he following describes the appearance of a typical Sirian technician, as well as several other low-level personnel.

Technicians wear the standard-issue coverall seen on all male and female Sirian personnel throughout the fleet, with only subtle variations. The coverall is a one-piece jumpsuit composed of a material similar to Terrestrial cotton fabric, but more resilient. The detachable "breastplate" features insulating material and padded shoulders. All markings on the coveralls, including rank and piping, are black, except for some specialties (namely security) whose markings may appear in gold. The symbol of the Supreme Leader, the so-called Visitor logo, is worn on the right of the breastplate by enlisted men, and on the left by their officers. Sirian personnel of every rank wear boots composed of a vinyl material, with hard plastic soles and fasteners.

The uniform itself most often appears in the Fleet Standard rust color, especially on the West Coast of the Terran North America region. The uniform is also seen in white, black, and light green, corresponding to fleet service units deployed in Midwest and East Coast regions of North America, as well as other parts of Earth. Typically, Sirian personnel top the uniform with a black duty cap. Often, the standard photo-sensitive glasses complete the dress.

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