Social Skills are normally attributed to the abilities to fit into society or to affect other people in some way.

NOTE: These skills will NOT over rule consent!

The following are Social Skills: SKILL - (Prerequisite) - Skill Description

  • Etiquette - (Social) - Knowledge of the right way to eat in public, or the right words to say during a particular ceremony
  • Interrogation - (Willpower) - knowledge of how to extract information from the unwilling (Possible Consent Override, with Admin Approval)
  • Leadership - (Social) - Leadership is the ability to control groups of people, either in Combat, or even in just large crowds.
  • Negotiation - (Social) - Negotiations helps you win a negotiation, be it a business deal, a bartering session, or even, just convincing your kids it is in their best interest to clean their rooms.
  • Seduction - (Social) - Seduction kinda of is self-explanatory, it allows you to seduce someone into doing what you want. Not necessarily romantically, but that is a possible way to seduce someone.

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