Sean Donovan
Personal Information
Full Name

Sean Michael Donovan


Los Angeles, California







Known Realatives

Michael Donovan (Father, Alive), Marjorie Donovan (Mother, Presumed Dead), Elenor Dupress (Grandmother, Dead), Arthur Dupress (Step Grandfather, Alive)

Faction Information





Student, Teenager, Visitor Youth Member, Deconverted Troubled Youth

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Mini-Series

Character Type


Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

When the Visitors invaded, Sean Donovan lived with his mother in San Pedro. Marjorie was struggling through as a single mother although you wouldn’t know it by looking at Sean, who was fun loving and seemingly very happy. Sean loved his father very much and they related often when discussing baseball. He often played with his friend, Josh Brooks and when Mike came to visit the first time after the invasion, Mike brought him a gift from a shuttle craft that turned out to be a key. Sometime after that visit, the Visitors attacked the small town of San Pedro, taking Sean and his mother prisoner. Sean was placed into a food stasis chamber. He stayed there until his grandmother, Eleanor Dupres inquired about his whereabouts. Steven found Sean and presented him to Diana. Diana converted the boy and turned him into a spy they planned to release back into the resistance. Diana offered the boy to the resistance in return for Mike. Mike willingly agreed. Once within the resistance, and after Mike’s escape and ultimate return, Sean did spy on the resistance, until discovered by Julie. After Julie and Ham convinced Mike of the conversion, they used Sean by feeding him a false plan. Sean then escaped and ran to his grandmother and Steven, giving them the false information. After the Final Battle, he had been taken away by his step-grandfather, Arthur Dupres, Mike later sent Sean to a rehabilitation school in Ojai (northern California), until they could figure out the conversion process. When the aliens invaded again, they took the boys from the Ojai school. Sean stayed with the Visitors who kept him on a drug to retain his conversion.

IC HIstoryEdit

The Resistance "traded" Elizabeth Maxwell for Sean, and Sean was sent to New York, where White Christmas reveresed his Conversion. Later, Agents of Diana and Medea captured Sean, and this lead Mike to leave L.A. and track him down. Once he was tracked down, Mike sent him to a special camp in Maine, where he lives currently.

OOC InformationEdit

Sean could come back, but it is unknown if he was reconverted when he was in Visitor hands the third time.

Character InformationEdit

Sean is available for Application


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