or video

Required: Etiquette

Recommended: Craft, Engineering, Electronics

EXAMPLE: Michael Donovan

Resistance FighterEdit

This one is... unique. There are no required Skills, whatsoever, just recommendations. It is also, not a true Character Type, just a sets of skills that benefit the Resistance, although, if you want to be brand new, and have no fighting skills, the Resistance WILL teach you how to fight.

Recommended: Firearms, Lasers, Martial-Arts or Brawling, First-Aid, Melee, Throwing, Gunnery, Spacecraft, Aircraft, Driving, Marksmanship

EXAMPLE: Sancho Gomez


Desc: They research and invent things, through their knowledge of a Science.

Required: Any Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Recommended: Engineering, Craft, Electronics, Computer

EXAMPLE: Pyotr Zagadka or Hannah Donnenfield

Security GuardEdit

Desc: Armed, or Unarmed, guards on buildings, banks, or property

Required: Firearm, Security


EXAMPLE: Science Frontiers Guard

Tank DriverEdit

Desc: They drive Armored Vehicles.

Required: Driving, Gunnery

Recommended: Any Weapon


Weapon SmithEdit

Desc: Armory maintains, Gun Smiths

Required: Engineering, Craft, Firearms


EXAMPLE: Alexis Ayala



Desc: They heal the Visitors when they are injured

Required: Medical


EXAMPLE: Angelica

Engineer (Mothership Repair)Edit

Desc: They work on the Motherships when they are damaged.

Required: Mechanics-Visitor, Engineering

Recommended: Electronics, Computer, Craft


Engineer (Small-Craft Repair)Edit

Desc: They fix Skyfighters, Squad Ships, and Tankers.

Required: Mechanic-Visitor

Recommended: Electronics, Engineering, Craft, Computer


Mothership PilotEdit

Desc: They fly the Motherships.

Required: Starship

Recommended: Computer



Desc: The leaders of the Visitor Military.

Required: Leadership, Lasers, Spacecraft


EXAMPLE: John, Pamela, and Martin


Desc: They discover new technologies to use against the Visitor Enemies (Conversion Chambers, etc) Required: Any Science, Computer


EXAMPLE: Diana and Drake

Security SpecialistEdit

Desc: They protect the fleet from all enemies, but mostly domestic.

Required: Security, Laser, Brawling



Shock TrooperEdit

Desc: The average Soldier in the Visitor Military.

Required: Brawling, Lasers, Marksmanship, Melee

Recommended: Spacecraft

EXAMPLE: Jake, James, and Kita

Small-Craft PilotEdit

Desc: They fly the Skyfighters, Squadships, and Tankers





Desc: They handle all the non-Engineering repairs and work.

Required: Electronics

Recommended: Craft


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