Ruby Engels
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Ruby Engels


Munich, Germany







Known Realatives


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German, American (Immigrant)


Mother Hen, Undercover Cleaning Lady

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Ruby Engels was the best friend of Abraham Bernstein and lived a lovely retired life when the Visitors arrived. She was willfully ignorant of anything wrong going on and when the scientist conspiracy started she continued to be optimistic, telling Abraham things would pass as he pointed out the similarities between what was happening and Nazi Germany.

When Abraham was arrested with the rest of the Bernstein family, Ruby quickly joined the resistance. Her first act was to help them move in and quickly provide grandmotherly support for Julie Parrish who was struggling with accepting her role as leader of the resistance.

During the first raid, Ruby helped out by setting a firebomb inside a squad vehicle adding to the distraction of the Visitor forces while the resistance raided the weapons storage.

As the resistance became more active, Ruby really couldn’t play much of an action role, so she chose to do what she could. She dressed in a disguise and started working as a cleaning lady at the Visitor Headquarters in Los Angeles.

It was Ruby who learned of the plan to use the security passes that could not be duplicated.

When the resistance planned on springing Julie who was being transferred to the LA Visitor Headquarters, Ruby was the key part of the plan. She was to cut the power to the facility at the right time to allow for confusion and for a truck to burn in to drive away. She is assisted in preparations by Ham Tyler who confides in her his love for theater.

Once in the headquarters, Ruby knocked out a guard who got curious, and cut the power in time, helping Julie to escape. As Ruby tried to make it out of the building she was discovered by Daniel Bernstein, who had grown up coming to Ruby’s house for cookies and the like. Daniel sees through her disguise and planned to turn her in. Ruby tried to talk Daniel out of it and didn’t believe he would shoot her so she walked on. Daniel fought his conscience but not for very long and he shot her in the back, killing her

OOC InformationEdit

Ruby died, shot by Daniel Bernstein, as she tried to escape the Visitor L.A. Secrity Headquarters, after helping the Resistance break in, to free Juliet Parrish

Character InformationEdit

Ruby is not available for Appication.


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