Sancho Gomez
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Sancho Gomez


Mexico City, Mexico







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Gardener, Resistance Fighter

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V: The Mini-Series

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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Sancho was a gardener working for the Maxwell’s amongst others when the aliens first invaded. He didn’t resist at first because he never had any problems, but it did start to affect his business that he was working for scientists. His clients told him that they would fire him if he continued to work for the Maxwells. He hated to quit on them, but he had no choice.

He made up for it later when they came to him to help them run the scientist road block. Having had some experience running family members up from Mexico through the roadblock, he agreed. He built a little secret area under vegetation in his truck where the family could hide. Before they got to the block, he handed a bag of Hershey’s kisses to Robert to keep young Katie Maxwell quiet. They didn’t count on Eleanor Dupres hearing Katie along the way and reporting them. They made it through the roadblock, but on the way back through, they discover the hiding area and he is placed under arrest.

He is taken to the mothership where he is tortured by Diana and left in a room with the corpse of Tony Leonetti. Donovan found him when looking for Tony. Martin helped get him aboard the skyfighter that Donovan was going to take to escape from the mothership. Sancho helped them get away by sitting in the rear gunner seat and helping to take out one of the skyfighters in pursuit.

When they saved the mountain camp from attack, Sancho joined the resistance at that point.

Sancho helped them on all their raids including a raid on a food processing plant where they took heavy losses. He also helped them in the L.A. Medical raid, helping to secure the room where John was speaking.

He was with Brad when they discovered Ham Tyler spying on their headquarters. He is disgusted when Chris takes them hostage while they concentrated on Tyler. Sancho admonished Brad for not looking more thoroughly.

Sancho later helped them save Julie and with the water processing plant raid.

After the discovery of the Red Dust and the acknowledgment by Martin of the doomsday device, Sancho exclaimed disbelief at being the ones to decide the fate of the world. When it was decided to attack anyways, Sancho joined Donovan’s group on the mothership and helped secure the hangar bay.

He stated that his grandfather fought with Zapata during the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s.

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Sancho is available for Application


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