The PZLAC-4 (Or Pyotr Zagadka Laser Assault Cannon) is Pyotr's current project. Having stripped down 4 Shocktrooper Laser Rifles, he has wired their firing and power mechanisms together and welded all the parts together into a rigid chassis of his own design. The Four Laser Rifle Energy Streams are converged together into a single intense beam with a reflector assembly stripped form a shuttle and/or skyfighter since it is probably the only parts able to sustain the power of four in-tandem wired assault riffles firing at once.

The PZLAC is basically a HUGE Laser Assult Shotgun. Of course, being a homebrew design and considering it power and how it was constructed, it would definitely have a few flaws. It would DEFINITELY be a power eater, probably only getting about a dozen shots at MOST unless one was wearing a power pack on a belt or back pack. It would probably heat up horrendously too if fired at a constant rate, probably unable to operate after about 4-6 quick fired shots. (optimal firing would be once every 2-3 turns until power pack is depleted. If gun over heats it could take 3-4 turns to cool enough to be fired.)

Damage: Against Characters, Low. Against Vehicles, Medium/High

(A better write-up will come later)

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