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Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

Steven was a commander in the Visitor forces when they initially arrived. He headed up the work being done at the Dupres chemical plant. He quickly integrated human and Visitor forces while kissing up to Eleanor Dupres whom he used to further the Visitor agenda. He met the Maxwells, whom Robert observed to notice the differences between human and alien.

Steven worked closely with Diana whom he clashed with often as he didn’t respect her for being a non-military type. She likewise didn’t like him, berating him often.

After a few months, Steven had Brian heading up the Youth Corps, while Steven maintained security throughout Los Angeles.

Steven also helped oversee the food processing and was present when the resistance attacked the plant. Steven’s forces repelled the resistance with relative ease.

Steven caught Kristine Walsh in a restricted area and interrogated her hard until Diana came and relieved him.

He continued to kiss up to Eleanor Dupres, to the chagrin of Eleanor’s husband, Arthur. One night during dinner, Donovan broke in looking for Eleanor’s security card for the LA Medical Center. He gets out but Steven’s forces chase him.

Later Eleanor asked Steven if he could help her locate her grandson who was taken along with their town. Steven finds Sean and presents him to Diana first, knowing she’d want to use him.

Steven provided security for the Medical Center, but it was neutralized by the resistance who also escaped, except for Juliet Parrish who Daniel Bernstein caught.

Steven relished the arrival of Pamela whom he could conspire with against Diana. After the botching of Julie’s conversion and the subsequent loss of Donovan and Martin, they conspired to get Diana relegated to scientific duties only. Steven then went to lead the LA Headquarters where he received Sean Donovan’s report on the upcoming attach which he reported to Pamela and to Diana.

Steven was at the LA Headquarters when the Final Battle came. He tried to use Eleanor Dupres as a shield until she betrayed him. He then shot her in the back and tried to escape out the back but was caught by Ham Tyler who poured a whole cup of the Red Dust in his face, killing him.

OOC InformationEdit

Ham Tyler poured a full baggie of Red Dust on his face, during the assault on the Visitor Consulate, killing him.

Character InformationEdit

Steven is not available for appliation.


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