These skills are based on the use of Technology, or Intelligence, or just on the fact that learning the skill is hard work, and takes dedication.

The Following are Technical Skills: SKILL - (Prerequisite) - Skill Description

  • Computer - (Technical) - Computers allow you to use Computer Systems, Program them, or even, hack into secure networks!
  • Craft - (Technical) - Allows you to build things, but may have to be used in association with other skills.
  • Demolitions - (Intelligence) - Demolitions allows you to use, and understand explosives. Required for building, planting, detonating, and disarming various explosives.
  • Electronics - (Technical) - Knowledge of Electronics. For example, Computer Circuit Boards, Television Repair, or Microwave internals.
  • Engineering - (Intelligence) - Sort of a catch all Skill, giving you knowledge of a particular type of Engineering. (Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
  • First-Aid - (Intelligence) - First-Aid allows you to try and help someone who is wounded, but the training is not nearly as advanced as the Medical Skill. Closer to what most Paramedic or EMT's would have.
  • Mechanics-Human - (Technical) - Mechanics Human allows you to repair various Human Systems, from Cars, to Helicopters, to Airplanes, and things as small as Electric Appliances. Of course, not everyone that knows Repair Human could fix, say an Airplane, but the skill is used for all. Remember to pick something to specialize in, ICly, although, multiple specialties will be allowed ICly, at higher levels.
  • Mechanics-Visitor - (Technical) - Mechanics Visitor allows you to repair various Alien equipment, up to and including a Mothership. As with Repair-Human, as you gain levels, you can repair more different types of things.
  • Medical - (Intelligence) - Medical is the training one receives either in Med School, or from long term practice of First-Aid, with a Doctor teaching the higher skills.
  • Security - (Technical) - This skill allows you to use Surveillance Devices, such as Bugs, Security Cameras, and it also allows you to Pick Locks, either to unlock them, or even, re-lock them

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