Julie is captured and taken to the mothership

The beginning:

Julie sits in the transporter, wearing the flowing White cocktaildress  that adorned her, during the function at the Hospital, flanked by two visitor shocktroops. The euphoria she felt just minutes ago at the success of the successful operation to unmask John now a fading memory.

Julie looks ahead in this dimly lit transporter, she’s in a state of numbness, trying to comprehend the reality of her new situation, her capture and transportation to the mother ship. Suddenly her life has been turned upside down, everything has changed. Those words of Diana, ‘attitude adjustment’, echo inside her head, menacing her.

The doors of the transporter open. Julie is lead out of the docking bay, still confused by the events that have just unfolded, unable to regain any composure, numb. She is lead through the corridors of the mother ship still confused, disorientated and frightened. She wonders if she is going to be executed there and then, she desperately tries to think rationally, there must be a reason why they are keeping her alive.

She is lead to a place called ‘processing reception’. To her right she sees a desk manned by two visitors, in front of her she sees where humans kept suspended in a state animation, to be delivered at troops for the visitor’s war or as feed for the visitors. At being exposed to this site she gasps, her heart pounds. Will she be placed onto one of those pods. The thought to run flashes through her mind, but to where?

However for Julie the visitors have different ideas. Still wearing the cocktail dress in which she was captured the shocktroops report her presence, informing the detention guards that Diana wishes to interrogate her.

Julie looks up at the guards growing increasingly irritated, the fear of her initial capture having subsided. Two guards turn out of a door behind the desk. They walk towards the prisoner, taking over her control. Julie is told to follow them. Not given a choice she is taken roughly by the arm.

They lead her into a room. This room is perhaps 12 foot square, excluding a 2 and a half foot cubical in the far left hand corner of the room. The walls are a blinding clinical white, spotless apart from a small area perhaps 2 foot square in the wall, to the right from the door, about 3 foot up. There appears to be some kind of hatch, however nothing that she has seen before.

One of the guards stands by the door, she hears it electronically lock. The other stands two foot away from the prisoner, he says, ‘remove your clothes’. Julie looks at him in disgust. ‘I don’t take ordered from Lizards’. The guard closest to her removes a devise from his belt. A ‘Whoosh’ is heard, Julie experiences a severe pain around her thighs her muscles painfully contract and she is bought to the floor, she doubles up in pain. She screams out in pain. Julie is rendered writhing on the floor.

She curses the guards, she tries to lash out at them, this is met by an other ‘whoosh’ and another painful episode this time also involving the Muscle group associated with her belly. In debilitating pain Julie curls up into the fetal position.  Looking up to them, to realize that one of them is holding some kind of developed taser weapon. Her anger turns to fear. Her eyes betraying the veneer of her strength, display the fear that she is now experiencing.

Gingerly Julie gets up, nervously looking at the guard carrying the ghastly devise, which has caused her so much pain. Standing on her feet she looks at the guard, a short silence is afforded. The silence is broken by the Guard telling Julie to, ‘strip’. Julie, looks at the guard, first thinks of resisting some more, then thinks better of it. She nods then slowly begins to unbutton the flowing white dress that she been wearing.

The dress removed, her thighs and belly exposed she drops the dress onto the floor then she looks at the guards. They could not possibly be asking for more? To her horror she realizes that this is the case.

First she reaches behind herself to undo her bra, unclasped; she drops it to the floor. Then she removes her shoes, first one then the other. She looks at the guards wearing just her white panties. They look at the prisonor, Julie gets the message. They are also removed, rendering the rebel leader completely naked. In her nakedness, she finds a new vulnerability; she brings an arm across her chest and one between her legs, in the hope to protect what little dignity she has left.

One of the guards uses a scanner, to check the prisoner, she has no jewellery, he reports.

Her clothes, dispensed on the floor are collected by the Guard who had previously stood by the door; they are discarded through the hatch. Julie is separated from her clothes.

The Guard however collects a silver item resembling a shower cap. Julie is told, ‘put this on’, she looks at the guard. She is told that it’s an electro atomizer shower, she shower will kill any bacteria residing on her body, but it will also remove any hairs that it comes into contact with.

After a silence Julie slowly nods and she puts their hood on. One of the Guards then adjusts the hood in such a way that it protects her eyes also. This also renders her unsighted!! Naked, only except the hood, unable to see she is lead to the corner cubical. The door is closed and it’s activated.

The ‘Shower’ takes just three minutes to do its work, after which Julie is cleansed of any earthly bacteria and her body is smoother than ever she could have imagined. Still blinded by the hood she is helped out of the shower by the guards and positioned in a corner of the processing room.

Julie is made to stand completely naked wearing this hood, unable to see, little does Julie under stand that this is in fact a very part of her interrogation. The intention of this is to humiliate, to dehumanize her, to dismantle her. To compromise any resistance that she might offer at a later stage. No longer caring if they see her naked her arms fall to her sides in an act of uncharacteristic submission.

Julie’s mind is in turmoil, she tries to think clearly, but her thinking is clouded, by her conflicting thoughts. She feels her body moved around, manipulated, she’s encouraged to step in what appears to be a pair of pants, then a top is placed over her head. Julie willingly cooperates, realizing that the result of this will be that she will be clothed.

The hood is peeled off by one of the guards. Julie looks down at the drab cotton like outfit that has been placed on her body. However she dare not argue.

Now processed Julie is lead out of the room and along a corridor. One of the guards flicks a switch and a door ‘swishes’ open. The room is, but four foot square, there is no bed, just a hard floor. Julie reluctantly walks into the room, and then the door is closed. Julie is made to wait in here, not knowing what is going to happen to her, scared alone, but still the fire of defiance burns with in her.

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