These skills are what are required to use the Vehicle System on the MUSH.

The following are Vehicle Skills: SKILL - (Prerequisite) - Skill Description

  • Aircraft - (Technical) - This skill lets you fly any Airplane (EX: Harrier , Helicopter, or Glider on the MUSH
  • Driving - (Technical) - This skill lets you drive a Car, a Bus, or even, a tank.
  • Mount - (Agility) - This skill lets you ride Horses, Donkeys, Llamas, Camels, and in some cases other things.
  • Spacecraft - (Technical) - This Skill allows you to fly a Sirian Parasite Craft EXAMPLE: Skyfighter, Transport, or Squadship.
  • Starship - (Technical) - This skill will allow you to fly a Sirian Mother Ship
  • Watercraft - (Technical) - This skill allows you to pilot Boats. Even Warships, if you are good enough.

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