The soldier, or shock trooper, is the backbone of Sirian ground forces. Troopers are generally deployed in squads of three or more, functioning as dismounted infantry units.

The shock trooper wears a protective helmet composed of a strengthened polymer, coated with a surface material impervious to all but large-caliber bullet hits. The helmet also has a reflective finish to inhibit the effectiveness of glancing laser strikes. The tinted visor is polarized and can be adjusted to varying degrees of translucence by the trooper. The visor protects the eyesight of a trooper in combat, as the "muzzle-flash" of the energy weapon is devastating to the Sirian’s sensitive eyes. The shiny black breastplate worn by all shock troopers is composed of closely-woven polymers and sylenium fiber. This lightweight piece is impervious to all but Teflon-coated projectiles and is fireproof.

The standard weapon of soldiers is the high-output energy rifle, usually supplemented by a similar but smaller pistol worn on the right hip. Tactically, shock troopers lack initiative and usually function best when being directed in brute force "wave" attacks against enemy positions or close assaults. Tactical planning resides firmly in the hands of officers and security personnel.

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